‘As expected, he wouldn’t succeed’ The shirtless boy thought as he turned around, there was nothing to do here. The robot would never harm a human.

He turned to go when he heard the pale boy by his side shout

“Look ..” he pointed and everyone followed the line of his pointed finger to the torso of the robot where a thin, slightly visible line was seen.

As the robot moved a little. It fell, it’s upper body separating from the lower part.

Silence swept through the crowd as they glanced at Roshan

‘Monster’ was the word that they all thought

A previously widened eyes narrowed in disgust

“He was just lucky” Bahr said with a grunt and walked away.

Roshan was on his knees due to the slight pain in his muscles as he Levelled up.

Multiple dings were going off in his head

*Quest Completed*

*Quest Reward: Overall Level Up*

*Level Up Initiating*

*HOST LEVEL: Level 13

*HOST RACE: Greater Human




*SPEED: 25


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 2

*Mage Abilities Activated

*Poison Element: 7

*Mana Control: 0

*HP: [300/300]*

*Exp Points: [0/300]*

*Skills Unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 4

*Refill: Level 4

*Crystal Iris: Level 4

*SP: [300/300]

He looked at his status and smiled, so this was the overall level up.

He picked himself up and walked to the exit without noticing the crowd behind him.

It was dark and he needed to get home soon..


“Where is this child” a bald old man thought as he paced back and forth in front of this door.

Yes, he told him to go train with the other kids but it was getting late already.

“This boy will be the death of me” He grumbled and turned back inside

“At least let me prepare some food” He said as he entered the kitchen

Moments later, a knock was heard from outside.

The old man frowned and open the door.

Behind the door was a black haired boy with a smile plastered on his face.

His nice clothes had turned to rags with stains of blood.

“Boy, where have you been” The old man glared as he took in the sight before him.

“At least, let me inside old man” Roshan went in and collapsed on the bed. His body was feeling fine but the fight had taken a mental toll on him and he was exhausted.

He knew his caretaker wouldn’t allow him to rest until he explained because the man was looking as if he would skin him any instant, with a deep breath, he sat up and started

“I fought with a Level 13 training bot” He said and grinned but the grin disappeared when he still saw the man frowning.

“Don’t joke with me boy and tell me who did this to you” Fyi wouldn’t believe a word he said. How could this boy who looked so weak that he couldn’t sense any mana from him fight a level 13 opponent.

“I’m serious, I did fight a Level 13” Roshan said as he frowned, he had no reason to lie about it

Much to his annoyance, the old man burst out laughing. How could this thing fight a Level 13, he was even looking serious about.

He laughed harder till he started to cough.

“Ahh…Ahh..if you don’t want to tell me don’t worry. You really fought a Level 13, hahahahahaaa” with his light giggling he went into the kitchen

“Pfffftt…A level 13 really”

Roshan was annoyed, he was looking forward to talking about his achievement but it looked like this old geezer didn’t believe him one bit.

Anyway, he didn’t care at least he got his rewards. Maybe he would try sparring with the other kids next That robot was pretty tough.

And his sword was filled with cracks after he did his last attack.

He would need a new weapon but he needed money too.

But what was on his mind now was his dinner but what he needed now was a long refreshing shower.


§~~Planet Nervada~~§

In a planet not far from Earth, two scaly creatures walked closer and were looking around.

They were the height of two average humans put together. At least one was taller than the other.

They would be mistaken for human if not for their abnormal height, jagged teeth and sharp claws with scaly skin.

“Boss I don’t think it’s here” The shorter Deagi said as he frowned his face. They had been searching for this mysterious things for days on this planet mostly with him doing the work. Three circular rock like substances could be around his forearms, two on his right hand and one on his left hand but another one was slowly forming o that hand. In just a matter of weeks.

He would become a four rings and that was why he followed this other Deagi.

“Keep quiet, I can feel it. It’s closer” The taller Deagi said and a total of seven rings could be seen on his forearms, one was slowly forming on his left arms.

Yes, He would be an eight ring.

“That’s what you have been saying for days” The four rings grumbled

“What did you say” The seven rings frowned as he looked at him.

“Nothing, Boss. I said that it was good that you could feel it closer” The short one flinched as he moved far from his boss.

The seven rings had clearly heard what he said but how could he blame him, he too was getting fed up of the situation. This would be the last day for the search, how would he present himself if he came back empty handed.

A glimpse of light was seen from afar. Was that it. what they had been searching for was at that light.

“Dejrahl..you idiot come here” He barked in excitement.

This was the chance.

With that weapon, humans' hope was gone. They would kill themselves without us having to do anything.

He laughed at this thought.

His laughter became louder like a maniac. The Four rings arrived and looked at his boss.

What was funny.

He didn’t know what was funny but decided to join in laughing.

They both laughed, one laughing at a realisation the other because he was too stupid to understand.


“Dejrahl…. You fool,, why are you laughing. Go to that place and search for what I told you” The seven rings frowned as he pointed to the distant light.

Dejrahl flinched and ran to the direction of the finger

The frown was turned into a smile.

“Dejrahl. I am sorry but your life force would be needed” he said without a hint of remorse as he burst out laughing again

Human existence was in danger.

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