*Host’s body system is fully functional*

*Host requires time to sync with body system*

*Time required: 5 days*

*Time Left: 4 days, 23 hours, 58minutes and 57 seconds*

Roshan opened his eyes and immediately squinted. His head bumped against something and he felt like he was moving

“Where am I?” He groaned

Immediately messages appeared in his eyes.

“Syncing? 5 days!?!” He said in surprise

“I need to know how long I have been unconscious, where I am”

*Host system will shut down to ensure accurate synchronisation*

“No!! Wait!! I….” Before he could say anything, his eyes closed and his vision blackened.

Roshan opened his eyes. He found himself back at his home, he was carrying his hunt back.

“Why am I here?” He said as he looked around

“Roshan my son, you are back” A deep voice came from inside the house

“Dad?” Roshan said as his eyes moistened

“Roshan, what’s wrong” Gray said as he walked to his son and layed his hand on his shoulder

“No, this is a dream. It’s not real” Roshan questioned
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