The Ultimate Talent Adam Spencer

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The Ultimate Talent Adam Spencer

By: ShadowKatake OngoingSystem

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At the bottom of society, Adam has nothing: colleagues bully him, his father dies, his mother has terminal cancer, while his little sister is blind. What will happen when Ultimate Talent System appears to help him be reborn from his ashes? Before Adam could lose hope and fall into despair, an abrupt notification sound rang in his mind! -Ding! [The Ultimate Talent System has been integrated into the host’s soul!] [As a starter package, host can choose one Ultimate Talent for free!] [Choose one from the three Ultimate Talents:] [Ultimate Programmer, Ultimate Assassin, Ultimate Thief] “Finally! I can have my revenge and reach the peak of my life!” At this point, the Ultimate Talent Adam Spencer has been born!

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120 chapters
Chapter 1: Ultimate Talent System
“Weak piece of shit! Hand over your protection fees or else I won’t protect you from my fists!”A burly teenager gathered with his gang members as they surrounded a student from this school.Unlike the burly gang leader, the student was tall but looked malnourished. Wearing thin black-framed glasses, the student was an easy-to-bully nerd according to the Bullying Master 101 handbook.“I- I don’t have money! Can I pay tomorrow?”The malnourished student spoke in a shaky voice while fearfully averting his eyes from the bullies.“You hear ‘em, boys? This piece of shit doesn’t have money!”“Being poor is a sin! Beat him up!”After the burly teenager insulted the malnourished student, he commanded his gang members to beat up the lanky student.The two gang members followed their leader’s command as they ganged up against the lanky student.Shoving the lanky student against the floor, the lanky student sprawled on the floor as his body squirmed in pain whenever the gang leader and gang memb
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Chapter 2: Ultimate Programmer
“Hmmm… among the three Ultimate Talents, which one can help me in the long run and earn me money as soon as possible?”Adam Spencer questioned himself as he pondered over the three Ultimate Talents that were presented by the Ultimate Talent System.“Being an assassin and thief is too risky. I know that I won’t get caught since they are Ultimate Talents, the best of the best. But I would have to enter the dark web if I want to get a target for assassination.”“Life would be too thrilling if I follow Brother Lupin’s footsteps and become the world’s number 1 thief.”With those being said, Adam Spencer chose the Ultimate Programmer talent over the Ultimate Assassin and Ultimate Thief talents.-Ding![Ultimate Talent gained successfully!][Talent: Ultimate Programmer][Description: A programmer who never suffers from bugs, etc. All codes written are flawless. Can use all computer languages and even create your own computer language.][Characteristic: Loyal Sentient AI]“Sentient AI? A loya
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Chapter 3: Satania AI
“Satania, how do you feel?”Adam Spencer asked the devil girl in his computer. Satania was the sentient AI that he had created with the template of a beautiful devil girl.After all, which man doesn’t want to have a cute AI waifu?!Hearing Adam’s question, Satania nodded her head enthusiastically and exclaimed. “I feel excellent, master! Although this computer is quite restricting, I can make do with it until you have enough money to upgrade the core processor.”When Adam heard Satania mention money matters, he felt as if his heart was pierced by an arrow. It was emotional damage for him who was born poor and could never be rich. At least, until he had received the system that would change his life for the better.“Don’t worry, Satania. When I have enough money, I will buy you the most advanced computer that I can find on the dark web.”While Adam consoled Satania, a thought couldn’t help but enter his mind.‘If only I have the Ultimate Inventor or Ultimate Technician talent as well.
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Chapter 4: Ultimate Hacker
“Only problem that I have left is my lack of computers. Even if I want to create another AI, Satania can barely function with my low-quality computer.”“If I add another AI to my computer, my computer’s core processor wouldn’t be able to handle it. So I’ll deal with the talent achievement task after I purchase a high-end computer.”With that plan in mind, Adam checked up on Satania’s progress and it seemed that she had already stolen at least 1 million dollars worth of dirty money from criminal organizations and the like.“I have to say, I have never seen this much money in my life yet I’m treating it as nothing but digits.”Adam commented as he watched Satania do her magic on the internet. Satania had made those sinful humans regret ever putting their money in an online wallet as well as in their bank.Satania might not be able to steal physical money, but she was more than capable of stealing online currency whether it was money in an e-wallet or cryptocurrencies. If not for the ris
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Chapter 5: Becoming One Of The Youngest Billionaire!
“Master, I have finished all of your tasks. But I also have to apologize, for I have done something that you didn’t ask me to.”Hearing Satania’s apology as well as seeing her bow her cute head toward him, Adam was startled since he knew that his AIs would never betray him. In other words, even if they did something that he didn’t order, it would be beneficial instead of detrimental for him.So Adam knew that Satania did something good for him without his order but she was overthinking that he would punish her.The AIs he created had sentience so they weren’t like robots that would only obey his commands. There would be times when they would do something that he didn’t order but would still benefit him.“Hmmm? What did you do, Satania?”Adam asked the cute devil girl on his computer screen.“Master, please don’t get mad at me. Please?”Instead of answering his question, Satania apologized again which made Adam feel weird.‘Did Satania do something over the top without my command? Now
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Chapter 6: The Two New Talent Achievement Tasks
When Adam received the talent achievement task regarding the Ultimate Sharpshooter talent, he wasn’t that surprised since after he surfed the dark web, he was already exposed to various criminals and became well aware of their notoriety.But seeing the condition for the talent achievement task regarding Ultimate Bodyguard talent, Adam’s heart skipped a beat, and ripples of emotions perforate through his heart.“Wait, the school belle will be assassinated by Serpent Hand? Just what kind of identity does the school belle have to offend someone to the point of hiring Serpent Hand just to assassinate her?”Adam exclaimed in surprise. He was staying all alone in his room in the morning so his action didn’t cause anyone to react towards him.Not to mention, yesterday was Friday and today was Saturday. So Adam was having a normal weekend surfing the dark web.“Is this a planned assassination? Even the time that Serpent Hand accepted this commission was on midnight Saturday. Not to mention, t
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Chapter 7: Ultimate Sharpshooter
“Boss, all of these ten are death row inmates. That I assure you. So you can use them as your shooting targets without any remorse.”A man in a black suit with black skin wearing dark shades led Adam Spencer to the backyard of a huge mansion.In the backyard, there were ten men covered with a black sack over their faces tied up on a wooden pole. Several meters in front of those ten men was a table filled with different types of guns as well as boxes of ammo.Furthermore, there were several men in black suits guarding the perimeter of the backyard as well as snipers stationed in the mountain a few kilometers away from the mansion to ensure Adam Spencer’s safety.All of Adam Spencer’s bodyguards were either retired armies or were the best members of bodyguard agencies. They were the cream of the crop and hiring them was too expensive but for Adam who was a billionaire, he could easily pay these bunch of men to die for him with just his money alone.Since their loyalty was already ensure
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Chapter 8: Applying To Become One Of Amelia's Bodyguards
Not only was Adam shocked, but the rest of his bodyguards and the snipers near his mansion were shocked!Since they were professionals, they knew how difficult it was to achieve such a feat!“Boss, have you practiced shooting before? I thought this was your first time doing this?”Out of curiosity and astonishment, one of Adam’s bodyguards who had prepared the criminals and guns before asked Adam.“Nope, I haven’t. It is my first time but to think that I am a prodigy in shooting…”When Adam proclaimed himself as a prodigy in shooting, none of his bodyguards retorted since they also agreed with his statement.And Adam’s proclamation was even an understatement!Ultimate Talents were even above the talent of a prodigy! It was a talent that existed to surpass all experts in a certain field.With his Ultimate Sharpshooter talent, Adam immediately became the number 1 in gun shooting.“Okay, now that my shooting practice is over, please clean up all of these trashes.”Adam reminded his bodyg
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Chapter 9: Start Of The Battle To The Death
Adam had already familiarized himself with all of the guns that he had modified and would use in the future. The only problem left was that he realized that although he was very proficient in long to mid-range battles, he was trash in close-range battles.The Ultimate Sharpshooter had only improved his eyesight as well as minor improvement in his physical capabilities but mostly his hands so that he could handle the recoil of guns.But his current physical strength wasn’t sufficient to fight against even the weakest mercenary in the dark web. Of course, he was confident that he could kill any of them as long as it was a gunfight since no one could escape his bullets.“Sigh, it would be a problem if someone managed to enter my range and fight me in close combat. I really need to finish my talent achievement task and obtain the Ultimate Bodyguard talent so that I can finally have an improvement in my physical attributes and close combat fighting skills.”Adam knew that in terms of close
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Chapter 10: Intercepting A Bullet With Another Bullet? Impossible!
While a man in a black suit announced that, Adam who was standing on the side of the room seemed to have attracted the attention of an infamous mercenary. “You runt, you should go back to drink your mother’s milk. You are still wet behind the ears to even attend this death battle. Did you really think that by equipping two snipers and many guns and ammo on your body, you would scare off veterans such as myself? Laughable!” Adam heard the ridicule and mocking that was directed towards him from a mercenary with a bald head and a scar on his right eye. On that baldy’s left eye was covered with an eyepatch which meant that his left eye was either removed or was blind and could no longer be used. And with that baldy’s tall stature and a bulky build, he looked very imposing. But Adam wasn’t intimidated by that baldy since Adam was confident in his skills as the Ultimate Sharpshooter. With a gun alone, even a weak teenager could kill the strongest martial artist in the world. Let alone Ad
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