Harem: The Wrath of Mjolnir

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Harem: The Wrath of Mjolnir

By: Herolich OngoingSystem

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My life has been thrown into chaos by the catastrophe that had befallen the planet. I'm one of the "chosen ones" who have been granted extraordinary powers by the System and my mission is to fight monsters and complete perilous tasks in order to save humanity! But then, A prophecy confronted me, warning that I would bring about the end of humanity. "What a joke!" I said in disbelief. "I'm not going to let that prophecy dictate my life!" I strived to become the most powerful person and prove that my destiny was in my own hands! I wanted to have whatever my heart desired, from power and fame to wealth and even women. You need to follow my journey and witness how an ordinary person like me can become the strongest person, one who will shape the destiny of the world!

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  • King Mohammed


    Lovely write ups!

    2023-06-08 03:53:54
  • Drew Archeron


    Ethan goes from bored out of his mind to alien, asteroid apocalypse in a few breaths! like is boring no longer!

    2023-01-04 00:14:04
  • Eric Lavin


    more chapters please!!!

    2024-04-15 14:02:40
  • Vasco Banor


    When is the next chapter?

    2022-12-31 10:16:27
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83 chapters
Chapter 1 - Invasion
From the corner of his apartment room, Ethan could hear a panicked tone coming from the TV while someone read the news. "The international organization has reported about a huge alien object moving closer to Earth." Ethan lay idle in his bed, exhausted from his day working hard at the office, oblivious to the news. He closed his eyes and tried to recall what had happened that day. ‘My life is boring,’ he thought, remembering all that he had done in his life. He worked as an employee in a technology company and spent most of his nights playing games. This had been his routine for the past two years of living in the capital. ‘I wonder if I can change my life?’ The newsreader continued, "A strange incident occurred, and all communication media from within the country to abroad were cut off; internet, telephone, and other communication media were only available in limited areas." Yet, the news kept going on, but Ethan didn't notice. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ Opening his eyes, h
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Chapter 2 - A Calamity
The night sky lit up with a brilliant flash as a meteor streaked across the sky. A giant human-shaped rock monster materialized in the aftermath, towering tall as a 10-story building. Illuminated by a flight of helicopters hovering above, its head was unmistakably human-like, with eyes of red crystal that glittered in the light."What is that? It looks like a giant rock monster," one of the reporters asked, pointing at the meteorite-like object.The giant lifted its upper body slowly, followed by a thunderous thud of its other limbs hitting the ground. It seemed almost impossible to discern how the massive being was able to bend its body.The reporter was speechless as he watched the monster move. "It was clear that this meteor wasn't just an inanimate object but a living being that had seemingly come to Earth with an unknown purpose."[Good night, people of Earth!]A loud boom reverberated, startling Ethan. Instantly, he clapped his hands over his ears, and vivid green digital text b
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Chapter 3 - Evolution
Several people reported about the chosen ones who had suddenly acquired capabilities beyond the scope of ordinary humans. Some footage featured a person sprouting wings from their back before soaring into the sky, which was too realistic to be faked due to the video's quality and swiftness of its circulation online. Ethan cast his gaze toward the TV. "We can verify that everyone is going through a similar experience. According to the anonymous being who warned us, there will be a calamity that will affect the planet." "Random individuals are arbitrarily being given power that might avert the impending peril." "We have been in contact with a person claiming to have received such power…." Ethan stood and arose from the sofa where he had been sitting. He took a brief stroll around the tiny apartment and peered through the window blinds multiple times. He was concerned about his family, he had thought of rescuing them, but it was not a simple decision since he was living far away f
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Chapter 4 - New Power
Ethan murmured inquiringly, "User profile?" and a series of translucent green text materialized before him. [[Profile]] [Shop] [Quests] [Inventory] [Name: Ethan] [Level: 1] [Age: 19 Years Old] [Race: Human] [Original Ability: Mass Killing (Mjolnir)] [Stats] [Strength: 1 (+5)] [Constitution: 1] [Dexterity: 1] [Stamina: 1] [Magic: 3] [Stats Points Available: 4] [Attributes] [HP: 100/100] [MP: 30/30] [Energy: 10/10] [Willpower: 50/50] [Physical Attack: 300 (+100)] [Magic Attack: 150] [Defense: 30] [Speed: 100] [Quickness: 30] [Weight Capacity: 0/420] [Skills] [Mass Killing (Mjolnir): Equip, Release, Hammer Throw Lvl 1] Ethan was astonished and astounded by the deluge of details that presented itself to him. His countenance was quickly transformed from one of joy to one of puzzlement. He sauntered to the couch and reclined, attempting to make sense of the data before him. "Video Games! Just like in video games," he exclaimed. In the user profile, there were man
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Chapter 5 - New Main Quest
Before departing the room, Ethan attempted to manifest the Hammer Weapon that had been stored in his Inventory. Recognizing this to be a weapon of immense power, thanks to the Mass Killing he was granted, it was given an SSS rank by the System. He concluded that his powers were not to be taken lightly.“Equip Mjolnir!”In response to his words, black energy surged from between his fingers, gradually solidifying into a colossal hammer with a handle of 60cm. The hammer was made of a hard black material decorated with intricate carvings, the material of which he could not identify.[Mjolnir (Growth Type) Level 1][Strength: +5][Physical Attack: +200][Weight: 450][SKILLS][Equip: Instantly Equip Mjolnir from InventoryCasting Time: 1s][Un-equip: Instantly Un-equip Mjolnir into InventoryCasting Time: 1s][Hammer Throw Lvl. 1: Throw Mjolnir into a specific direction and Apply 120% Physical Attack Damage]Details about the name, stats, and skills of the hammer surfaced. Before he had a
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Chapter 6 - Preparation
[Main Quest 1/4] [Monster Hunt - Defeat 5 waves of Monsters, hunt as many as you can, and protect your Race.] [Reward: Performance-based.] [Consequence of Failure: Human Extinction.] [Quest Progress: 1/5.][Status: First Wave appears at 00 AMAfter reading the message, Ethan was momentarily speechless. His face, which had been composed beforehand, hardened, and a furrow appeared on his forehead. 'This is bad...' he thought, his heart racing. He then took another deep breath.He opened his phone and checked for public and governmental announcements on upcoming events. On local social media, a highly-regarded post has been released as an important statement from the Government and military. The message read as follows:“The Military, on behalf of the Government, is asking anyone with the potential to save many lives to register their identity. In this way, we can work together to tackle the looming crisis more effectively.” “A mobile application has been created to share informat
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Chapter 7 - First Attack
Ethan trudged back to the side of the street, where a gridlock had ensued. Everyone was in a state of disarray, desperately trying to access the service road, which only added to the pandemonium. As he stood there, multiple people rushed past him with their bags and other necessities, a group of families with fear-stricken expressions jarring into him, causing him to stumble. "Pardon me," said the father, cradling his daughter, who had been the one to jostle him.He helped Ethan back up, and they quickly fled. Ethan's confidence diminished further, his sense of security completely gone. If he had been pushed down by an ordinary person, how could he possibly face a monster? 'I miss my mundane life.'Ethan pondered the predicament and wished to find other individuals with the same responsibility as him in order to collaborate. Fifteen minutes remained before the onslaught. He ambled about listlessly, aware that a mere few minutes would drastically alter his life. Contrary to his
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Chapter 8 - First Kill
The Monster leaped to confront the oncoming assault. Its claws flew toward the first person, swiftly separating its head from its body. The other three joined forces, relentlessly striking the Mutant Wolf with their weapons. The Mutant Wolf dodged, and another person, wielding an iron rod, smashed it squarely on the back of its head. The Mutant Wolf jumped back, snarling with saliva dripping from its maw. [Mutant Wolf Lvl. 5] [HP: 980/1000]A single blow seemed to deplete the Mutant Wolf's HP slightly, spurring the others to rush toward it from different directions, taking turns punching. The Mutant Wolf soared two meters high, above the throng of attackers, then leaped back towards those positioned further away. It unleashed its claws, instantly sending the target to the ground, followed by a savage bite that seized upon any part of the body in reach. Ethan hastened his pace, still keeping his distance, clutching his hammer firmly, seeking a chance to join the fray. Seven of
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Chapter 9 - First Reward
[You have slain Lvl. 5 Mutant Wolf] [You have killed a Player] [You have obtained Purple Grade Mutant Wolf Crystal] [You have obtained Purple Grade Heavy Hide Boots of Silent Hunter] [Level Up] [You have killed another player and will gain a portion of its ability] [Ability compatibility is too low, you will gain 1 status point instead] [Level Up] Ethan sprinted towards Leo, delivered a powerful kick to the Mutant Wolf's corpse, and gazed at Leo's motionless face, which had been partially crushed by the force of his weapon. 'Leo!' He was filled with rage. His heart felt as though it were being torn apart. He could have done something to save Leo, but there wasn't enough time either. No matter what He did, Leo’s death was inevitable. He was too far from the beast to execute any short-range assaults; the only way to retaliate was through distant strikes. “No, no, no, no!” The price of his victory was Leo's death, a weight Ethan was not prepared to bear. He had slain his fir
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Chapter 10 - New Skill
[Mutant Wolf Lvl. 3] [HP: 230/600][Mutant Wolf Lvl. 2] [HP: 100/400][Mutant Wolf Lvl. 3] [HP: 320/600][Mutant Wolf Lvl. 1] [HP: 190/200][Mutant Wolf Lvl 2] [HP: 320/400]"Could it get any worse?"With his higher stats, Ethan eyed the five Mutant Wolves with reduced average levels, noting they were not in the best shape. Another fight could prove detrimental to their condition. As such, he tried convincing himself that he could take all five on, so long as he could dodge any lethal strikes. He had previously stored the Hammer in his Inventory for easier mobility, aiming to take out the weakest Monster first. He would approach one of them, slowly walking forward while keeping an eye on the other four."I'll be able to handle this one."Without hesitation, he sprinted toward one of them, with the other Monsters hot on his trail.Ethan was unaccustomed to his new running speed, causing him to lose his balance and stumble right in front of one of the Mutant Wolves. By chance, the Ha
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