The Pinnacle of Life

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The Pinnacle of Life

By: Evergreen Qin Completed

Language: English

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Alex is the young master of the richest family in the world, a man whom many princesses want to marry. However, he’s treated worse than a nanny by his mother-in-law


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3538 chapters
Chapter 1
As night fell in California, the Assex’s residence was filled with brilliant light and cheerful noises.Today marked the birthday of Madame Claire of the Assex family. Despite her age, she was still the epitome of elegance and beauty. More remarkably, was the beauty and grace of her two daughters.  One of them was deemed California’s most beautiful; and the other was said to be the best looking in her college. Countless men who had been drooling over their beauty seized the opportunity, and came to wish Madame Claire a happy birthday.“Madame Claire, I present to you, The Pearl of the East Sea. Wearing it will help your complexion. Happy birthday!”“Madame, I present to you, a pair of jade scepters. Wishing you eternal youth and may all your wishes come true.”As the gifts were presented to her one by one, the look of delight could not be hidden on Madame Claire’s face.  She was feeling overjoyed.  Like a bolt from the blue, a young man wearing a pair of worn out jeans rushed int
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Chapter 2
“Young Master Spark!” Madame Claire quickly greeted the incoming person enthusiastically.Everyone in the villa had respect written on their faces. He was Spark Rockefeller, the young director of Rockefeller Group. Although the real number was unknown to the world, it was estimated that the wealth of Rockefeller Group totaled up to three hundred billion dollars, more than all of them combined.However when Alex saw this man, he charged towards him with angered eyes, grabbed him by the collar and yelled, “You animal. Dorothy is your sister-in-law. How can you call yourself a human when you want to marry your sister-in-law?”As fate had it, Spark was Alex’s cousin. He was the son of his uncle, John Rockefeller. Alex had deep hatred for them both. He recalled a little incident that occurred last October, right after his parents were involved in the car accident, it was John who came out and framed his father for corruption and stole Rockefeller Group that was built by his parents, and
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Chapter 3
Alex was shocked. Ten billion dollars? Who would pull this kind of prank?Rockefeller Group was formidable in its heyday, with a market value of three hundred billion, but most of them were fixed assets. From what he knew, even his father did not have ten billion dollars cash in the bank.  But more importantly, the old man claimed that he worked for William Rockefeller. “You said that you work for my father? That means that Thousand Miles Conglomerate...”Lord Lex nodded and said, “Yes, the entire Thousand Miles Conglomerate is yours, Master Alex.”Slap!Alex slapped himself across the face.Lord Lex said in surprise, “Master Alex, what are you doing?”Alex replied, “I think I might be dreaming.”Lord Lex said, “This is all true. Your father, Mr. William Rockefeller, saved my life. If it weren’t for him, I would have been dead by now. Back then, it was Mr. Rockefeller who built Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He then put me in charge of it.”“Huh?” Alex was dumbfounded, he still t
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Chapter 4
Alex was stunned as he did not expect her to show up. “Why are you here?”Lady Dorothy looked at Chloe, then at Alex, with sadness in her eyes and said, “I have already deposited half a million dollars in your account, that is all I can do.”Alex was surprised, “Where did you get the money? Did you get it from Spark? Dorothy, you cannot take the money. What will happen to us after taking his money? Moreover, I have the money, more than you can imagine. I can take care of your problem.”Slap!Dorothy slapped Alex across his face and said, “Was ten months of day-dreaming not enough for you? Can you stop this nonsense? Forget it and do as you please. Tomorrow, we will go our separate ways!”After she’s done speaking, Dorothy turned around and left the hospital abruptly.Alex tried to chase after her but was stopped by Chloe. She had a vile smile on her face. “Oh my, what is going on here? Why is your cousin, Spark, involved? Could it be that Dorothy wanted to help you and decided to
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Chapter 5
Alex returned to the Assex family’s villa as if he were a walking dead. Even though it was called a villa, it was just an unremarkable little house. After demolishing the old family home, a three-story building was built from the ground up. It was a far cry from a real villa.Alex looked up and saw that the light in Dorothy’s room was on. ‘Is Dorothy at home?’ Alex wondered to himself. ‘She’s not with Spark after all?’ At that moment of realization, it was as if a huge burden was lifted from his chest. He saw hope and realized Madame Claire’s words could not be trusted. She was deceitful. She liked to make things up just to fulfill the fantasies in her head.Alex rushed through the doors into the villa. He saw Madame Claire in the living room, video calling someone while applying nail polish on her toes with her feet up in the air. She was humming happily.Alex felt overwhelmed, knowing that Madame Claire was thrilled that her daughter was going to get remarried. She had forgotten a
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Chapter 6
Alex shook his head and sneered, "Chloe, you are not qualified to lick my toes. You should go home and this fattie’s toes. If you make him happy, he might buy you two thousand dollars worth of rubbish.""You..."Chloe’s anger was so intense, she’s like a ticking time bomb about to go off.The fattie finally chased Chloe, when he was about to coax her to bed, Alex made a fool out of him. The fattie said, "You penniless bastard, take a petty look at yourself, do you think you can afford this necklace with a thirty million dollars price tag? What?! Do you think it is only three thousand dollars?""What if I can afford to buy it? Can you afford one? Will you buy one too?" Asked Alex.Alex had made up his mind to purchase the jewelry.He had owed Lady Dorothy Assex too much for the past ten months.Buying a necklace worth thirty million dollars might make her happy, and gain her trust in his capability to protect her.The fattie said angrily, "Where did this idiot come from, a bunch
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Chapter 7
Cassandra was startled.Unfortunately, the balance of the card could not be displayed on the machine. “It’s unbelievable, why does Mr. Jefferson respect him so much, even saying that he is a supreme VIP, I do not think there has been any supreme card in L.G. Balfour?” Her mind was filled with questions.She could not seem to understand the reason. Alex had been living off the Assex’s family and served the Assex’s family as a nanny. Why was there such a huge contrast?In the past, Alex had even poured water for her to wash her feet!Chloe yelled, "Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible. The machine must be broken. How can this garbage of a human have thirty million dollars? He shouldn't even be able to withdraw three thousand dollars! You guys, double-check the transaction! Hurry up!"Jefferson glared at Chloe. "So, are you trying to go back on your words here in the subsidiaries of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate? How dare you scold Master Alex? You dug your own grave! G
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Chapter 8
As he lay down on the bed of the most luxurious presidential suite in Ther Golden Age of Youth Hotel, Alex couldn’t fall asleep.What happened today was too overwhelming.He didn't expect that his father had kept such a big secret, Thousand Miles Conglomerate, most powerful in the underworld of California. Would that mean that his father was the strongest underground boss too?Was it true that his death was due to a traffic accident?Or there's more to this than met the eye?Late in the midnight hours, when he finally fell into a deep sleep, he was woken up by his phone alarm. He got up and rushed to the hospital.In the end, when he arrived at the hospital, he saw several doctors gathered around his mother's bed. Among them, Dr. Cheryl Coney, a beautiful doctor with a particularly hot body, was there too.He was shocked. He thought something bad happened to his mother.He quickly asked, "Dr. Cheryl, what's wrong with my mother? Has her condition gotten worse?"Dr. Cheryl in
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Chapter 9
There was pin-drop silence!Everyone in that private dining room was shocked.But a few seconds later, a burst of laughter broke the silence.Everyone laughed.Only Lady Dorothy was deeply disappointed after being shocked.Madame Claire then exclaimed, "You can afford to buy the Love in a Fallen City necklace worth thirty million dollars? Did you sleep on the street last night? You must be still asleep, still dreaming about it huh? If you can afford this necklace, I will eat this table."Alex replied indifferently, "Mum, you don’t need to eat the table, your teeth are not strong enough to bite it.” Madame Claire raised her brows and glared, "Mum? Who is your mother? Your mother is still in the hospital, half-dead! From today onwards, Spark Rockefeller is my only son-in-law, and he is the only one qualified to address me as a mum. You, divorce Dorothy in the afternoon."Alex glanced and clenched his fist."What? Are you angry? How dare trash like you be angry at me, dare to be
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Chapter 10
Of course, Spark would never admit that what he had given was just a fake necklace that was only worth two thousand dollars.If he admitted it, wouldn’t it be such a waste of his previous efforts?He stood up abruptly, pointed at Cassandra, and said, "I don't know what is the relationship between you and that garbage Alex, for you to stand up for him, who are you to doubt the jewelry I gave? Do you know who I am?"Cassandra sneered and said, "Of course I know who you are. You are a spoilt brat trying to take away Alex’s family property. Frankly, everything you have now belongs to Lady Dorothy. You snatched her wealth and now give her a piece of fake jewelry to get her body, you are so shameless."Now that she believed in Alex Rockefeller. She even addressed him as father so naturally she would stand up for him. Spark coldly snorted. "You kept saying that you sold the Love in a Fallen City necklace, then who did you sell it to?" Cassandra answered, "It's..." As she was about
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