Back From Prison!

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Back From Prison!

By: KMyay Ongoing

Language: English

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Jonathan Wang was a distant teenager who went to San Francisco to start his own business. After many years he successfully established a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Then he married Orla William. Soon his brother-in-law Harding William played a depraved role with Adela Kyle, the youngest daughter of a chaebol family. However, he didn't commit depraved behavior and gave up lust stimulants to put Jonathan to bed with Adela. Then Jonathan went to jail for over six and a half years for rape. After he got out of prison, he discovered that his daughter had been sold to Thomas's wife, and she wanted to marry another man. Jonathan came back from prison this time determined to get everything back and trampled on William's house, along with Thomas's house or any family who wanted to oppose him. Because he's now the new owner of Top-Sky House: the strongest alliance in trade, military, medical... He's the leader who's not afraid of anyone!


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8 chapters
Chapter 1: Out Of Prison.
Prison Number One – SouthJonathan Wang, wearing an old coat, stood outside the iron gate, looking down at the sky with his eyes closed. His wife's old words ring in his ears again. "I only have one brother. He doesn't even understand. If you report him to prison, his whole life is over. Jonathan, it's this far, so you can take all the blame. We'll live together again when you've been in jail for years!" Six years ago, his sister-in-law quit smoking a girl at a social party, brought her into the room, and tried to invade her body. But when he brought her into the room, he discovered that her identity was not simple. As the daughter of a large family in San Francisco, he was so scared that he couldn't do anything with his feet. If he's trespassing on that girl, something's bound to happen. But the girl who had been drugged was out of her mind, and her full body was burning. The drug had all the effects. If she doesn't have sex, she nerves will be damaged. In a situation where th
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Chapter 2: Hospital Noise
Cracker! At this moment, the hospital door was smashed open, and an angry voice sounded like it came from hell. "Let me see who dares to do it!" An angry voice rang out, Jonathan with a ferocious look coming in with Joyce. All eyes on him carried anger. "Where the hell are you to be so rude in front of Thomas' house? Tell you what, I'm Devlin Thomas. Everyone here in San Francisco calls me Mr. Thomas! Get out of my way. I'll forgive you!" Devlin Thomas just wanted to operate quickly, afraid that something might happen later, so he decided not to do it with this man. He took the initiative to name the people who came to hear about his reputation and left. This title of Mr. Thomas is highly famous in San Francisco, enough to frighten everyone. Jonathan Wang looked straight at him, coldly saying: "I've heard of your reputation, but have you heard my name?" Everyone in the operating room assessed the observation, seeing that the two Jonathan Wangs were dressed in cheap clothes,
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Chapter 3: Get Justice For The Daughter!
"Get my daughter out of here first!" Jonathan Wang was impatient to see Curtis, so he didn't care about these people. Devlin Thomas' face was hardly considered to have eaten the pepper, but he dared not say a word. Without Curtis Wang's marrow, his daughter would be dead. But if you insist on transplanting Curtis Wang's marrow to Neala Thomas, the Thomas family is done! "You can't leave now!" Kane Thomas was so angry at his second son that he couldn't stand there! At the same time, the O.R. the door opens. A young white-faced young girl walked out with an obese girl's hand. She looks very obedient, and her eyes are very similar to Jonathan Wang, but she is pretty fat compared to girls her age. This isn't Curtis Wang. Who's Jonathan's daughter? Jonathan's eyes flushed red, and he burst into tears. "Stop making noise. I'm not doing surgery! Curtis is a baby. Everybody let her go!" "Grandpa, Dad, I don't want to do this surgery. I don't want to hurt Curtis!" Neala Thomas's f
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Chapter 4: Wife Wants A Divorce!
Roger Jake's work performance was so fast that day that he had arranged for Curtis to go to daycare, and the next day he took Curtis to school. As for Curtis' weight problem, she is eating and practicing reasonably and quickly recovering. But Jonathan Wang also had to go home and look at it, so he didn't go to school. Jonathan was not happy at all when looking at the small villa in front of him. That year he went out to work and set up an architectural firm worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When he married Orla William, he bought this small villa worth several million USD. He was honest with her, but what he took back was betrayal and imprisonment...! Here we go! Jonathan Wang knocked on the door. Soon the door opened inside. The person who opened the door for Jonathan Wang was a beautiful, well-maintained woman with fair skin. Jonathan Wang stared at her for a long time, feeling like he had been a stranger for many generations. "You're back?" Orla William was also s
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Chapter 5: The Seriousness!
"No need." Jonathan Wang shook his head, suddenly looking straight at Orla William: "Maybe divorce, but wait until after Curtis' birthday. Curtis says he misses you, two days from her birthday. I hope you can come to Curtis's birthday as a mother! We'll go straight to the Bureau for divorce!" He hopes to throw Curtis a birthday party with his parents around. It's also the last birthday for both of them! "Curtis? Have you met Curtis?" Orla William's face was filled with panic. Isn't Curtis at Thomas' house preparing to donate his bone marrow to their daughter Thomas? How did Jonathan Wang get to meet Curtis? "I brought Curtis home from Thomas' house. Maybe divorced, maybe left empty-handed, but I have that condition." Jonathan Wang tried to suppress the anger in his heart, speaking calmly. Just thinking of Orla William selling Curtis himself to Thomas' house, he got angry. Because of the money, this woman can even sell her children! What else can she not do? Did you bring it b
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Chapter 6: Find a Way to Harm!
"Mr. Thomas, it's been a year. You can't turn the noose over!" Edward Tremblay also said: "Mr. Thomas, business values trust. You're Mr. Thomas of the Thomas family, and you're doing this. There's nothing to be trusted in the future!" "Five hundred million dollars, I'll give you two days to collect. Take the company and the villa out of debt if you don't have it! Of course, you can use other tricks to force me to give in, Devlin Thomas, all the way!" Devlin Thomas' attitude was very determined, but when he turned to Jonathan Wang, he asked with a reserved look: "Mr. Wang, how do you feel?" He did so because he wanted to clarify Orla William's actions, intentionally helping Mr. Wang regain his fortune, hoping to take this opportunity to earn Mr. Wang's forgiveness. Mr. Wang may not have been interested in the company and the villa, but it belongs to Mr. Wang, whom outsiders cannot touch. "Jonathan Wang, hurry up and beg Mr. Thomas for us, don't make us pay back five hundred milli
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Chapter 7: The Half-Fish Girl.
The next day was Curtis' birthday.After taking Curtis to kindergarten, Roger Jake drives Jonathan Wang to an old food market west of the city.As soon as he got out of the car, a pungent smell came out.A big man who lives in velvet silk like Roger Jake is unadaptable.But going with the master, even if he can't adapt, he'll have to suffer."The boss, the Adela Kyle you're looking for, is... selling fish here, in that bar."Roger Jake reached out to the fish market, including a young girl in a waterproof apron who was fluent in talking to fish buyers.There is a lovely face, Lofty Lady, now so pathetic that she has to sell fish in the market.Even though it wasn't him, watching Adela Kyle live like this for years, he was profoundly sorry and heartbroken.According to the documents Roger found, Adela's father passed away long ago.But Adela was strong, tried since she was a child, a great naturalist in fashion design, just a year in college that had won countless awards, and had an op
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Chapter 8: The Haunted Six Years Ago!
Adela's face fell so clearly that it could be recognized immediately. Her face was full of complexity, sourness, and resentment. This name "Jonathan Wang" has appeared countless times in her six-year nightmare. "It's you!" She was a Lofty Lady, but all this Jonathan Wang ruined! She was laughed at by the people, kicked out by the family, and hated by her relatives! For six years, she and her son lived in this cold city like two homeless dogs. At this moment, Adela Kyle's eyes were red with anger in her eyes. "It's me" Jonathan Wang admitted. Some things can't be avoided, and he'll have to face them anyway. That year, he was trying to save Adela Kyle, which is why he violated her body. But he hurt her, too, that's true. Pop! "Get out! Get out of my way, get as far away as you can, and never show up before me! My mother doesn't need you to save her! Get out..." Adela Kyle slapped his heaven and earth, screaming, tearing his liver out. Tears streamed down her cheeks as if sh
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