4 Corners: 1/2 Time

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4 Corners: 1/2 Time

By: Grant D Koeneke OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Jason Walker was in tremendous pain the day he found out his daughter would never live a normal human life. This revelation drove him mad before he decided to make it his life's work to try and "fix" his daughter. Jason has tried everything he possibly could. He build multiple companies trying new different technologies in order to find a cure for his precious daughter. But, nothing has presented itself as a solution. Science and Technology have failed him. In his desperation, Jason, comes up with a plan. An insane plan. A plan that will rewrite the knowledge and understanding of life and the Universe, if he can make it happen. What would you do to save your daughters life? Jason Walker is about to answer that question........


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When Night Comes
At least 100 empty wine and liquor bottles covered the floor of the condemned delipidated mansion. Chunks were missing from the floorboards and rusted, hundred-year-old nails stuck up just waiting to catch an unsuspecting foot giving the owner tetanus. Snoring broke the musty silence of the air as it poured out of Jason Walker’s 40-year-old mouth. Flies avoided the area of Jason’s head as his breath could certainly kill anything living just from one whiff. Drool ran slowly out of the corner of his lips and onto the dark green velvet tattered fabric of a Victorian style rundown sofa that showed its age with holes and wear to the wood frame. Jason’s head flipped over facing toward the cracked and yellowed front windows that overlooked the Munster feeling front porch. Soft setting sunlight shown through the broken windows hitting Jason right in the eyes causing him to rouse out of his alcohol and drug induced sleep. Hangover would
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Devil in the Details
Jason flicked the cigarette butt into the dirt and weeds in what could be called a front yard. Solar panels, about 20 large house style solar panels, were covering the right side of the front yard aimed in the direction of the setting sun. Each post had a light detection system to moved the panels into the optimal position for sunlight throughout the day. Light had all but vanished outside. Grabbing a full fifth of Skye vodka from another green duffel in the front room, he pulled up the only lantern sitting on the coffee table crate. Light splashed over him from the LED bulbs casting his shadow on the walls. Startling him for a second he spilled some of the vodka from his mouth. His heart was racing as he grabbed the pill bottle sitting on the window sill. “Take one as needed for hypertension”, the label read. He dumped a few in his mouth and took a long swig of the vodka. Next to the bottle on the sill was a marijuana vape pen he took a couple of dra
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An Offer of Disbelief
Jerry Richards had been working at the mill in his home town since he was in Highschool. Twenty years had passed since he first stepped foot into his bosses’ office reporting for his first day. Not much had changed in the small town since he graduated Highschool. Of course he got married and now has two children, but the town itself hasn’t really progressed forward. Dashed yellow lines passed by in the headlights of his truck as he drove home down the dark road leading him home. Almost hypnotic, the passing lines typically made him think about the most pressing issues in his life. Nightly, he expected to contemplate anything going on with his relationship since it was really the only sometimes worrisome thing in his boring life. On this day, things were quite different from any events he dived into thought about. Nearly every friend he had in Highschool moved away by the time he was 25. Most didn’t keep in contact and some had even died.
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A Path Lead by Failure
“What the fuck do you mean it will be another 10 to 15 years before we can test this on a human!?!” Jason screamed in anger at a room full of people in business suits. “Jason,” the man closest to him on his left reached his hand out and put it on his left bicep in a comforting motion. “We all know what this means for you. Every person in this room knows what has been driving you to get to this point. Your discovery and out of the box thinking got all of us here,” Jason ripped his arm away and moved over to the window of the 28th story conference room that overlooked the Miracle Mile of Los Angeles. “Jason,” the man pleaded, “you gave us not one but two major breakthroughs in technology! Every single person in this room wants you to succeed and see your dream come true!” Exasperated, “Then for fuck’s sake, help me!” Tears poured down his cheeks as he turned back to the table full of well dressed people. “Let me at least use the nanites on her
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In the Beginning
Sean Gustufsen sat in his car looking at a rundown building in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. The block he was on was known for selling drugs, doing drugs and prostitution. Decay from every brick in the walls extended as far as the eye could see, though it was night. Five months ago, Jason Walker quit the job and company that they had both worked for and really created some really exciting breakthrough technology for seven years. Gripping the steering wheel tight enough to make his fingers and knuckles white, he could feel the fear coming out of his pores in the form of cold sweat. Looking back he could remember watching Jason leave his 24th floor office only taking one thing, the lone picture of his daughter as a baby. Most of the company thought it was strange, but Jason didn’t have any need or attachment to things. For him things were only there for convenience and not sentimental attachment. Faded numbers were etched
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