Playful Revenge of Player 346

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Playful Revenge of Player 346

By: Xavier Dan OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He lost his old friend. His friend’s son committed suicide. His wife cheated on him. His father-in-law treated him a complete waste. His sons loathed him the most. Luke Perez had lost everything in a snap. As death was easy for him to embrace, a mysterious old man appeared and presented him a black wooden box—a system—that changed his life forever. Nonetheless, here’s the catch: he must revenge to everyone who wronged, wrongs, and will wrong him. Because he is no Luke anymore, he is Player 346 of Project Revenge. Don’t put your blindfold’s on. Let’s take a look at Luke’s new look in his playful revenge.

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01. Losing Everything
“AHHHHH!” He’s trying to move, but he can’t do so for his body is exhausted enough. He’s facing the grimy surface of the rooftop of an abandoned building, while his sweat and blood are all over the area. He’s been receiving punches and knocks from the men wearing black tuxedos for approximately three hours since the start of dusk. To be exact, there are six men holding their baseball bats, veiling their faces using raven masks with logo of a red phoenix.After several minutes of additional trashing, one of the men signed the others to halt. He sat beside the man who’s beaten to pulp, and then grabbed his hair forcedly. “Where is it?!” He madly asked. “Where did you hide the file?!” He added. The man cackled, as if the victory is in his hands. His blatant reaction even infuriated the man in tuxedo. “Are you mocking me, idiot?!”“Even if you kill me, I won’t tell you,” the man firmly retorted and spit on the other man’s face. “Tell him that you won’t succeed. Your downfall is—AHH!” His
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02. Doubled Pain
“You can’t enter, sir,” A guard strictly uttered, blocking the way. Luke’s trying to enter the sliding door of the hospital, seems so lost at all. Nothing sinks into his head. He can’t accept the fact that his old friend is dead. “Sir!” The guard shouted at Luke, pointing his gun at him. Luke has gone back to his senses and sighed heavily. “Why can’t I?” He gazed at the guard’s eyes. “My friend is here! What’s with you, man?!” Luke shook his head in disbelief. He didn’t even bother to sleep earlier, as right after he heard the terrible news, he asked the whereabouts of Enrico and headed there. Now, it’s seven o’clock in the morning. He has been waiting outside because the guard doesn’t want him to enter. “Sorry, sir. I’m merely following orders.” Luke gasped and attempted to leave when a car stopped in front of the hospital. He can’t remove his attention to it, as an elegant woman and an old man, along with his right-hand man went out of it.“What are you doing here?” The old man sa
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03. Strength Turned Weakness
“You, two, are about to enter senior high school,” Mr. Shin broke the silence. He’s referring to his two grandsons. They’re currently eating at the long table. “What’s your plan then?”Alecia glared at her two sons who seemed terrified to their grandfather and forcedly smiled. “Papa, they’re—”“I’m not talking to you, Alecia,” Mr. Shin interrupted her and sighed. “You’re too useless disciplining these two because the only thing you know is flirting with men. I can’t believe you’ve acquired that terrible characteristic from your whore mother who left us for her mistress.” Alecia accepted every word she got from his father. It’s the usual scene in the dining room. She’s used to it. Alecia moved her gaze to Marcus and bit her lips. Marcus remained his composure. “How about these boys, huh?” Mr. Shin sighed heavily, looking at his grandsons. “They’re weak and undeserving like their dumb father. You truly are Perez’s. You don’t even deserve to carry my surname,” he added and drank his beer
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04. Player 346
“You don’t deserve to live. You should just die.”—this keeps playing inside Luke’s head, torturing him to the fullest. He can’t accept that his son told this to him without a trace of regret on his face. He’s crying, drinking a case of beer at Mystique pub. Someone sat next to him. “Waiter, one tequila,” he ordered. It’s an old man of the same age as Mr. Shin’s. He’s wearing a formal trench coat. “Here, sir.” He sipped his drinks and smiled. “This is probably the nicest tequila I’ve ever tasted.” He caught Luke’s attention. His smile was wiped from his face. “Oh? Sorry, boy. I probably disturb you.”“Am I bad?” Luke asked out of nowhere, which made the old man puzzle. “My ex-wife cheated on me. My ex-father-in-law treated me as bullsh*t. My old friend was killed, while his son committed suicide. You know what’s worst? My son told me to just die.” Luke then cried again and drank his 13th bottle of beer. “WOOOHHH! I am bad. I sucked. I’ve already lost everything. I have nothing to lo
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05. Project Revenge
“Welcome, Player 346.” Luke is completely puzzled, trying to absorb everything. He roamed his eyes again at the entire pub; no one's moving. It's already 12:00 a.m., as he caught sight of the wall clock. "Starting today, you are an official player of Project Revenge."Luke sighed deeply. "Project Revenge?" He asked. He looked at the black wooden box. There's a hologram projected by it. "Ready for your first mission, Player 346. But before that, please read the rules of Project Revenge."Luke focused his attention to the rules displayed on the wall, projected by the wooden box.Rule 1. Complete the assigned tasks. Every task has a corresponding prize. Failure to do so may reduce your life as a player. Remember that starting today, you have 100 lives. Each task costs a number of your lives, depending on its difficulty level.Rule 2. Don't tell about the game to anyone. Snitching means instantly killing yourself, as it is equivalent to -10 lives.Rule 3. This is a game of revenge. You ca
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06. New Look for Luke
Two Years LaterA loud clamor of people is heard outside of the Shin Company. They’re protesting against the redevelopment project of Mr. Shin for the congested area where the people are currently residing. “REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT: A NEGATIVE DEVELOPMENT”“NO TO INHUMANE ACT OF SHIN!”“A Monster in Disguise!”“A THREAT TO SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT”“Mr. Shin, the residents are still protesting. It’s been already a week since you announced it to the public,” Marcus, the right-hand man, uttered. They’re currently on the 106th floor of Shin Company, where Mr. Shin’s office is located. “We must temporarily halt the operation. It can damage your image.”Mr. Shin sighed heavily and sipped his tea before focusing his attention to Marcus. “Are you sure I haven’t thought of that beforehand?”Marcus’ brows knitted, trying to understand what Mr. Shin was implying. “What, Mr. Shin?”Mr. Shin laughed hardly. “Marcus, oh, Marcus, why are you so foolish, huh? The commotion is not a problem at all
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07. His Offers
“What did he say, CEO Perez?” Mr. Fortel asked and sat on the black couch inside of CEO Perez’s office.CEO Perez glared at him and smiled. “Nothing much, Jackson. We’re going to hear from her later,” he said and moved his gaze on the world map displayed on the wall of his office. “Nevertheless, I’m sure she’s going to accept that offer, knowing her personality.” “You have a talent in negotiation, CEO Perez,” Mr. Fortel uttered.Luke chuckled and faced him. “You know what, Jackson, you don’t have to be formal when you’re speaking with your friend,” he said that made Mr. Fortel solidify in his position. “You can call me, Luke.”“But that’s not right—”“No, Jackson. It’s okay. Just call me CEO Perez when we have important meetings, together with the boards. However, in conversations like this, you can call me by my first name.”Mr. Fortel was about to retort something when someone knocked at the door. Both of them got the attention of a woman wearing a formal suit. She’s Secretary Lim.
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08. A Friend or a Foe
“Mr. Perez, the son of your friend has arrived.” Luke went out of his room and proceeded to use the elevator of his mansion. He headed for the first floor. He walked toward the living room, and he saw Michael, waiting for him.“Are you Jackson’s son?” He asked from behind. The boy was almost startled, but he smiled widely and bowed at him.“Yes, sir. I’m Michael Fortel. Good evening, sir,” Michael sighed, totally nervous.“Like father, like son,” Luke uttered as he slowly sat on the couch. Michael’s brows knitted, hearing that from him. “No, son. Don’t get the wrong idea. That’s a compliment,” Luke said. He was about to say something when the cook put a plate of cookies and a kettle of tea on the center table. Luke thanked the cook and proceeded to speak. “Your father is too formal. I always tell him that he must call me by my name, but he usually addresses me as CEO Perez.”“Ah, I see,” Michael uttered, smiling sheepishly. “What should I call you then, Mr. Perez?”“Just call me, unc
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09. Behind His Smile
Luke turned back. It’s enough for him to see Daniel. He got in his car. “Let’s go.”While on the highway, he can’t still forget Daniel’s face, seeing him after almost three years. “You surely miss your son, sir,” the driver looked in the mirror, checking his boss. Luke merely smiled at him.After an hour, Luke got off his car. He reached his destination for the night. It’s Fortel’s residence.“Mister, don’t wait for me,” Luke said to his driver. “I’ll just take a ride on my own tomorrow. I’ll spend the night here.”“Got it, sir.”As his driver left, Luke tapped the doorbell of his friend’s house. He waited for a minute before the house operator opened it for him and let him enter the house.“CEO Perez…” Jackson uttered, bewildered. Thinking what is his boss doing in their house. Luke stared at him blankly before sitting on the sofa. “What can I do for you? Why didn’t you tell me you’re going to visit here?” He said while disconcertingly sitting on the opposite couch.“Is that necessa
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10. Sucks
“Why did you look so lost earlier?” Charles asked his brother, as he put his laptop on his study table.Daniel laid himself on the bed, looking at the ceiling, before he answered his brother. “I think I saw dad earlier.”Charles glared at his brother and cussed. “You probably mistook someone from him,” he said.“Probably,” Daniel replied and closed his eyes.“Are you still mad at me?” Charles was hesitating to ask this to his brother. Daniel then opened his eyes and moved his attention to Charles. “Yes.” Charles sighed heavily, giving him a dejected expression. “What should I do for you not to be mad at me anymore?”“Nothing,” Daniel shortly replied. “You don’t have to do something for me anymore. I want to work on my feet from now. I don’t want to ask for your help,” he paused. Charles was alarmed. It’s the first time he experienced this with his brother. “It’s for the best, Charles. We should, at least, work individually because we can’t always be together, especially in this kind
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