The Emergence of the Legacy Man

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The Emergence of the Legacy Man

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After giving up all he had to take on the debts of his wife and her family, Keith was plunged into poverty and nothingness. In no time, these same people turned on him, despised him, and treated him like a piece of trash. Facing the heights of betrayal from the people he loved and sacrificed all for, Keith ended up in jail to the rejoicing of his wife and in-laws. However, to their shock, Keith emerged as the wealthiest man alive. Now, the man was set to get back at them and uphold the legacy of his family.

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The venue was decorated elegantly with dark, glowing colors that complemented the flashy dresses worn by the guests. Keith Thompson graced the hall with his demeaning presence. He stood out perfectly amongst the guests, dressed impeccably in a black fitted three-piece suit that clung to his muscular build. His short black hair was slicked back, and his black piercing eyes watched the woman at the other side whose blonde hair bounced up and down her shoulders as she moved gracefully through the room. That woman was Sheila Hockings, Keith's new wife. She tagged behind her mother greeting the guests. The wedding was exactly how Sheila dreamed it to be, and Keith made sure to make it to her pleasing. Now the weight on his fingers where the ring lay served as a reminder of the success of this day. Keith had many things to be grateful for, like his skyrocketed business. He was now a man with a net worth of a hundred and ten million dollars, all his years of striving with businesses, takin
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Sheila frowned, yanking out the piece of paper with a bank logo sticking out of the mailbox, and with piqued curiosity she made her way back into the house. She proceeded instantly to rip the letter open and caught a glimpse of the name Thompson, to whom the letter was addressed. With a frown, she skimmed through its content. Her eyes widened with shock, soon replaced with irritation and anger.At the sound of approaching footsteps, she moved her attention from the letter to watch hier father descend the stairs. She growled, handing him the letter. "He hasn't made any money." "What do you mean?" Her mother's voice followed as she exited the kitchen."Keith is a broke loser," Sheila said.Her mother chuckled dryly, although her face showed no sign of amusement. "Tell me something I don't know.""His bank wants him to file for bankruptcy," her father explained.Her mother's brows scrunched up in consideration, "But then those jobs?""He just leeches unto us that good for nothing." Her
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Keith flinched, staring at Sheila from where she stood almost completely shielded behind Frank with a smirk plastered on her face."Not so brave now, are you?" Mr. Hockings mocked. He kept his gaze on Sheila, staring deep into her eyes wondering what happened to the kind and considerate Sheila. Her attitude hurt the most because she was his only hope and solace against the hardship of the world."Did he bother you?" Frank asked Sheila with a worried frown and that caused an unsettling feeling within Keith. Keith glared in confusion, then asked Frank, "Why would you become friends with the Hockings? What's with the sudden friendship?" Frank smirked, "I don't see any problem, Keith, they are free from their debt, there is no reason to hold a grudge. You should be concerned with yourself or have you forgotten your responsibility, Keith?"Keith knew Frank was right and he had something more concerning to be worried about. Frank was here to collect the rest of his debt and even if he ha
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Keith's smile slowly faded, it was certainly more than a person the footsteps confirmed it. He wiped his sweaty palms against his pants, his heart pounding against his chest. It could be Sheila, but she hadn't come alone. He felt half his anticipation and courage slip away with the hope he managed to establish minutes ago.Sheila soon appeared before him and he assumed she wasn't alone. Her parents stood at each side of Sheila and two cops stationed behind them armed with their batons. Keith gulped down nothing but his heart relaxed a bit when he saw Frank wasn't in attendance."Jeez, Keith, is that you?" Sheila's voice was soft, her lips stretched into a teasing smirk, "I almost didn't recognize you through all the filth," she wrinkled up her nose in disgust.Hurt spilled through Keith, these people had messed up his life despite his sacrifices. Mrs. Hockings regarded him with her head held high and a pitiful look fixed on her face but it was a different story for Mr. Hockings, who w
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"Thank you," Keith told the cab driver as he exited the car and despite his current peril, he managed a small smile for the man behind the wheel.The man nodded and regarded him carefully. "Are you sure you are at the right place?"Keith took no offense to the man's question and he simply nodded in response.The man didn't look convinced, "You sure I shouldn't wait for you?"Keith shook his head, he wasn't surprised the man asked that, he looked homeless and crazy. "I'm fine. Thank you again." He straightened up, holding his hurting side. The man gave Keith one last look before zooming off. Keith released a breath and twirled around to come face to face with the magnificent building of the city bank. As Keith dragged his feet towards the tall building steps away from him, his mind stumbled upon the thought of Sheila and her family. Not only on the thought of their betrayal but the fact that they had set him up and the possibility of Frank and Sheila being together. He knew the sudden
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"Release him," the blonde man who had claimed the title of manager ordered and instantly the guards let him go. It happened so fast that Keith stumbled forward almost crashing into his face but luckily he stabled himself in time."Get back to work," again the blonde man spoke, his voice calm and demeanor screamed of authority and respect. The moment he spoke, the people who had gathered to watch the drama all dispersed, going back to whatever they had been doing, although their curious gaze remained on them as they brushed past."Come with me." The man instructed, staring intently at Keith almost as if to intimidate him but Keith had other pressing concerns than to be bothered about stares and whispers or some man dressed in a fancy suit who was trying to make him squirm.Keith nodded, "Lead the way, Manager," he tried not to sound impatient and sarcastic but Keith doubted it worked. The blonde man twirled around and began moving and Keith didn't need to be told twice as he tagged cl
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Mr. Sanderson gripped the armrest so tightly his knuckles turned white, his gaze leveled against the tattered man before him. Mr. Sanderson wasn't stupid and was of course suspicious of the unkempt man who happened to know the secret of the bank and although he found it strange that Keith knew that couldn't mean anything since Mr. Sanderson was sure the vault had belonged to the ruling class back then and it couldn't possibly belong to a low life who was money hungry. "I just want a chance and I promise I'll be out of here before you even bat your lashes," Keith said, his voice thick with desperation, leaning against the desk for support.Mr. Sanderson glanced briefly at the two men behind Keith ready to bundle him out and if necessary with force, then dragged his gaze back to Keith. As much as he wanted to see this homeless man get kicked out he also could not ignore the fact that Keith does have the right to a chance. And there was probably nothing to worry about since no one could
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Keith glanced at Mr. Sanderson who could barely maintain eye contact with him, bowing his head from embarrassment. "Mr. Thompson," Mr. Sanderson gulped down nothing, "I sincerely apologize for the way I spoke earlier, I acted rashly and I sincerely hope you will forgive me, sir." At the sound of sir, Keith's brow raised in mockery. He eyed the man standing before him but said nothing to reply to Mr. Sanderson's apology, turning his attention back to the now open vault. Finally, the moment he has been waiting for, Keith thought. His lips curled up into a satisfied grin, although he didn't know what was in the vault he was very optimistic that it was something that would bring the Hockings to their knees, and enough to put those snitches in their right place.Mr. Sanderson's face fell when he saw that Keith wasn't paying him any attention, "Mr. Thompson, are you listening?"Keith seemed to be lost in thought, Mr. Sanderson noted. He wasn't sure what the young man could be thinking abo
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Keith could remember the day he received the devastating news of his parents' death, despite not being close to them it had been a huge blow to him. Keith always knew his family were rich but he just didn't expect this level of richness that was now signed to his name. That day when his parents had insisted he learned off hand someone's phone number and a passcode and told him about the Ancient Wealth, he had merely shrugged it off believing his parents were being cynical and when his family lawyer had approached him after his parents' death to tell him that he had inherited their fifty million dollars fortune. That money was what Keith had used to build himself and his business. But that inherited money had also been what he had ended up giving up to settle his former in-laws' debts. Keith's jaw clenched, willing himself not to think of Hockings, although his discovery of the Ancient Wealth couldn't have happened if they hadn't put him in peril. But that didn't mean he would forgive
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Chapter Ten
The room was lit by the small chandelier hung above the room, the beam adding personality to the spacious living room, and elegance of the antic of the room decor, every detail carefully creating the ultimate in luxury and comfort.Keith stood by the balcony staring down at the sweeping view of the twinkling city skyline below. He let out a long deep breath, tightening his fingers against the wine glass in his hand. He straightened up keeping his gaze trained on the breathtaking view of the exterior detail of the large clearing outside the hotel, his shoulders squared up in an unrelaxed manner. The furrow between his brows deepened, his lips pressed down into a firm grim line with his eyes narrowed and nose flared.He would like to see the face of the Hockings when they see him now with everything he achieved in such little time. He scoffed, but that would have to wait, he needed to get settled and on a more comfortable footing with this new development, Keith thought to himself, swir
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