An Outsider

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An Outsider

By: Hander Pake CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Waking up and settling into a dangerous situation, Lucio suddenly turned into a special soldier of the future, when the world had just experienced a terrible disaster with thousands of dangerous monsters always lurking human's life. His journey to become a great soldier begins here.


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45 chapters
Is this a dream?
"Wake up, sir!" The scene in front of him was blurry, and he could see a figure outside the transparent glass. Lines of letters flash with various data streams around the border of the helmet's glass. He had never seen a helmet with this data line before. He has been pulled off the ground after feeling a force on his body. He sucked in a breath because his left arm had a sharp pain. He felt his stomach tighten, goosebumps accompanied by bouts of dizziness that made him vomit immediately. The helmet's glass vomited on it, and a terrible odor increased, so he hurriedly put off his helmet. "Sir! Don't you want to live anymore? Put on your helmet!" The man carrying him walked briskly, shouting hoarsely, his voice muffled because he had taken off his helmet and was far away from the intercom device embedded in the helmet. A feeling of suffocation came, and the reeking smell hit his nose. He couldn't breathe. He immediately coughed violently. It took a lot of effort to stop. He wanted
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Three-dimensional image
When he opened his eyes, he first saw the blue tent ceiling."You're awake, don't move, let me check." A female voice rang in his ears, followed by a white woman with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a white doctor's coat, appearing in his field of vision.He stared blankly at her, not knowing how to react.“You fainted from being poisoned by the Ladenvi. But fortunately, your subordinates carried you back here in time. You recuperate well, in another two days you will be able to walk on the ground, I have other patients, I will leave first." The female doctor said. "Oh, okay, thank you." Lucio said. "You're welcome." She smiled sweetly, then put her hands into the pockets of her white coat and walked out of the tent with quick steps.Seeing the female medic leave, Lucio shifted his gaze again and stared at the tent roof in deep thought. Now while this period, he must sort out his thoughts. First, he confirmed that he had traveled to a completely new world.When he turns to look, s
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The Dark Decade
The terrible catastrophe changed the Earth's environment, with oxygen getting thinner every year, massive particulate matter floating in the air, an exponential rise in sulfides, and ubiquitous radiation that would not dissipate for many years. Humans, even if they were not preyed upon by the Earth Pulse insects, died in large numbers because of these harsh conditions.  Why exactly the division of camps to this point, Lucio really does not understand. He only vaguely understood that it was probably to be able to strengthen the rule of all the people of the Federation. But now his priority is to survive, he is new to the world, do not know anything, these things are too far away from his, do not think so much first.  In other words, Lucio is now under constant monitoring of the "Gabord System". The bracelet on his wrist is actually the ID terminal of every citizen, equivalent to the sum of the former smartphone, IC card, ID card, driver's license, social security card and a series of
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  This is Lucio's first time to see the official military uniform of the federal army permanent uniform, can't help but secretly praise, so handsome military uniform! The lapel type double-breasted military uniform, dark green as the main color. Wearing a large brimmed hat on his head, the cap badge is the military emblem of the federal army, black brim and two golden olive branches. Left chest hanging seniority plate, right chest hanging unit insignia and name tag, shoulder rank is the rank of captain. Lined with a snow-white uniform shirt and a plain black tie. Tie the outer belt, right with a gun, left with a military knife. The lower body is the same color military pants, trouser seams rolled two gold lines, wearing long boots.  What surprised him most was that on the far side of the passage formed by the military tent, a large, parking lot-like clearing could be seen, where neat rows of mechs were parked, instantly catching his eye.  Lucio's heart was astonished, and after fixi
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Dark Blade
  It's just that he's worried about getting himself involved in partisan battles. This sort of thing was all too common in the military, where young and ambitious officers pulled in like-minded people in order to build a future force of their own, something he had suffered from in the army. Now he didn't know how the left wing of the third squadron related to the right wing, but he and Crawford belonged to two combat units, left and right, after all, and although he wouldn't reject Crawford, he didn't intend to get too close to his, otherwise where would he stand in the unit he belonged to? Lucio's answer thus seemed somewhat ambiguous.  Lucio was putting on the power exoskeleton on his own for the first time. He thought he would be hesitant, but it turned out that it didn't seem to be difficult, and the movements and steps seemed to be engraved in his instincts, and he finished putting it on naturally, which made his sigh with relief.  But it's a big problem!  Lucio's answer was a
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Bracelet ID
  "That's a shame." Lucio, however, was snickering in his heart, this chattering girl was finally leaving.  "Did it go well with Lucio?"  "Lucio, please come with me, I'll take you to meet Logue." The silent black Lucio finally spoke up.  "As a doctor, I should have advised you to get some rest; in fact, you are not fit to get out of bed and walk around right now. But since you've already walked around, it seems I shouldn't have done more than that."  The other medic is a male medic, in charge of the right wing, Lucio has not yet met. And Alita is the left wing of the medic, and Lucio subordinate consistent, relationship seems to be very good, and seems to have long known, just this is not information can find the origin, so Lucio to the female medic or some headache, afraid that they will reveal.  Lucio was taken aback by him, and seeing how excited the sergeant was because of his casual "trouble", he felt he had underestimated the personality of his original owner. Anyway, the
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Fire Gun
"Ensign, it's the Captain calling us, we can finally go back to our unit."Lucio's id had received the objective for today's march last night, and they were to try to rejoin the large force of three squadrons moving slowly ahead at 3pm, so the time was tight and the speed would need to be fast. Marching in the middle of the jungle was actually difficult, and to keep moving at high speed would inevitably create a great deal of commotion that could easily invite danger. The officers of the 3rd Squadron chose the more suitable route, which was the road on which Griffin rejoined Confidential 1, and which had been prepared in the past and was considered relatively flat and easy to follow.To be honest, when Lucio saw the soldiers in full armor, men and women lined up neatly according to their height, there was a very strong feeling of dissonance in his heart, he still didn't have the habit of being in the military all the time, he was used to seeing all female fears or all male fears. It s
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Enemy attack
Working with the soldiers to push the last section of the truncated arbor into the charred brush along the roadside, Lucio caught his breath and rubbed his arm. The mask showed his body stats were still normal, and the 3D scan of his body prompted his not to overuse his left arm, lest the wound expand.The party had begun to assemble and prepare for departure. Probably because he had just been through a big battle, Lucio Mengdi was suddenly a little anxious internally as he suddenly relaxed again. He looked around and found that the soldiers were all assembling towards the road and no one was heading for the jungle, so he trotted into the jungle, intending to find a hiding place to solve his physical problems. There was no way to preach this march out there, all soldiers solved their problems that way.Adrenaline rushed through his and all he felt was light as a feather, even his injured ankle and arm, painless. He had never run so fast in his life, winding up and almost running out o
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City of Athena
Lucio was so embarrassed that he stopped talking and followed Nola Franks into the café. Nola Franks smiled and took Lucio, who was a bit uncomfortable, to a seat in the corner, where they ordered coffee from the waiter and chatted casually.The party marched through the primeval jungle, and as far as the eye could see, all it could see was a yellow-green color. These were plants that Lucio mostly didn't recognize anymore, mutated plants that had found their way to survive in the scarce sunlight, murky atmosphere, and omnipresent radiation. Plants were always the most resilient creatures, and humans, perhaps in a sense, were not as good as them.Thanks to such a special fear, the amount of work required for the construction of the building was drastically reduced, saving a great deal of material, money and manpower, which enabled such magnificent walls and huge towers to be built in half a century's time. The great Federal Marshal Rudolph once said: "The assimilation of the diamond is
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Completely equal
Lucio dragged the man all the way into the alley, and the surrounding passersby watched in awe as the entire downtown plaza began to Daphnia magna at once. Nola Franks, who had arrived from the back of the room, had the presence of mind to evacuate the crowd while shouting."Well then, this is over, don't ever do anything like that again, I'm having a heart attack." Nola Franks said.Lucio shook his head with a bitter smile and didn't say anything.Lucio Calendar frowned, his heart extremely uncomfortable. Whether or not the world was completely equal between men and women, at least in Lucio's mind, the values of his time were still measured. Violence was not advocated, and men who beat women were the most inexcusable and the most intolerable to Lucio. While the innate physical advantage of men over women had disappeared in this day and age, it was clear from what had happened that the physical abilities of the two parties in the confrontation were not on the same level, and in any ca
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