Apocalypse - World Of Zombie Games!

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Apocalypse - World Of Zombie Games!

By: Bridget Arnold OngoingGames

Language: English

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After the apocalypse took place in real life, the only person left in the world was Alva James. But facing too many zombies makes him exhausted, and then he dies. He then came back to life when he was five years old. He spent more than nine years training to fight zombies later. When Alva was 14, zombie games appeared again. He's logged into the game, gathering resources to be powerful. This time Alva was determined to fight the zombies with all her might. He's looking forward to the day when the zombie game synchronizes with the real world. That day is when the world ends, and he will fight again!


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9 chapters
Chapter 1: End Of The World!
The sky was gray with a speck of...The world is filled with zombies, monsters, barren, uninhabited lands, screaming everywhere.One last man lay on a pile of zombie corpses, and he looked back at his family for the last time. With each breath pouring down, blood on the corners of his lips, and his abdomen overflowing, the apocalypse shows helplessness against the current circumstances.The last man of Planet L, the only human left in the world, is Alva James.Suddenly a loud sound awakened him from his memories. An unknown object approached him and said incomprehensible sounds. He held on to the sword, tried to stand up, and looked far away for his last battle. It could be humanity's final battle here at Planet L.He tries hard to stand up, looks far away, he frowns his eyebrows to see his opponent. Still, maybe because of the severe injury that's weakening him, it's also a challenging task for him to see, in his eyes, to see a faint fog once shadowed by lightning.That strange objec
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Chapter 2: Start A New Life
Alva James sat up and checked his condition. At this time, he is still the same as just a 5-year-old child, an immature face and a shrill voice unaffected by long-term smoking. A little physical adaptation, the first thing he thought of was building a shelter later on. But this needs to be agreed upon by his parents. If they say after 12 years, no one will believe it, especially a 5-year-old child's words.The first thing he needs to do is slowly train his body, which is not very fruitful but can also be healthy. At the same time, you can enter the apocalypse game to adapt and build the necessary techniques.After thinking about what to do for years to come, he walks out of the room. The first thing he needs to do is get permission from his parents for his education. He plans to build a solid physical base in preparation for many years. To do so, he has to ask his parents for him to take physical education courses.His parents had never forced Alva James to do anything in the past. Ev
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Chapter 3: Into The Zombie Game.
Alva doesn't know much about games right now. Because he didn't care much when the game was the most advanced, he wasn't lacking anything at the time: loving parents and a good family. There's no need to go into cyberspace to solve anything, but now it is different because he has to prepare for the future.Alva stopped in front of the sword training ground, opened the door, entered the training ground, and saw some people stabbing dolls and others sitting in the conversation yard. Alva warms up a little body, takes a handy sword from the training ground, and starts training.At the end of the world, there are two types of skill acquisition: one type is self-training, maybe from some NPCs or can come up with a technique from which you can get recognition games, and the other way through killing monsters with a significant reward rate that falls out of the books.The way one seems to be very difficult. Most people don't use this method. Try asking who wants to get into the game to work
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Chapter 4: Mission Easy
Considering the mission, for Alva, killing zombies is extremely simple. Completion time doesn't seem to be a problem for him, either. Surely he can accomplish this mission."I feel the task is still quite simple, and I'll finish it right away.""Haha, as expected of a brave warrior. I hope to see you soon.""I also hope to see you again soon."The real-time world and the time spent in the game are almost the same, and now perhaps his parents are waiting for him to eat together. Alva decided to log out for a while and couldn't let her parents worry too much. The adult image he builds can't be a game addict in one day."Exporting"[You're in a safe zone][Counting down in three, two, one][Registration Successful]Please take off his hat. Alva James has been downstairs for a long time, and his parents are waiting for him downstairs. However, at this time, Alva feels a little strange in her body. It's unclear, but he thinks he can use Wallace Sword's real-life skill. But maybe later in t
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Chapter 5: Master Lee
Along the way back to town, Alva headed back to Steve's house. It's dark now, but the lights in Steve's house are still on."Good morning, sir. I've completed my mission."Entering the house, Alva found Steve watching something very thoughtful. After hearing Alva's voice, he put it away in a hurry, Alva saw a picture, but it was not clear who was in it."As expected, you're exactly what I expected. You're a very young person. Sit down."[You've completed the task: Show me your ability (continued) ]" I want to teach you one of my skills. But I see you're very potential, and this book contains a skill that suits you very well."[You get the mission bonus: A handwritten copy of Chief Horseman Andrew]"This is a book that my teacher left me. It records how he learned an exciting skill. You can find it in it.""What a precious reward. I thank you very much."[Steve acknowledged you, Steve's level of intimacy with you has increased to 50 (friends)]This is a fairly old book, unlike the ski
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Chapter 6: The Mysterious Diary
Looking back on the information, Alva James was not upset about not learning this skill. On the contrary, he's pleased. This is to want the book to be relatively high in demand while studying this skill book helps him to learn this skill still. Also, in the real world, he can find ways to assist in understanding skills.His next objective is to ensure the demands of the book. After a pause, Alva James added five points to his mind to three points to his physical strength, providing the speed of zombie hunting and getting closer to reading this diary.[Personal Status Table]Player name: Devil.Class: 6HP: 100%MP: 4/55power: 5Agile: 7 (+2)Physical strength: 9Intellectual: 11attractive: 1Equipment: Woodcutter's shoes, miners' gloves.Skill: Base Earning Method (LV 6), Wallace Sword (LV 3)Free score: 0....At the same time, he needs to find a new sword, and the Kusanagi Sword has to give it back to Steve. Alva James initially thought the sword was part of the reward but did not
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Chapter 7: Parent Investment
There seems to be something in this realm, but it's not a matter in front of Alva James, who might care. He's still frail, and he's just hitting a few zombies right now. Even in the cave, zombies, let alone high-class monsters or conspiracy from the Realm, get hard on him. According to the diary, Alva has acquired a skill-learning method called "Respiratory Skills."According to Andrew, this is a method to improve resilience even in combat while increasing the speed of thinking and concentration. However, when he saw the effects of this skill, Alva James became more and more curious about what kind of training method was in the cave.In the real world, Alva learned the breathing method recorded in her diary. The beginning of the respiratory system requires a sense of air. First, exhale a long breath, divided into two puffs into the body, feeling each flow of air into the body. Adjust the breathing to each part. Then begin to regulate the body to the position of the brain, and the gas
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Chapter 8: TeamWorks 1
The rest of the zombies were almost destroyed by Alva James, and he also did not dare to risk his life to open the other door. What he doesn't know, indeed, is the scariest. If he's scared to open the door, then he won't go to open it again. He holds the skill book "Digging," one of his achievements in the past few days. This skill he thought of selling this to buy a better quality sword, but now it's the best solution.After learning the skills of "Discovery" and taking out the necessary tools, Alva James began to dig a cave next to him step by step. It's impossible to dig a priesthood too close to that door, with or without anything behind the door of Alva James still have no idea. It's much safer to dig a little further.That's how a miner was born, someone else went into the game to enjoy, to have fun, and he had to spend the day digging. For safety's sake, he chose a remote location to start digging.<
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Chapter 9: TeamWorks 2
In this respect, Alva James must also admire his level of dedication to science. "Are you telling the police to come and get me now?""I don't think so, either. I think the news about you is worth the money.""If you want to hand me over, you don't have to waste your tongue until now. Just get to the point, if you spare me, I'll give you a pharmaceutical that I made. How about that?""Your life costs only one part of the medicine? Not ten, no table.""Success!"Alva James is a bit of a jerk. Is his head frozen? That's right, Richard Ethan, he's been experimenting so many times. He must have stored many materials to experiment with, and ten essential bottles were nothing.But Alva James was not very worried and needed ten bottles just for testing purposes. Experiment with how effective the drug is for humans. If the drug is good, he can consider recruiting Richard Ethan later. A scientist first needs to think, especially
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