Infinite World: Dangerous Game!

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Infinite World: Dangerous Game!

By: Bridget Arnold OngoingGames

Language: English

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[Welcome to INFINITE WORLD: Purify Game][ Seven great sins, also called great sins. Before Final Judgment Day, The sea wiped it all out.] The beginning is that hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in a game system and have to find a way to survive. "It" was conceived at the same time that the universe was formed. The castle in the Big Bang. For more than 13 billion years, "It" has been an audience. Patience, quietly watching the growth and growth of all things. This exists throughout the universe. [GAME START!]


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25 chapters
Chapter 1: Infinite World: Purify Game!
[Welcome to INFINITE WORLD: Purify Game.]The sky is a three-dimensional projection of the time frame. We're counting down ten seconds. When the time stopped at 00:00, a bell suddenly rang in all directions.The time when the bell rings is over is when their eyes are on their. Close the eyes of the people standing open. They find themselves in an unfamiliar hall, each with a three-dimensional screen in front of them, Infinite World: Purify Game] It looks like it's bleeding.The weirdest thing is that no one remembers being here. How all the memories they can remember stopping at their last activity.The crowd looked at each other in a panic, and some were angry: “What kind of joke is that? Your father is an atheist. What kind of crime is that? What kind of world is that?"The atmosphere was extremely chaotic.The sound of swearing in the hall grew louder and louder and louder. Some crowd was dressed in red, with no idea which church they were being dragged from. People thought this w
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Chapter 2: Werewolf!
Seeing Phedra Henry looking at herself, the kind girl said, "Right. I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Amaya Yuki, from Tokyo, Japan. I'm good at English because my father is English. I'm a dual national, if you don't mind."Phedra Henry shook hands with her, saying: "Thank you very much just now. My name is Phedra Henry from Los Angeles."Amaya Yuki laughed: "Nothing. I happen to know a little Pandora. Tokyo University taught me, fortunately, I didn't skip classes."Her smile faded, suddenly asking: "Where do you think we are now?""Foremost, I can only say it's not Earth. I guess we're out in space, specifically where we are."Amaya Yuki said: "Yes, there's no place on Earth that can kidnap and detain more than a hundred thousand people without being caught by the police. Given the situation, everyone was taken here unconscious, my last memory was in the bedroom, and I was here when I closed my eyes and opened my eyes."Phedra Henry was quiet.The werewolf, called Bridget G
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Chapter 3: Hidden Mission.
Beatrix Henry's gaze stopped on Phedra Henry's face, saw his expression frozen, knew he had guessed, and gently asked: "Why?"Phedra Henry asked: "How many players are there in the preliminary round?"Beatrix Henry touched his eyebrows and recalled: "A hundred thousand? Two hundred thousand?"Beatrix Henry turns left and right, estimates the number of players, and says to Bridget: "Oh, there's a lot. It's like over three hundred this time. It's a thousand people.”Bridget doesn't react, and the large white wolf's tail flapping up and down indicates impatience."Wait a minute." Phedra Henry suddenly noticed a key issue: "He said he would be treated well after the excellent qualifying round. It's very beneficial for the end of the season."Beatrix Henry nodded."So how many people survived the preliminary round?"Bridget bowed his head and looked at him, the emerald pupils sparkled with extraordinary light.The corners of Beatrix Henry's lips were bent up, and then hurriedly raised his
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Chapter 4: GAME START!
Beatrix Henry said: "Look to the side."The person in the 5th seat is a teenager. Heian-era black hair, dressed in Japanese clothes, was dozing off, his head was up in the air, snoring.Beatrix Henry said: "Ichiko Kichirou."“He uses his real name, too?”"Depending on whether the player wants to reveal his real name to them or not.""Lazy sinner." He said leisurely: “He's also a Yin Yang master.""Yin Yang master? Is it an S-level prop?"Something like that. Unlike S-class props, pants. After completing his hidden mission, Kichirou received the status of a lost son from his family, the Kichirou clan in the S-class vice . Master Yin Yang is a master of magic, understanding Yin Yang Taoism, famous for his ability to summon and use "Shiki".Phedra Henry's eyebrows twitch. It's been 2322, there's still a believer in the world with demons and the exorcist can drive them out?Beatrix Henry patted him on the shoulder: "You believe in science. Why don't you explain why we'r
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Chapter 5: Make A Threat!
In the smaller circles, there were not a few beasts from Pandora's planet, all their bright eyes in one direction, without an appointment, glued to his face and Bridget George.On the fourth throne, the Emperor frowned: "Bridget looking for a successor?"The beautiful mermaid, No. 7, said with a worried look: "I think it's right to want to kill."The white-haired man, No. 6, dressed as a vampire count with a smile, said: "The dry wolf finally realized the pleasure of enjoying human flesh. Oh, a beautiful man. That wolf has good eyes. What should I do? I want to make it, too!"Teacher Yin Yang No. 5 woke up from a heated conversation, wiped his drool through the speaker with his sleeve, blinking: "Did you eat? Is it time to eat?"In the air, small circles also began to stir.Below, the right tail of Phedra Henry's eye was rubbed red, and the corners of his eyes were filled with physiological tears that looked very pitiful.Bridget looked at him indifferently: "Lying in front of me? You
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Chapter 6: Two Options.
On the huge screen, a bloodshot red text appeared.[Seven great sins, so-called great sins. Before Breaking Dawn Finally, you have to clean it up.][You have two options: to be judged or to be a human being judge a person.]"Everyone here has chosen to be the destroyer judge. To become a judge, to take the status of a noble judge, it is necessary to be appointed to clean up all one's dirty work."[If you succeed in the 7th round, you will be able to achieve your best. The High Judge.]"After clearing all the sins, the Judgment will receive them. The privileges are exclusive to the judge because the judge has been completely purged. The pure substance, from now on, is no longer bound by the body of players, so you can choose to be an NPC or simply leave the game forever."One of the crowd raised his hand: "Let me ask you!"The fat rabbit stopped.He timidly asked: "It means I'm the only one who needs it. Will the Judge go away from home?""Not only can I go home, but more than that," -
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Chapter 7: A Stranger Player!
Don't know where the fat rabbit got a speaker, smiling, saying: "The game will start in a few minutes. Please get ready!"The crowd began to stir.There are still people who don't believe what's happening in front of them is true, urging those who are close to each other to join forces to find a way out.The fat rabbit sighed: "Please don't appeal to or provoke other players to disturb the order. Now I'll open the door for you.”People didn't expect the unexpected result to come out in unison, anxious to ask it: "Are you going to let us go?"The expression of the fat rabbit was filled with sadness: "If that's your choice."After a sigh, the dome of the hall slowly rose. The glass is transparent on all sides, but the image outside the glass is a space. It's as black as ink.On the transparent glass surface, there are suddenly numerous light-emitting doors that shine brightly.The crowd looked at each other suspiciously, and after the death of several players, there was psychology of fe
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Chapter 8: Live Broadcast!
The plump rabbit covered his mouth with his hand, trying to suppress his excitement: "Let's watch your ship take off."The rabbit finished talking, and the dome was raised again. This time, the appearance outside the transparent glass is no longer a dark space like ink.Behind the glass panel is a large-capacity storage compartment. Just like this hall, the people standing closest to the window cannot see its end with the naked eye. Standing in the compartment, the players successfully escaped the hall, trying to get on the ship. The ship had no ladders to go up, the size was big, and there was no way to climb.When the people were depressed, the dome of the hall was raised again, and light came from the hall, shining endless darkness behind it like them.The people standing in the compartment found the faces of the people in the hall filled with horror. They are not afraid of being trapped. They are scared of something else.Those eyes were wide open, reaching out their hands to cove
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Chapter 9: Buried Alive!
Phedra Henry awoke in a small space, quiet enough to hear his chest throbbing and his heavy breathing.Phedra Henry's vision was as dark as ink, and the five fingertips could not be seen. He tried to move his arms and legs, and as soon as he lifted his arms, he hit something like a partition on both sides of his head. The pillow that he tried to fold hit the top wall.The upper partition is very close, only about half an arm away from Phedra Henry's face. When he moved, he hit the upper partition wall, which is like a sardine in a box. Phedra Henry, 1m80 tall, double-slides is quite long, now he can only stretch his legs that can't be folded, making him extremely uncomfortable.The partition, which had been hit hard several times, did not move, and when he switched to tapping with his hands, he made a blunt sound.Phedra Henry carefully touched up, if he had guessed correctly, he might be lying in a wooden coffin by now. Also, this wooden coffin is buried underground, so he told him h
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Chapter 10: A Hidden Secret!
More than half of the time has passed, and the clock is constantly counting down every second.The only source of light in the coffin is narrow and dark right now. It's a countdown time frame. The faint light sneezed on the outline of Phedra Henry's face, caressing the handsome face that was getting purple.His lips were tight, and his eyes closed.When buried alive in a coffin, the most important thing is to calm down. Fear and screaming not only don't help but also make his heart race, causing his lungs to inhale a lot of oxygen.He searched all over his body, but couldn't find any sharp objects to pierce a hole in the coffin. Phedra Henry tried to breathe with his nose very evenly and slowly.First, he was buried alive in a wooden coffin underground. Fortunately, the coffin was not made of metal, the irony was that he had no sharp object to pierce.Second, he doesn't have a bank password, he can't tell his best friend. Get out of here.Eventually, there's not much oxygen left down
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