Natural selection

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Natural selection

By: Ghost OngoingGames

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Wrong place Wrong decisions Wrong timing All coincidence... Or maybe not? "What the hell, did he just blow his brains out" Dylan screams getting brain matter of his face. "Welcome to the natural Selection" Ever played game where there are no rules, no second chances, no reruns, one life and that's all you get, you are stuck in a battle royal for 3 months?. Only this is a reality and you die in the game you die in real life!. 5 years since the launch of the brutal and barbaric games 100 players and no survival will this be the turning point? or will all new 25 players die before they get to the end?. After a night of bad choices. Will Anyone survive The game of natural selection. "We are all going die!"

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10 chapters
Chapter one; Myra and Keaton
"" Where the hell are we? " Dylan yelled as he tugged on his cuffs harder, the chains didn't break they just pulled more blood to his already busted wrists, " Get me out of here?!, Do you know who my dad is? "He yells his voice echoed a prove that there was nothing but silence all around them, the hollowed shape walls of the room plain with no furnitures around and barely no lights "Do you ever give up, or rather shut the fuck up, you've been doing that since you woke up I kinda wish you stayed sedated or worse dead" A voice hissed from the dark it was a girls voice, she sounded pretty frustrated a little raspy too like she had be thirsty for a while. Myra sat in silence as she watched the boy who was now Turing red not like she could see all she hear was his ragged breathing as e clutched his fist harder, "He's right you know you should just shut up I mean I'm sure they don't give a damn about who you are" Another voice was heard from the shadows. This was from Myra closing her ey
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Chapter two; Dylan
Keaton blinked a few times as he regained consciousness the sedatives he was put on wore off as he spaced back to reality, he coughed feeling the blood rush right to his head his memory from the previous night was blurry faded to almost nothing, as he snapped his head looking for Myra.He moved up a bit trying to sit a bit more comfortable stretching his legs out, he could feel a sharp and stinging pain at the side of his rib, "Shit" He yelped trying to run his to grab on to the side of his waist that hurt like he was punched three hundred times by a world class heavyweight champion, but he felt the cuffs pulling him down. "What the fuck?" He tugged a bit harder regretting immediately as it applied pressure on his ribs,, the chains dangled at the feet of the pole he was cuffed to, you could here the shackles jiggle ring in your ears echoing through the unfamiliar room."Welcome to life pretty boy stop tugging we have tried it doesn't bulge just leaves annoying cuts
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Chapter three; Leigh
Audrey felt the temperature in the room rise against her skin, her head were clouded with though as the fear increase the effects of the sedatives wore of completely she was wide awake her sense heightened she could hear them all, the tiny taps at the water drops leaked from the poor ventilation system.Shutting her eyes as the room brightness was increase drastically, The sudden brightness of the room pulled tears to her eyes, she groaned grabbing her head the pain shoot daggers. Her reaction to the sudden brightness of the room was mimicked by the few others who were awake, the stench of the room wasn't missed it was blood she could tell it was an all to familiar smell to her, blinking rigorously as she took in her surroundings squirming in her seat to sit upright the chains restricting the simple motion.Pushing down the fresh wave of tears building up she was tired of crying, the bile building in her throat restricting her breathing was more than enough reading
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Natural selection
Walking up to small voice, April stirred awake sitting up a groan escaped her lips at the sting she felt on her neck, cracked them both sides to make a relaxing pop she sits back in an upright position blinking at the foreign environment. Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice from a particular corner in the unknown room "You are up too" Leigh remarked softly as April stared wide doe eyes at her, she forced the urge to stifle a laughter. April snapped awake panic rang in her eyes as she didn't recognize the voice, Leigh watched her straighten up the rest of the girls looked towards April, who starred back eyes wide open as she began to her buts of memory back, she had a blur room and in her room at the University she was tired to a bed.Even if Josh got.. well she stopped that thought as the she remembered the spent the previous night over at Josh's house, "What the hell? who are you? what am i doing? Josh!" Snapped her head towards her boyfriend's numb bo
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Chapter five
"We are all fucked!" The silence after the last statement she made was Eeie enough to rise chills in the room as all snapped their head at her direction, Keaton watched cocking an eyebrow at the reaction she had, April had tears building up threatening to rain down a river. "What do you mean we are fucked?" Tristan snapped stretched his legs wide out to expose a scared thigh, He winced at the motion looking back at the April, she looked up at him like he asked an unbelievable question."How are we not fucked no just freaking tell me, if it's anything like I've seen, Murders with masks on cutting your guts open, The floor is lava only this time the floor is actually lava!, riddles with twisted endings, land mines" April went off ranting in anger which was met with a fit of silence as everyone took in the information, " I'm my fucking God we are gonna die aren't we?" Dylan murmured looking down, his eyes met with Audrey who had tears weld up, Myra get a st
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Chapter 6; Seer
Audrey slipped out of her cuffs falling to the floor, she took in a wary breath coughing as tears flowed freely to her chin, she looked up to Myra "Thank you" She managed to weasel out ad she tried to contain the spiralling emotions, Myra looked round the room of anxious faces, making an eye roll she walked towards Keaton, "You look like you can protect yourself if anything happens" She mouthed to her self falling to her knees, she was face to face with Keaton.She avoided he's prying eyes as she twisted and turned the locks under the cuffs mimickin the same pattern she had when she freed Audrey. He waited patiently has he stared intensively at the redhead who had a head squinted as she tried to focus, the shaky breathes she had showed she was nervous. Mrya try so hard to be careful gripping hid wrist tentatively whilst Keaton was trying as much as possible to keep his wincing to a bare minimum whenever she tugged too hard or the cuff grazed his bruised wrist or what she touched his
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Chapter seven; I'm doing something
"You know what we will deal with the seer siblings later, we still have a lot of shits to deal with, so please we die one still at a time all this talk about the future is creeping me out this isn't a movie so let's keep visions to our selves" Dylan huffed getting up to his feet the dizziness made him lean against the wall." I'm starving, how do we get out of this shit holl!" Leigh yelled growling as she realized a sigh which came as a shaky breath, looking around her eyes landed on the couples in the room holding hands as one of them slept. Josh notice he was being stared at, looking directly towards Leigh add he held on to April, "You both seem to talk a lot about no mission You got any clues on how we would escape the first round of this shit hole? " Leigh's voice trailed off a bit into a mixture of a British accent and something else."Formerly British" Tristan asked.Leigh looked at the obnoxious looking boy before not any reply not in a nodding a reply towards his direction, "
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"A hero or a villain ?" pt 1
"You honestly don't need to play hero" Keaton warned as he watched myra who was pulling her hair up into a bun it was hard to miss the shaky fingers as she made a mess out of her silky red hair.Myra paused the disgust in a voice was evident in her countenance, looking up at him a glare replaced the slight fear she had, that was all it took to get the adrenaline burning she had never been the one to like being belittled by a guy if all genders"At least I'm doing something, and you should worry about yourself and love I'm not a child" she snapped back, without sparing one las glance she kept her eyes glue on the door, He ended up taking a voluntary step backwards it was obvious he already tripped a spark." If you can't stand the sight of blood I advise you do not watch this!" Myra adviced as she wrapped her hand around the little escuse for a door knob, Hearing the squeak of the door shut close behind he she scoffed she didn't expect any less from humans anyways, Myra felt the nosta
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Axed Murder
"I'm not trying to take your boyfriend or anything so God will you please chill" Myra scoffed, April gasped feigning annoyance, Myra ignored the gesture using the remains of her shirt to clean of blood residue on her face, Pulling the jacket, she couldn't miss the Cologne, It was mixed with the smell of sweat but yet the minty essence couldn't be missed, she had no idea why it was intoxicating. "Moving on, Is he" Audrey paused gesturing to the patch in the wall, "Dead or you know just knocked out?" The internal cringe as she never imagined that would be a logical question she would ever need to ask."He is as good as dead, Even a zombie cannot survive a continuous stab wound and I check his pulse it was static" Myra chuckled warily, Noticing the disgust and judgment in Audrey's eyes it was covered soon enough."You don't feel guilty or an iota of remorse over the fact that you just murdered someone? " Dylan uttered in disbelief, she was different he could see it, this wasn't a new thi
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Two deaths in one night
Chase scoffed stepping further into the darkness shaking his head as he eyed Myra, "You are just a big fat liar and I was banking on you to survive, I should just die now lo..." The next sound to be heard was an ear piercing scream from Audrey as Chase head rolled of his blood, the got everything spraying, and staining anything in a 6feet radar, as his head stoped inches from her feet, feeling faint and falling next to it, they all froze up in anticipation of the reveal of the axed murder,...Chase's body toppled over, falling knee first Into the ground, they the rest of his body joined till he was reunited with his head, the gore of the scene sent half of them into a physical shock. The masked murder stepped into the flickering light as Myra and few others Including Keaton stepped back a few inches back into the shadows, where the lights were not so focused, It was a bloody bunny mask, it had bright colored eyes and a pick irregular tooth, it had dark eyes for one and the other w
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