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This is a story of betrayal, revenge and most of all, mystery. For the longest time, all I've ever known was... Darkness. I was born and brought up in a family of royals, in a world of thorns and scorn, hate and greed, lies and betrayal, selfishness and parasitism. It wasn't easy surviving on my own but I found my way, in the shadows where I belonged. Many would envy and seek out my lifestyle because it appeared luxurious, and glorious even but it really wasn't. I was trapped in a neverending fight for control and most of all, my life only to see my death encroach slowly, to the point I started having nightmares about it. I was even abandoned by my own father. Well... It didn't matter. Because at the end of the day, I survive in between the light and darkness. I survive... In the shadows.



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CHIAROSCUROBy Prince FirelornDISCLAIMERAll the characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. But the work reflects reality somewhat, which is one of the issues of our society.All Rights Reserved.INSCRIPTION“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”— Madeline L’EnglePROLOGUEFor the longest time, all I've ever known was...Darkness.I was born and brought up in a family of royals, in a world of thorns and scorn, hate and greed, lies and betrayal, selfishness and parasitism. It wasn't easy surviving on my own but I found my way, in the shadows where I belonged.Many would envy and seek out my lifestyle because it appeared luxurious, and glorious even but it really wasn't. I was trapped in a neverending fight for control and most of all, my life only to see my death encroach slowly, to the point I started having nightmares about it.I was even abandoned by my own father. We
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Injured in the heart, bleeding from my eyes, and grasping for dear life, I stood at the very edge of a cliff.This was the second time that I was pushed into a corner. I was stuck in a place of peril as I was surrounded by all my enemies and the lifeless bodies of my allies.There was no escape, none at all. Only death remained."Didn't think we'd get you, huh, Your Highness?" a man clad in gold mockingly asked.*COUGH* *COUGH* I spilt so much blood from my mouth, the injury they had inflicted on me was killing me faster than I thought it would.With my bloodied mouth, I mustered what little strength I had and asked, "Why?""Huh? You want to know why!?" The man in golden armour approached me with widened eyes.My chest tightened even more, it was heavy and hard to breathe.The man smirked. "All this time, and you didn't know why we were after your life?"I painfully mentioned, "I had my suspicions.""Suspicions?""Greed, money, power, who knows? It was inevitable that I'd encounter a f
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With the help of a few real friends, I created a secret guild that investigates mysterious crimes and conducts of the people of gladia, commoners or nobles. With my riches as a royal prince, I took a whole year gathering the best aura benders and scholars with certain detective skills to create the secret guild, Night's Eye.Even though, we had uncovered so many dirty secrets and discovered interesting mysteries of my kingdom, Gladia. We were far from finding a single clue that would lead to my mother's murder.I sighed, “Ha...!" Twas nothing but a thought I had. I soaked away my troubles, my aches and my entire body with my face under the bathtub.I rinsed myself clean, covered my bottom half with a towel and exited my bath only to bump into my personal maid, Penelope, who was waiting for me outside as always.She had fallen to the tiled floor, with her legs apart and her undergarments exposed to my eyes. "Black, huh?" I thought upon catching a glimpse of her underwear."Ah, sorry dea
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Before I could relax my furious expression, I was alerted by the sudden footsteps of Penelope entering my chambers...“Sire! I've found your shoes,” Penelope said as entered my room with my poulaine shoes in her hands.“Ah, yes... I see.” I composed myself and proceeded to wear my shoes, they were of oxblood in colour and had a golden tip on both shoes.Once I had worn my shoes, I took a special glass bottle that I left in my drawers with a golden substance in it.I went to my human-sized mirror and slowly applied the golden creamy contents of the bottle all over my jet-black hair follicles.In a few seconds of applying the golden substance, I witnessed my glossy jet-black hair turn golden almost instantly. I now looked like I had natural blonde hair.I was finally ready, “Penelope!” I called for my maid as I gradually brushed my now golden hair and bangs in place.Penelope approached me and gracefully curtsied while saying, “Yes, Sire?”“I need you to summon for me the lord chamberlai
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The silver armoured knight with his loud and smoky voice, addressed the people once more, “Have you all lost your heads!? You stand before a prince of the royal family!”The knight concluded with a loud stomp on the wooden platform, “Do you all wish to have your heads on a pike for treason!!?”After hearing him out, the people's attitude changed from disapproval to respect at that moment. However, once the noise had subsided the honourable knight's words were rebutted by another knight to my left.The knight had a soft yet egotistical voice and spoke like a noble, “And why should they not lose their heads!? These... 'commonfolk' just received a royal decree spelling their demise...!"He walked to the other side of the platform, facing the people as if he was addressing them and not the knight, and he continued, saying, "Why should they not panic? These PEOPLE have been handed with unjust cause to the infamous Incompetent Prince!”The knight stood tall after his short speech, he was ju
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The next day came and I was ready to battle, it had been a few years since my first real battle.It was early dawn and a new day of reckoning. I had found myself standing by the doors in front of my manor house, looking at all the views surrounding it, I took my time to view it in its beauty.My manor was comprised of tracts of agricultural land, a garden, a pond, a mansion right in the middle and a small path leading to a remote village in which the servants of the estate resided.It was also beautifully surrounded by an orchard of maple trees. But what caught my eye the most were the people working in the estate."There are about 15 to 30 people, each of a different family doing their best to maintain the beauty and functionality of the estate, my estate," I thought as I strolled along the path to the gates.Paige was indisposed at the moment so he couldn't escort me to battle but Penelope was by my side, eager to accompany me to the gates of the estate at the very least.I saw seve
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Aura, as mentioned before is an atomic chemical element of the world that could not be easily seen or touched but felt even controlled.Thus, the only way to tell if someone was using aura would be by feeling it in the atmosphere like the feeling of pressure under the sea.The first level for aura benders is Aura Apprentice or Apprentice Of Aura – one who simply can use aura and can improve their physique a bit, thereby allowing them to do things like lift boulders, run fast or even fight beasts like bears or lions but in no way can they match an aura lord.They're basically humans just above the average man.The second level is Aura Lord or Lord of Aura – an aura bender with moderately high volume and control of aura, blessed with the capabilities of a dozen men.For someone like Sir Cassian, he was at the Aura Lord level, having the strength of ten men flowing through his entire being.As we fought, he increased the volume of aura in his body and used that ten-fold strength to throw
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"Urgh...!” my head throbbed and ached. It seemed that I had too much to drink, even though I dislike it.“Ah!” The afternoon rays caught my eyes once again. I took a moment to take a breath and refresh my thoughts.Then I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in my private chambers on my mattress, naked, disgruntled and hungover from the previous night's feast. I took a glance around, and to my left, I saw a sleeping maiden lying naked on my left arm. I took another glance but to my right, this time and I saw another maiden lying naked sleeping on my right arm.“What in the ass cheeks happened last night!” I suddenly thought as my eyes were glued to the Maximus Gluteus of the sleeping maidens that slept beside me.I looked to the ceiling of my bed and softly uttered, "Damn..." while imagining how I had just lost my virginity just last night, at the age of 17 and to two dames at that.It wasn't much of an achievement but I was kind of impressed with myself, actually, proud in fact. But
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“Sire...?” Sir Ferdinand watched as I stood up from the bed, folded my arms behind my back in a regal manner and walked to the window, watching the people working around the estate."Tell me, Sir Ferdinand. In all this time of being the lord of the state, what have you accomplished?""Sire?""Tell me!" I demanded in a loud tone.The old man nervously rubbed his fingers together as he said, "I-I gave the people more work, which means more workers for the state, and with more labour, there comes more revenue."He paused, waiting for my response but I kept silent and continued to watch the people work through the window.Lord Ferdinand was still nervous, but he continued, "I-I gracefully offered to the old farming jobs so they could meet the town's taxes quota, I-I r-recruited the young men to work honourable jobs in town. I even established a district for the young women to work and provide for themselves in these trying times..."He added with confidence in his voice, "I have done a lo
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As I carefully read through the papers in my hands, Lord Ferdinand carefully raised his head to me. He looked at me with those conniving eyes of his and dared to ask, "But sire, how could you have found out about those things?"I looked over the papers into his daring eyes and mischievously chuckled, "You must want me to pluck out those dirty eyes of yours" My voice deepened and Lord Ferdinand lowered his head immediately in fear.I continued, "Ahh... You also mentioned that you sent, sorry, you 'recruited' the young men into town to work honourable jobs. What honourable jobs? Huh?"Lord Ferdinand kept his head low but he still answered, "I-I gave them the privilege of guarding the town as guardsmen." I immediately slapped him after that statement.I leaned into his ear and calmly whispered, "You think you're smart? I know that's just half a lie. You sent half to work as your so-called guardsmen and the other half...?" I slowly retreated from his ear.I looked at the papers and loudly
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