Graduation Day

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Graduation Day

By: LittleCreepHeart OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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One of the best things about school is to learn and most of all, when you are a new kid or a transferee, it is a great pleasure to meet a new friend. At first, it was fun and exciting. But what if the people you consider friends showed their true colors? Why do people judge so quickly? Did they know if the news they heard was true or did they just agree with what others thought? If what they heard was true, why did they have to pull down the person they were talking to? The type, they don't care how a person feels. They do not care at all. They are the only ones who are happy and laughing at someone, but the person they are bringing down is already ruined and slowly turning into a demon. A woman full of resentment will come and that woman will destroy those who have ruined her dignity. They don't have any idea how sad, afraid, and depressed she was. An unforgettable scenario will be going to happen on the Graduation Day.


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IANNA feels a mixture of joy and excitement as she waits for her name to be called on stage. Finally, this was the day she had been waiting for. She struggled a lot to finish high school. She's poor and it's a great blessing to finally got up on stage and claim her high school diploma."Congrats, dear!" her mother whispered tearfully. Today is their Graduation Day, she will finally finish high school and go to college. She can't help but burst tears out of joy. She has been waiting for this day for a long time."Conception, Ianna Maria G." When her name was called, she quickly wiped away her tears and fix her white gown. She smiled as she walked up the stage with her mom.Everyone on stage was smiling but she suddenly felt weird because she could not see the whole of the audience's faces. She looked around as well, she could only see their mouths. Her smile slowly faded when she saw their smiles seemed to turn into grins. But she ignored it, the most important is that she could final
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"GET OUT!" Ianna's hug with her baby sister Woni became even tighter while they are both crying out of fear. Their mom also hugged them too as their neighbors continue to throw rocks at their galvanized wall."Mom, let's go. . ." she cried. “. . .I’m scared.”"GET OUT OF THERE, PLAGUES!"They even heard loud knocks on their galvanized iron door. It was their neighbors who wanted them out of the city. Because of the rattles, their little house was almost destroyed by throwing things on it. Their father had just died. When Woni was born, their father became ill and that was caused his death. Her dad died from high blood pressure, also, he has had various complications due to alcohol and cigarette addiction.Their dad is a foreigner, a British. Her mom thought that foreigners are rich. Her mom used to work in a bar, she was a pole dancer before and an entertainer. In that bar, her mom met her dad. Her mom thought that he was rich so she flirts with him and beds him. But as days passed b
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"ARE you the new student, darling?" Ianna was greeted by a teacher, her long hair was curly, and she was not tall and chubby. Ianna nodded. Maybe the teacher is in her late 40's. She went straight to the Guidance Office because she has to get her class schedule in there according to the head teacher's secretary."Yes, I am, teacher," she answered and she even caresses her uniform that she had just bought yesterday. She just got her salary yesterday from YouTube, so only then she was able to buy her school supplies and household items."You’re Ianna Maria Conception, am I right?" she just nodded. The teacher looks rude. Her eyes were cold and not even smiling. "I'm Teacher Zeffy Buenafe. I will be your adviser.""Come, let's go to your classroom and I'll introduce you to your new classmates," she said it seriously so she followed out quietly.As they walked to the classroom, she noticed that the school was old. The building looks quite old and it seems like it has been left behind by t
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WHILE Ianna was walking, Elai and Lynna talked a lot about school. They were the only two with her because Eana had just said goodbye."Where will you study after you graduate here?" she asked the two, who looked at each other and then smiled. She didn't know if those smiles were real or fake but she doesn't care."Maybe, it's still here," Lynna answered."Do you like scary stories about our school, Ianna?" Elai was excited. That’s what she likes to hear, scary horror stories."Yeah, we still have a lot of time," Lynna added. So she nodded. According to them, since elementary, they're already studying in this school. So, they knew every corner of the school."Did you know Ianna, that every Graduation Day at this school, deaths are happening?" Elai started the story. She felt like every piece of her body hair was already standing on what Elai said."Why?""They said, this school is cursed. There are others who are saying that there is a serial killer in this school. They wander around
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“SHE’S really good at eating, huh?” Lynna commented after they watched all of Ianna's vlogs. They were going to sleep in Lynna's place again. They used to it because every weekend the three of them are having an overnight in their house."And she already has 327k subscribers, to think that she only started last year." her cousin Eana added, she seemed surprised like her as well. She didn't even think that Ianna will get such subscribers, having only ten videos.She turned to Elai who was frowning. She was the one who ordered to check Ianna's YouTube channel but she was also the first one who stopped them from watching because she was already annoyed. Elai's channel is having less than 30k subscribers even though all the videos really looked good, she also looked very rich in her videos. She has uploaded many videos but only a few are watching. Meanwhile, Ianna's videos sometimes reach half a million viewers."Whatever!""Oh, look girls, Zon even commented on one of the videos of Ianna
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"Darling, have you uploaded your video yet?" Ianna's mom asked her.“Yes, mom. Let's just wait for what we can get. For now, you will take care of Woni's milk first,” she replied. Her mom nodded. "Don't worry, mom, we can get more money, my subscribers are increasing, and also my viewers."“All right, just be careful at school.” she really can't afford to let go of YouTube, she just has to endure the dirty food she eats for their expenses and her savingsAfter all, it's just a little time before she can finish high school. She also thought of applying to be a maid when she graduates so that she can save for college. Or else, she will try to be a valedictorian so that there is a good chance that she will get a scholarship. But, it seems difficult to beat Shatile, because she is really smart and she's the candidate for that position.The school is only a walking distance from their place so it is also worth it for them to move there. She doesn't need to commute anymore, she's lucky espe
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“PURING’s husband is also found dead without internal organs like Karding.” Shatile's dad spoke while they were having dinner.“Ah. Yes, he was dead a week ago, Protasio, he was just found earlier.” her mom replies. She stays quiet, she just listened.She badly wanted to ask; how did her mom find out that the man was already dead a week ago when the rumors outside are saying that he just died just the other day. The corpse was not even investigated yet so where did her mom get the info about the corpse that died a week ago?When her parents are talking, she doesn't really join to the conversation, she just keeps quiet and listens. She only speak when her parents ask her a question or something that she is involve."Well, I saw Puring, she's screaming and crying on the road earlier,""She deserves that, Protasyo. She's really noisy." her mom said, suddenly she started to get goosebumps."But you don't have to do that, Emalyn." her dad's eyebrows almost met. What are they talking about?
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"THAT ugly frog, I almost lost my hair because of her!" Elai was upset. It was break time and Elai and Lynna are still inside the clinic. They both knew that only Elai and Shatile was hurt and not Lynna. But the two of them are the ones who were sent to the clinic.Ianna wondered, why on earth are there people like her friends? She couldn't help but wonder if it is still right for her to be with Elai's group. She is also thinking about Shatile, she's badly hurt a while ago. She needs to be at the clinic too, to treat her wounds. Her face was bleeding earlier."You shouldn't have to fight with her, Elai. Look what has just happened?" Ianna couldn't help but comment on what their friend had said. Elai looked sharply at her.“Are you saying that you're on Shatile's side, Ianna? I'm your friend, aren't I?” Elai seemed angry. She is right anyway, Elai was too much. Shatile is also a human, she can be hurt, physically and mentally."Yes, you're my friend, Elai, but what you did to Shatile w
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IANNA is in a good mood to get up the next day. The private part of her body was still a bit sore. She felt no remorse for what she and Kit did last night because he didn't force her, she loved her boyfriend. She hurried to take a shower and get dressed because maybe later Kit would be outside their house to pick her up.Her boyfriend always picks her up, so she loved him even more. Many of their neighbors were jealous of her. Her boyfriend is handsome and sweet.When she was ready, she came out of their house wearing a big smile on her face.She frowned when she saw that Kit never came. He waited a little longer because he might have woken up late so it was too late to pick her up. But, thirty minutes later he never came. She was still worried because she might be late for class so she just started to walk.What happened to Kit? Did he forget to pick her up? She didn't want to think negative thoughts especially when she started to feel nervous. It's like something bad will going to
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IANNA's area is still buzzing with the news about her obscene video. Even though it has happened three long months ago, the scandal was still fresh to their neighbors. And Ianna was their favorite topic.“Those gossipers! Just ignore them, sweetie. I'll take care of them!” Ianna's mom was annoyed and angry as she washed their clothes while looking at their neighbors talking loud about her."Mom, just don't pay attention."“No! They are too talkative, what do they want me to do with their tongues? Cut it down and feed it to the animals?” her mom is really angry. "I just want to kill them all!"“Mom, don't talk like that. “ Maybe someone might hear what her mom is saying. That will cause another issue especially, dead bodies were everywhere in their area. And the killer hasn’t been seen.Ever since they moved to that place, people have always been missing one by one and dying. She is afraid that one day the neighbors will point them out and drive them away again as happened before.***
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