Abnormal Security Bureau

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Abnormal Security Bureau

By: Dangtuanviet OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Behind the shell of ordinary life in the land of Vietnam are dark entities that are beyond human understanding. They see humanity as nothing more than interesting toys. However, the human side is not only resigned to the fate of being played by powerful forces. Deep within Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security, there is an agency that doesn't exist on paper dealing with countless cases related to Anomalies, things that should not exist to protect people's peaceful lives. Ten years ago, Dinh Bai Quoc, an ordinary child, was accidentally caught up in the brutal game of a supernatural entity and was saved by police soldiers. Ten years later, he received a new source of strength and, together with other soldiers, stepped on the path to protect the Party, Motherland, and people's peaceful lives from the supernatural entities that were stalking them. Accompanying him is a beautiful witch with multiple personalities, a cold, principled boss, a former police officer, and a police officer who doesn't care about everything around him.

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15 chapters
Chapter 0: Horror bus.
Ten years ago, on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City.Under the sky, many children were running around a yellow bus, which looked more like a living creature than a vehicle. However, no one noticed this. The sound of playing around it kept ringing incessantly in a somewhat eerie setting. Either way, it's not something that the grown-ups need to worry about.This was the picnic they had been waiting for a long time. Adults don't care much, but seeing their children happy made them happy too. Teachers still found ways to keep order. The teacher had a much harder time compared to the parents who only had to look after one or two children.Besides, there was a mysterious person who was already in the car. Despite his tall body, no one noticed that this person existed. He was like the knight guarding ren's kingdom against the lurking demons.- Quoc, wait for us! - A middle-aged man wearing glasses spoke up. - You run too fast!The face had some wrinkles of age. He had a navy blue shirt with
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Chapter 1: Trainee of the police academy.
Currently, Ho Chi Minh City.A policeman patrolled on his motorbike under the carpet blue sky with a few clouds. Although he was about to graduate with honors from the People's Police Academy, the young man still had to undergo a period of training, starting with the smallest jobs in the police force, also known as an internship. Unlike the others, Quoc never complained about this. Terrible childhood memories and training at the police academy had given him more patience than normal people. Most importantly, the young man still hoped that one day, the organization of those policemen, which did not exist in life, will recruit him.- Hey! - A voice called out from the star. Those were two children.- Don't call me like that! - Bai Quoc said – I’m a government official, after all.- Looks like it's still in the process of practicing! - A kid with a blue shirt and white hat opened his mouth to speak. – By the way, is your gun real?- I want to touch it a little. - A kid with a spiked hea
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Chapter 2: Abnormal Security Bureau.
Ten years ago, sometime after Quoc was kidnapped.He didn't know where the hell he was right now. The little boy only knew that the space around here was covered with purple light. Each horrifying cry like an unjust soul asking for life continuously resounded. The boy's feet shook like he was in an earthquake. In the center of it is a box, which is also the cause of everything. Most importantly, it was holding an important person he knew in this place.- Go to hell! - Quoc shoutedHolding the hammer in his hand, the boy slashed hard at it. What Quoc wanted is to free the little girl inside the box. He hoped that he was doing the right thing and not accidentally freeing a monster. For a long time in this scary place, many of his friends had died in terrible ways by the monsters of the horror games and by their killing directly or indirectly.Everything then became still, the purple light disappeared. Instead, it was dark, but there was still a little light so the boy could see the way.
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Chapter 3: The beautiful witch.
Item code: A.O 399 (Forsaken)Danger level: Fairly high.Containment level: relatively difficult.Description: A.O 399 is a collection of countless monstrous humanoid creatures. They are usually summoned by ritual dark magic through an egg.When summoned, the subject will turn into countless individuals with extremely strong combat ability, capable of handling a special police unit.Containment Status: A lot of things like this are in the hands of criminal gangs. Once found, the mobile police units of the Department of Anomalies will immediately deal with special ammunition.- This is what killed comrade Khoa, your friend. - Thanh Lam spoke up. – Ten years ago, they also killed many mobile police officers of the Bureau.- What is this…!? – The young man said, trying to control his emotions.- If you can't keep calm, I can't let you out. – The young woman said.- I can do it, comrade. – The male trainee said. – I am a student of the People's Police Academy.The two stars then exited hi
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Chapter 4: Internet Demon (part 1)
Four years ago, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Police Academy.The reasons for people to go into the police academy were many. Some people had a good family background and many family members in the force, so they just wanted to be the same as the rest of the family. Some people found that the salary and incentives for the police force are not bad. Some wanted to protect justice and the innocent. In general, the reason was extremely complicated. However, the standards for entering this force were not low and the health conditions were quite high, so the people who could enter here were not bad. Exactly, all of them were elites of elites in all high schools. three in the country.Currently, in the training place for police officers, a group of female students was walking on the school grounds. Although police were men's jobs, women joined a lot and enjoyed much more preferential treatment than male colleagues. Because they were new to the school, they still didn't wear uniforms but wore
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Chapter 5: Internet Demon (part 2)
After temporarily knocking out the hospital staff, everyone quickly brought the subject out safely by special vehicles. To ensure secrecy, they did not use a police vehicle, but just a normal vehicle armored with bulletproof armor. The ASB had also contacted the hospital's leaders in advance to come up with an appropriate plan.Although he had undergone training at the police school, Quoc still had to acknowledge the professionalism of this force. The force of selecting a great person here was also more than enough to be commended in any other force of the Vietnamese people's police. The soldiers here were strong enough to wipe out any kind of crime he knew.After that, the group quickly returned to the base. One person was now waiting for them in a police officer uniform. A face that no one can forget.- Comrade! - Both Thanh Lam and Bai Quoc spoke up and saluted in the correct military style. Quoc himself still did not think that the person who "tortured" him during his four years a
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Chapter 6: Internet Demon (part 3)
Four years ago, the people's police academy.Over time, Quoc and many others got used to the school's discipline. Those who couldn't stand it all withdrew. Relationships and money do not help much when the most comfortable level was also torture for young men accustomed to the free lifestyle of the outside world. As for the highest level, no one dared to imagine, not even the third and fourth years.In addition, the long period also meant that he and many others could no longer use unfamiliar excuses to avoid subjects. It was not easy to miss a class here. Even if there was a good reason, it was still investigated in the same detail. The consequences of trying to avoid class at the police school were very serious.Currently, all of them are wearing white T-shirts, preparing for a new subject. It must be said that this is real torture when they just run and exercise in the morning but only rest for a few minutes. Many trainees were quite tired when they were suddenly woken up yesterday
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Chapter 7: Internet Demon (part 4)
Looking at the scene in front of him, amidst the continuous firing of bullets, Quoc was in a daze for a moment. He was not afraid to fight or face his enemies. What he was afraid of was not being able to protect innocent people as a member of the people's police. What happened to Khoa and his sister proved that there was nothing Quoc could do to help others. He’s still just a useless guy.- So… the boy name Tuan… has lost his way… - He said.At this point, when human life had been killed by it, there was probably no way to bring that child back. Bai Quoc was unwilling when this was just an innocent child. It was like the old you, treated like toys by things beyond human comprehension in their sick pleasures.- There is still a way to save the boy. - Thanh Lam said and sat down, opened the suitcase she brought.Inside it was what looked like a bracelet and a card. This was the same thing she had taken from the monster under the manhole a few days ago.- The Transformation Bracelet and
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Chapter 8: The case of missing girls (part 1)
Chapter 8: The case of missing girls (part 1)At this moment, Dong Hoa was talking to an important person while Thanh Lam and Bai Quoc were eavesdropping. All conversations were done through the online chat system. The reason was also the becthate person on the other end of the line is in the capital Hanoi. This was also a normal conversation, at least with the ASB, the supernatural agency of the Ministry of Public Security.- Thank you for your support to create more transformation systems. - On the other end of the line, the Minister of Public Security, Vo Quoc Hung, a member of the Politburo, was speaking extremely politely. Because it was in speaker mode, he wasn't the only one who could hear it.- Yes, I only do what I can, comrade. After all, the creators of the first and second transformation devices were different. It also has support from General Department X. - Dong Hoa said. – Most importantly, it is the way witnesses are handled.Anyway, this had become a habit. Witnesses
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Chapter 9: The case of the missing girl (part 2)
Currently, Bai Quoc and Thanh Lam were standing where someone was missing. From the outside, it looked like a normal painting studio, nothing more nothing less. However, nearly everyone in that haunted video has been here at least once. One or two people could be a coincidence, but dozens of people made it a real problem here.- Can you feel anything? – Bai Quoc asked. – Something like magic or something like that?- Things are not like in the movies you usually see. - Thanh Lam said. –Basically, I feel a bit of dark magic in this place, but that much alone is inconclusive.- Then let's go into the investigation. - Quoc said.Just like that, without wasting any time observing, the two quickly came face to face with a painter. With papers in hand, they easily obtained his cooperation.Talking about the painter, he had a face with a characteristic protruding tooth that makes him look like a chipmunk. The head was half bald, revealing a high forehead. This person wore a white t-shirt wit
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