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My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Review & Hot Chapters: A Compelling Journey of Serenity's Justice and Redemption After an Unfair Imprisonment

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"My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict" is a billionaire romance novel by Anastasia Marie that unfolds with Serenity being wrongly accused of causing the tragic car accident that claimed the life of Mira Hall, the fiancée of Jackson Valor. After serving time in prison, Serenity begins a new chapter working as a sanitation worker. Fate twists their paths, leading her to cross paths with the cold-hearted Jackson, who gradually finds himself falling in love with her despite their tangled history. As the truth about the car accident surfaces, Serenity's anger boils over, prompting her to walk away from Jackson. Despite the painful revelation, Jackson remains deeply smitten and earnestly pleads for Serenity's return while she gives him the cold shoulder, delivering a firm rejection.


This is an ongoing dramatic novel with 1270 chapters that has captured over 160K views and an almost perfect 9.8-star rating on GoodNovel.


Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Serenity unravels the betrayals and the hidden truths that have shaped her life in "My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict."


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Serenity's life has been marked by tragedy and hardship since a young age. At just three years old, she lost her mother and was abandoned by her remarried father. Thankfully, her grandfather stepped in to care for her, and they faced financial struggles together in a small rental apartment. Despite their impoverished circumstances, Serenity's determined spirit and her grandfather's love propelled her through college, where she pursued a degree in law.


Serenity then enters a relationship with Zeke Shaw. This choice fueled envy from Jenny Hall, a girl from an affluent family. Tragedy struck when Serenity accidentally struck and killed Mira Hall, Jenny's sister, with her car. The aftermath of the incident took a dark turn. Zeke sided with Mira and Jenny, unjustly blaming Serenity for the tragedy. The consequences were dire-Serenity was sentenced to three years in prison. The news, combined with relentless bullying from the Hall family, drove her grandfather to despair, resulting in his tragic suicide.


While in prison, Serenity faced further betrayal as Zeke conspired with Jenny to subject her to physical abuse and humiliation through fellow inmates. Now, three years after her release, Serenity works as a sanitation worker. Jenny is engaged to Zeke, and individuals from Serenity's past resurface. Vowing retribution in her heart, Serenity is determined to make everyone involved pay the price for the suffering they inflicted upon her.




Serenity Lewis

Serenity was once a promising lawyer who now finds herself toiling as a sanitation worker following an unjust prison sentence for a car accident that tragically took Mira Hall's life. Wrongly convicted, she endured both physical and emotional abuse during her time behind bars. Carrying the heavy burden of past traumas, Serenity is on a journey toward redemption and justice for the losses she suffered.


This resilient woman has weathered significant hardships, from imprisonment to abuse and profound loss. Her life experiences showcase her unwavering courage in the face of adversity. Serenity's decision to bring Jack, a stranger, home reflects a blend of gratitude and empathy, shedding light on her compassionate nature. Through her interactions with this stranger, glimpses of her resilience and kindness come to the forefront.


Jackson Valor

Jackson, the former fiancé of the late Mira Hall, holds the title of the city's wealthiest man. He is known for being a cold-hearted man who has a mysterious and potentially dangerous side, particularly when provoked. His troubled past and a personal ritual involving the closure of a specific road on a particular day hint at the complexity beneath the surface.


As fate brings Jackson and Serenity together, he finds himself enamored with her, and their connection deepens. However, the intricacies of their relationship strain as secrets begin to unravel.


Zeke Shaw

Zeke is Serenity's ex-boyfriend and a member of the influential Shaw family, who was once deeply invested in their relationship, often expressing concern even over minor issues. However, following the car accident incident involving Serenity and Mira Hall, a noticeable change occurred. He becomes cold and indifferent, seemingly aligning himself with Jenny Hall, who resents Serenity for what happened to her sister, Mira.


After Serenity's release, the depth of the betrayal becomes starkly evident as Zeke becomes engaged to Jenny. This engagement serves as a tangible manifestation of the betrayal that has come to define Serenity's tumultuous past.


Jenny Hall

Jenny is the sister of Mira Hall, who is simmering with resentment towards Serenity. Blaming her for her sister's tragic death, Jenny holds Serenity responsible. This lingering resentment becomes a significant source of further tension in Serenity's suffering.


After Serenity's release, Jenny becomes engaged to Zeke, Serenity's ex-boyfriend. Jenny's engagement to Zeke becomes not only a personal choice but also a catalyst for the tangled dynamics and further complicates the intricate threads of betrayal, love, and loss in Serenity's life.


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Hot Chapters


Chapter 90


In a private and intimate conversation between Serenity and Jackson, her vulnerability shines through as she opens up about her deep-seated yearning for trust. During this moment, she candidly expresses her hesitation to depend on others, laying bare her emotional struggles. Meanwhile, Jackson reveals a genuine desire to be her benefactor, forging a deeper connection between them.


Chapter 500


Lisa finds herself unintentionally drawn to Terry White, a person from her past with whom she had a previous encounter. The meeting takes an intriguing turn when the director introduces Jessica, revealing her connection to Terry.


Chapter 600


Jackson and Serenity find themselves entangled in unspoken tensions and misunderstandings. Jackson grapples with fear and uncertainty, particularly regarding Brian's involvement and Serenity's concealed thoughts. The atmosphere becomes even more intense when Serenity, in a moment of realization, identifies the potential source of the misunderstanding. As she senses the gravity of the situation, she makes an effort to explain it to Jackson, anticipating the upcoming conversation that holds the power to shape the trajectory of their relationship.




The heart of this novel revolves around the profound themes of betrayal, injustice, and the relentless pursuit of redemption in the life of the protagonist, Serenity. The narrative delves into the depths of Serenity's suffering during her unjust incarceration, where Zeke, in collaboration with Jenny, conspires to subject her to further torment.


Amidst the complexities of the plot, the story also intricately explores the love and relationship between Serenity and Jackson. Their connection unfolds amidst a tangled web of secrets and the mess of their shared past. As the characters navigate the fallout of betrayal and grapple with the quest for redemption, the novel weaves a compelling tapestry of emotions, making it a poignant exploration of resilience, trust, and love.


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Author Introduction


Anastasia Marie stands out as a remarkable author, known for her compelling work, "My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict." With her unique narrative style, Anastasia dives into stories featuring resilient female leads entangled in themes of capture and imprisonment, often set against the backdrop of mafia sagas intertwined with love and wealth.


This author artfully weaves complex relationships, infusing the narrative with elements that add depth and richness. Readers will surely be captivated by the palpable emotions and intricacies that characterize her storytelling early on in her stories. Anastasia Marie's ability to create a tapestry of emotions and complexities within her narratives elevates her work, making it a standout in the literary landscape.


POV & Writing Style


This novel employs a third-person limited point of view, offering readers a look into the world through Serenity's perspective. This narrative choice provides a window into her thoughts, emotions, and memories, fostering a deeper connection between the reader and the protagonist.


The writing style adopted in the novel is presented through a skillful blend of introspection, vivid descriptions, and a reflective tone. The author seamlessly weaves present actions with past memories, crafting a narrative that is not only engaging but also emotionally charged. Detailed descriptions of Serenity's physical appearance, her surroundings, and the actions of other characters contribute to a rich and immersive storytelling experience. These elements play a crucial role in building and maintaining a suspenseful atmosphere as the plot unfolds. It effectively heightens tension and curiosity surrounding Serenity's current predicament, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate the twists and turns of the story.


Final Thoughts


"My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict" takes readers on a gripping journey through Serenity's pain, resilience, and the weight of her past, delivering an immersive reading experience filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. With a thought-provoking and emotionally invested storyline, the novel captivates readers through a mix of drama, suspense, and reflective moments.


For those who cherish heroines rising from the depths of adversity, Serenity's journey is one that will undoubtedly capture your attention, making this novel an absolute must-read. And of course, you'll also love the blossoming romance between Jackson and Serenity, which adds an extra layer of charm, creating anticipation for how their connection will unfold.


So, what are you waiting for? Find out the rest of the story of Anastasia Marie's "My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict" on the GoodNovel app!


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Q: What is the novel My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict all about?

A: My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict follows the story of Serenity Lewis's life as she is released from prison after being accused of killing Jackson Valor's fiancee in a car accident.


Q:What makes the novel My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict stand out?

A: This novel transcends the conventional "whodunit" mystery by delving into richer and more complex story elements. It goes beyond the typical narrative of identifying a killer and the subsequent imprisonment. The plot takes a captivating turn, particularly when Jackson decides to marry Serenity, who was falsely accused of killing her ex-fiancée. This unexpected twist adds layers of depth to the storyline, elevating it beyond a mere murder mystery.


Q: Who are the main protagonists of the My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict on the GoodNovel app?

A: On the GoodNovel app's version of My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict, the story revolves around a woman named Serenity Lewis and Jackson Valor, the wealthiest man in the city.

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