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Apocalypse - World Of Zombie Games!
System Ghost Sci-Fi
Bridget Arnold
After the apocalypse took place in real life, the only person left in the world was Alva James. But facing too many zombies makes him exhausted, and then he dies. He then came back to life when he was five years old. He spent more than nine years training to fight zombies later. When Alva was 14, zombie games appeared again. He's logged into the game, gathering resources to be powerful. This time Alva was determined to fight the zombies with all her might. He's looking forward to the day when the zombie game synchronizes with the real world. That day is when the world ends, and he will fight again!
FortuneCraft in Apocalypse
Future System Action
Draven's world had already been invaded by aliens. His parents were killed by them and humans were treated as trash. Draven could only steal from the rich and survive. But one day when he stole from a Lord he realized he had gotten the ticket to a VR Online game called, “FortuneCraft.” Even though only influential beings are permitted to participate, he is given the opportunity to join the game and change his destiny by acquiring unlimited wealth. [ Welcome to the year 2230 ] [ The game is exactly a replica of your future world. Fortunately, the game has been designed in such a way that you can acquire immense wealth and use them later in that destroyed world.] [ This game serves a dual purpose. It not only is a game but also gives you immense wealth and you can learn essential survival skills and acquire them to use it in the real world. ]
Future System Teenager
The world we live in is no longer just earth but merged with a game world. I managed to save it from a complete collision and anilation of our world. But, at what price? Now I must seal myself away in the void. Wanna know how it got to this, well, I'll send my diary to you. Read it and you will understand how I became the tool that nearly ruined earth but also saved it. Bye. I'll be going in now.
Natural selection
Humor Wasteland Brave
Wrong place Wrong decisions Wrong timing All coincidence... Or maybe not? "What the hell, did he just blow his brains out" Dylan screams getting brain matter of his face. "Welcome to the natural Selection" Ever played game where there are no rules, no second chances, no reruns, one life and that's all you get, you are stuck in a battle royal for 3 months?. Only this is a reality and you die in the game you die in real life!. 5 years since the launch of the brutal and barbaric games 100 players and no survival will this be the turning point? or will all new 25 players die before they get to the end?. After a night of bad choices. Will Anyone survive The game of natural selection. "We are all going die!"
Vampire's Return
Teenager controlling World Domination
Nick: The ruler is accidentally caught in a mortal game, eventually turning the oligarch into his slave, creating a new world before the final demarcation war.
System Adventurous Wise
After his dreams of saving his sister were shattered, Cyrus falls into a state of depression and solitude. Living life like it has no meaning. Things however change for Cyrus when he's struck with a revelation in the form of a dream . Thinking that the future events that he had experienced were just a bad dream, he was reminded that he had returned back in time to the day that he was supposed to interview for a job designed to enter the hottest VRMMORPG. Will Cyrus conquer the game and save his sister, or will history repeat itself?
Conquest: Life in a VR
Magic Fairy Fantasy
Toda HIsaki, a graduate whose life turns around after a project his company works on goes wrong, and he's been taking inside the game while his body in the real world dies, in the game he finds out that things there doesn’t look like a game, after he was attacked by monster he decides to play along. Along the way her finds out that there is a situation in that world, he is then put as one of mankind's front line resistance and is charged with the responsibility of ending an apocalypse and as the plot goes mysteries unravel.
Zombie Invasion: I Obtained A System With SSS Grade Items
System Adventurous Superpower
[Congratulation on obtaining the: Gaming System] Jordan Blade was an Orphan his whole life. He was bullied often for being an Orphan and having no parents. On his 19th birthday, an infection spread out. The infection caused the human's bodies to rot away and turn green-ish color and their mouth to split open. 'Zombies' were what they were called. The Zombies' attacked anyone they saw, wether it was a child, a woman, a man, a dog, or a cat. Any living thing was eaten by the Zombies. A divine voice helped the remaining millions of humans by giving them in-human powers. Using these powers, the humans set a goal: The goal to avenge their loved ones that were killed and destroy the Zombies. Jordan? He received the strongest gift. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The book cover is not owned by me, if the original cover owner is reading and want me to take it down, please, you can just ask me.
Optimist Teenager Brave
Four strange teenagers with different choices got themselves trapped in the past by an ancient clock that was believed to used for time traveling. when the teens realized what has happened to them, they began to search anyway possible to return and attend their normal lifestyles but the worst happened.
Hell Express: The Survival Games
Alternate Universe Adventurous Action
Cherilyn Yap
All aboard! Two best friends win the adventure of a lifetime, but it's not the luxury train they thought it would be. Corinne and Claire couldn't be more excited when selected for a luxury travel package, but their families are acting suspiciously. Dedicated to training from a young age, they were ready to leave their classes behind and finally explore the world. Their hopes are quickly dashed when they board the train, and paranormal things start happening. They find their family has swapped their luggage with weapons - talismans for Corinne and voodoo dolls for Claire. They must retrieve the traveller's guide to access the traveller's app and complete a series of tasks in order to survive. If they make it out alive at their first stop, Cakeland Kingdom, they will become full-fledged newbie travellers and gain full access to the app, but if they don't - a perilous death awaits them. ~ First Stop: The Cakeland Kingdom-COMPLETED Second Stop: The Lost Town - Ongoing