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Future Cyberpunk Teenager
Adira was denied in most of the schools because of her long list record of reasons to be kicked out. Because of that, she stopped going to school and started to build the game station of her brother who disappeared years ago. The modern world evolved so fast that technologies have outdated in a short period of time. And that includes the virtual technology that her genius brother built. Not to mention, her brother’s game brought almost all the users of the said game in their country in a coma. That lead the government to shut it down. She studied everything that her brother wrote in his journal and succeeded in building it again. Just when she started playing, her eyes opened at the amazing virtual world. There she met a few friends of her brother and found out that they were stuck at the game for many years. And unfortunately, it was not a fun game to play. It was not just a virtual reality game. It was a game to kill or be killed.
Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System
Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System
Future Alternate Universe Optimist
In "Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System," Ethan, a struggling student, stumbles upon a hidden power that grants him access to the immersive world of Ultima Nexus. Driven by a desire to transcend his circumstances, Ethan explores the digital realm, facing bullies and uncovering the enigmatic Shadow Syndicate's malevolent plans. With the help of newfound allies, Ethan navigates challenges, ethical dilemmas, and the mysteries of the system's origin. As he battles for the fate of Ultima Nexus, he must confront his own humanity and make a defining choice that will shape the virtual realm and his own destiny. This gripping tale delves into themes of identity, resilience, and the blurred lines between reality and the digital world, inviting readers to ponder the power of self-discovery and the consequences of choice. "Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System" is an enthralling journey of personal growth, friendship, and the limitless potential that lies within a virtual destiny waiting to be revealed.