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Optimist Independent Adventurous
In the midst of his busy life as a hard worker stuck in a tiring routine, Adam, a 40 year old man, finds escape in the world of online gaming that he loves. For Adam, gaming is the only way to escape the stresses of the real world and find true joy. However, one day, after prolonged exhaustion and stress, Adam died. When he opened his eyes, he found himself no longer in the real world, but in his favorite game, "Realm of Arcadia". Not only that, but he also realized that he was trapped in the body of his own character that he had created in the game. Adam must learn to navigate his new life in this gaming world, facing challenges he previously only faced through a computer screen. On this journey, he meets various fantastic characters and creatures, and discovers that the game world is much more real than he ever imagined. Meanwhile, Adam also realizes that life in the game has consequences that are just as real as in the real world. He must choose between returning to his old life or going on an epic adventure in the game that might lead him to a deeper understanding of the true meaning of life and happiness. With challenges, adventures, and unexpected encounters, Adam embarks on a journey that changes him fundamentally, taking readers on a story that combines the magic of the fantasy world with the wisdom of the real world.
Quest for survival in the virtual realm
Adventurous Arrogant Protective
"Step into a virtual world where everything you know is about to be disrupted. In this game, nothing is what it seems and the rules are constantly changing. Enter Nolan and Allison, a couple determined to uncover the secrets of this virtual reality. But as they delve deeper, they realize that the game is more than just a game - it's a dangerous trap that threatens to consume them both. Nolan is a skilled gamer with a passion for adventure. Together with his girlfriend Allison, they embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the virtual world. As they progress through the game, they discover that the stakes are higher than they ever imagined. With every level, they encounter more challenges and obstacles, and the line between reality and the game begins to blur. Will Nolan and Allison be able to uncover the truth before it's too late? Will they emerge unscathed from this virtual world that threatens to consume them? Join them on their journey as they navigate the dangers of the game and discover what lies beyond the pixels." "Nolan and Allison had just scratched the surface of the game's secrets when they found themselves in the crosshairs of unknown assailants. As they raced to uncover the truth, they realized that the game was no longer just a game. It was a dangerous, life-threatening reality that had the power to change everything they knew to be true. With time running out and danger lurking around every corner, they had to make a choice: give up and risk losing everything, or keep going and risk everything they had left."
My Isekai Life in Hard Mode
Reincarnation Upgrade Powerful
Jason Kz
Ryoshu wakes up with a gasp, finding himself in a downpour unlike any he's ever seen. This isn't his usual bedroom; it's Rainfall Disorder, a hardcore game notorious for its brutal difficulty. Gone are the familiar pixels of his screen – Ryoshu's in the game, and vicious monsters prowl the shadows. He'll need every ounce of skill to survive, but there's a chilling truth Ryoshu doesn't know: even worse horrors lurk beyond the rain. This isn't just a game anymore – it's a fight for his sanity and life.
Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System
Future Alternate Universe Optimist
In "Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System," Ethan, a struggling student, stumbles upon a hidden power that grants him access to the immersive world of Ultima Nexus. Driven by a desire to transcend his circumstances, Ethan explores the digital realm, facing bullies and uncovering the enigmatic Shadow Syndicate's malevolent plans. With the help of newfound allies, Ethan navigates challenges, ethical dilemmas, and the mysteries of the system's origin. As he battles for the fate of Ultima Nexus, he must confront his own humanity and make a defining choice that will shape the virtual realm and his own destiny. This gripping tale delves into themes of identity, resilience, and the blurred lines between reality and the digital world, inviting readers to ponder the power of self-discovery and the consequences of choice. "Virtual Destiny: Unveiling the System" is an enthralling journey of personal growth, friendship, and the limitless potential that lies within a virtual destiny waiting to be revealed.
The Elite Game
Manipulative Teenager Student
The year **** civilization has been reformed in a way to maximize economic production. It was called the Golden Civilization. However that was just the front, the world was divided into two areas, the Destitutes and Humans, and the humans had class, splitting into various factions bearing code numbers that were assigned to them once they were born, a world where everyone knew their limits and can never cross a boundary beyond their ability, promotions, and housing is only possible if you have a breakthrough. On the other hand, the Destitutes were an unwelcome species that inhabited the earth, looked like humans, and yet fed on humans. The government saw this as a problem and decided to train men and women to fight for their planet, hence ALAB was founded. Academic Labyrinth for Ability Beat (ALAB) University is a school where humans are trained to maximize their abilities. Behind its prestige lies the dark brink that was accidentally unveiled. Annually, the students compete, not only academically but also in performance level, to replace any of the Elite Five. This year, Ande has gotten to the age to enroll in ALAB, unaware of what lies beneath, however, he is unlucky because a new course has begun, the current Elite Five's nightmare is just about to start as the ALAB University forces them to become experimental subjects of "The Elite Game." Can the Elite Five succeed in escaping from the dark brink of ALAB University or will no one among the five of them survive?
Future Cyberpunk Teenager
Adira was denied in most of the schools because of her long list record of reasons to be kicked out. Because of that, she stopped going to school and started to build the game station of her brother who disappeared years ago. The modern world evolved so fast that technologies have outdated in a short period of time. And that includes the virtual technology that her genius brother built. Not to mention, her brother’s game brought almost all the users of the said game in their country in a coma. That lead the government to shut it down. She studied everything that her brother wrote in his journal and succeeded in building it again. Just when she started playing, her eyes opened at the amazing virtual world. There she met a few friends of her brother and found out that they were stuck at the game for many years. And unfortunately, it was not a fun game to play. It was not just a virtual reality game. It was a game to kill or be killed.
1880 King of the Western
Crazy Arrogant Dominant
tom and jerry
In a small town in the western United States in 1880, Henry Bruce, an unusual police officer, used his wisdom and courage to write a legend. He is not an ordinary person. He was a mercenary who traveled through time and space and came to this desolate but vibrant land. His golden finger and release progress bar are his biggest secrets. Whenever he faces a difficult situation, he will quietly turn on this magical tool and instantly improve his abilities. From a police officer to a sergeant, from a bounty hunter to a wealthy bootlegger, he has made leaps and bounds in life. He is a sharpshooter in the vast west, and his marksmanship is extremely accurate. But his goal is not just to be a marksman. He wants to become the greatest person in this land. He wants to become the boss of the city, a military industrial giant, and even a king! The West is wild but also full of life. The people here are brave and tenacious. They face deserts, bandits and endless challenges. And Henry Bruce is their guardian. He uses his wisdom and courage to protect the people on this land. His life progress is still going on, and his goals are still ahead. And he will continue to move forward and become the most legendary figure in the West
Omniscient CraftMaster
Teenager Captain Kingdom
All Zion wanted was to be useful. After dizzying amounts of studying, training all his clan had to say to him was ... ' What a useless waste. ' Since they think they do not need him, he will not look for them any more. He will grow step by step, with his own strength and skills. One day, he will make them eat their words ! Imagination is rich, but reality is skinny. That is until he realized his innate blood line . he will touch an iron ingot, and make an 'S' level sword. he will touch a random leather, make a space pocket ! In front of his overpowered, over geared self, he will see who has the ability to talk ! All the people who looked down on him, prepare to beg on their knees ! ------ Book cover image sourced from
System Upgrade Protective
Wednesday Adaire
Keenan is trapped in a game created by a father who has a grudge against his son's death. Keenan must win the game in order to save everyone in his city.