“Rick?” A small voice called across the room.

“What’s up, Maru?” Rick answered, not picking up his head.

The girl walked over to the kitchenette, where he was sitting reading the newspaper.

“I’m hungry,” Maru whined.

Rick nodded his head, flipping a page of the paper. He then quickly looked up.

“You haven’t eaten?” He questioned.

Maru nodded sadly.

Rick chuckled nervously.

“C’mon, we’ll go grab something from the cafe.”

Maru’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Can I get a cheesecake!?” She cried out.

Before Rick could answer, the girl ran to go put her shoes on.

Rick let out a sigh.


“I told you to hold my hand while we cross the street, Maru!” Rick scolded the girl.

Maru smiled sheepishly and gripped his hand.

Rick bit his lip as not to let out a noise of pain.

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