HADES (Death Is A Man)

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HADES (Death Is A Man)

By: Imma Nicx OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Being the Angel of death requires a lot of responsibility from Azrael. He was loved by his father but hated by his brother Black. Azrael did his job diligently until a faithful day when the forbidden happened. ︎︎︎︎ "Father, why did call for me?" "You dared to go against me and saved a child you never should have saved, Azrael. I trusted you and gave you my glory. How dare you disobey me?!" Azrael fell to his knees and begged his father. "I never meant to go against you, father. I just couldn't bear to take the child's soul away." "That child should never have been born, it will bring doom to the world. You have just saved the doom of the mortals and immortals! How will you pay for this you've brought upon us!" "I'm so sorry father, I will receive my punishment without complain. "In that case, You, Azreal are hereby sentenced to the wilderness of nothingness until my anger is appeased!" Azrael received his punishment for saving who he shouldn't have. He did what he shouldn't do as the angel of death. He interfered with the lives of mortals. But what he didn't know was the fact that there is a force behind why he did what he did. That force will destroy the whole world and the only person who can fight against it, is none other than Azrael (The Angel of death).

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The Book Of Souls
"As my first son and the only one in possession of my powers, I hereby give you authority to govern the affairs of the universe. You, Azreal are my eyes and ears. I bestow upon you, the book of souls. From today henceforth, you will be in charge of the mortal souls. Let it be known in the whole of the Universe that you have taken my place." My Father, the Great King announced. Everyone sang my praises. The whole of the Immortal realm was filled with festivity. "Come forward, son," my father called. I walked majestically to him and knelt on one knee. He placed the book of all souls in my hands. The books that will determine the fate of mankind ( The mortals) are in my hands. I bowed my head in respect, and he placed a golden crown on my head, sealing my fate. "From today henceforth, you are Azreal, "THE ANGEL OF HADES."The trumpets and beautiful voices of the Seraps graced the air."Thank you, Father, I make a vow to you, that from this moment on, I Azrael shall carry out my duti
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The Unicorns
I was having a nap in one of my favorite trees when I suddenly felt an unknown but powerful energy around me. I instantly opened my eyes and glanced around the place I sat, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Just the tall green trees with different colored flowers. And the still lake beside the tree I sat on. Still, I felt the unknown energy around me. Immediately, I thought about the book of souls and immediately glanced at my side.To my utmost bewilderment, the book shuns in bright colored lights. I remembered what I was taught about the book of souls. Whenever there is a bright light, it means there's a soul to be collected. I smiled happily and reached for the book. But just as I placed my hands on the book, the powers emanating from the book threw me off balance and I fell off the tree."Azreal, remember, Do not panic. That is a scary book, and it needs utmost peace and calmness," my father advised in my thoughts. I shut my eyes and maintained the utmost silence insi
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Beware Of Black
AZRAELLaid beyond the bowel of the ground was my lair Netherland, the wind whistled in whispers of the doomed souls trap within its brimstones.I moved with the whistling wind not at the same speed as I moved in the land of the mortals but fast enough to count a thousand souls that were hovering around the sea of souls. Filled with misery, the ferryman moved over the souls of bodies. On the boat sailing was one man's soul, his eyes sunken deeply black and without life. If emotions existed in the underworld I have called it "sad" or whatever I heard the mortals calling it from time to time. I waited at the bank of the dark sea that was filled with voices of the damned soul, as the ferryman stopped paddling and dropped his anchor which was in the shape of a sickle, he motioned to the man aboard to alight from the boat before dropping the coins for the ferry right into my icily waiting hands, two gold coins that glittered in the darkness."I can see this is a rich one, ey?" I asked, k
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Black In The Mortal World
AZRAELThe chirping from crickets echoed from the melancholic background of what the mortal called their underworld, a dark alley filled with absolute desolation.The portal whirled in the dark alley of the mortals and opened like a portal, a street drug urchin sees the whirl on the wall and is attracted by the sparkling light.I emerged from the wall in my human form with the traveler still dragged on with a chain. The Street urchin puffed the smoke from his weed into the air and coughed vigorously as I walked past him."Guess your time is up. " I whispered to the man. "The ferryman would spare you a space only if you pay."I watched as the man spilled out black blood before giving up the ghost. Though surprised it happened so quickly, I didn't say a word but continued with my trip.It seemed mere coincidence to me that the man had died as I thought to myself it was probably one of the many mortal sicknesses. I placed two coins in the man's eyes and watched as they disappeared into h
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The Mortal Woman
BLACKThe bar at the inn was beautiful and picturesque, there were a lot of bustles and no one noticed how odd I looked in my old clothes aside from myself.The soft sound of a violin played from a corner of the inn as the drizzle from the rain outside dripped down the crystal glasses of the window.I was excited by the rain I was excited by everything. The steady breeze made a perfect interlude, the lights wound around the wooden door from the bulbs, the flowers that were flourishing, and the woman singing with the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. The chairs were soft and the human food was good as hell, I was very comfortable living among the mortals and there was no way I was going back anytime soon. I was sure the man I had killed some minutes ago wouldn't mind me having his money and jacket, with that I looked more comfortable and blended in well among the people present at the bar.Something kept drawing my attention to the woman singing to the sound of the violin, her
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The Dark One Is Here
BLACKThe men refused to acknowledge the thing of darkness right in front of them as they all brought out their weapons hoping they would be able to scare me away at least. The man walked toward me and leaning against my body he grabbed my groin hiding his shock at how huge I was."This is what is going to happen, we would rape her while you watch and when we are done we would have you in the ass as well." The leader of the gang whispered to me smirking as he spoke those words. I was a lot of things but certainly not gay, I sure was enjoying the attention I was getting from the man. I enjoyed the way his hands felt around my groin but knew well enough the woman right in front of us would make me feel much better than how I was feeling.I held the man's hand and squeezed hard, turning it in the process till the man's bones made a cracking sound that echoed in the night."You don't get to touch me unless I say so, you get that right ?" I said, staring deep into the man's eyes. Th
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Gone To The Mortal World
AZRAELThe portal way back to the underworld whirled open in the abyss sending flickers of its light around. I could hear the whispering sounds of the hoverers' damned souls as they echoed around me in the dimmed darkness that was filled with the souls of the hoverers gnashing their teeth in demolition.I took back my animalistic form, it was painful doing so but I had done it a lot of times over the past and had gotten accustomed to the pain.I fell to the ground as my tail grew out and my fangs and claws became elongated, my eyes became red as flames. I threw back my head and roared in a voice that sent the hoverers scampering. They had witnessed this fate a lot of times and couldn't wait to be a victim of it.A wave of energy radiated away from my body, and every soul within the reach of the waves fell to the ground as skulls and dark fragments.I sat poised above the ground and whistled for my unicorn that soon came flying out of its abode, it sparkled in the darkness and was a s
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Who Are You
BLACKOutside the moon was hidden by the early morning clouds, it shone faintly through the window blinds, forging the perfect mirror image of the woman lying asleep as a Shadow on the wall.The fan in the room rotated slowly, Carmela lay on the sofa heaving heavily, she appeared to be in a deep sleep as Black stared at her closed eyes that had not fluttered all those while.For Black earth was the closest thing to home, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror. ACouldn'tsee his human body but instead, the animalistic body he used in the underworld stared back at him.Something bitter twisted in his stomach as it rumbled, he bent over what looked to him as a white vessel and threw up the darkish content of his bowel.He appeared weak after vomiting, the time he had spent in the mortal realm was having a toll on him and tried to figure out why it bothered me so much. He knew he was running out of time and his human body was running out of time, he had to find a soul to feed on or his
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The Music Of Confusion
BLACKI walked down the street back to Carmela's house engulfed in a plague of thoughtful silence. The two gold coins in my pocket jingled as I walked under the burning sun, in a way Azrael's voice was still at the back of my mind. I could still hear the echoes of my name being calledA tingling feeling wrapped around my lungs like a ring of fire — it was a mixture of fear in different shades – but I didn't dare show it.I was aware that like myself, my brother fed on fear, and if I showed even a little of it, he would find me as quick as lightning.I walked toward Carmela's door slowly, taking my time to glance around at the surroundings. She had a beautiful home, a red rug lying outside on a marble tiled flooring, a wooden staircase that led to the door well polished and shining under the reflection of the sunlight.I walked toward the door and knocked quietly with the silver knocker waiting for a minute before knocking again.Behind the door Carmela watched as water trickled from t
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I Must Change My Fate
A Month Later.......I searched for him all around the earth, but he was nowhere to be found. This is what my father had warned me against. My brother is up to no good. I'm sure he is somewhere, hidden. He managed to distract me with his scent so I wouldn't be able to find him. Black had always been cunningly swift with things. For fear of not wanting to cause our father to anger, I decided not to tell him about the fact that I hadn't seen Black. It is baffling when the realization hits me about my brother's survival on earth. He is not an earthly being to have survived on earth for more than a month. There's only one way to find out, but I sincerely hope it is not what I'm thinking. Black can be cruel most times, but I rather prefer to believe that he's found some other way of survival on earth and not through the way I think, because if that was the case, then I fear that disaster is fast falling on earth and I will have to be quick in finding my brother so I can take him away as
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