Rick let out a sigh as he packed up his belongings. The school day had come to an end.


As he was walking down the hall, Ms. Hoffman tapped his shoulder from behind. Startled, he jumped.

"Oh...sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." She looked at him, then quickly looked down.

"N-Nah, it's fine! Is everything ok...?" He asked, chuckling nervously.

Suddenly Ms. Hoffman began blushing.

"M-Ms. Hoffman...?" Rick whispered, hesitantly touching her shoulder.

"Are you okay...?"

She looked up, blushing wildly.

"Will you go on a date with me, Mr. Summers!?" She cried out.

Rick nearly doubled over, quickly becoming a blushing mess too.

"M-me!?" He cried.

Ms. Hoffman nodded, averting her eyes.

"I-I'd love to!" He stammered.

Ms. Hoffman quickly looked up.

"R-really?" She smiled, tearing up.

She then leaned on Rick's chest.

"I’ve always...wanted you." She whispered

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