Allison; Taking Control

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Allison; Taking Control

By: Feyonce OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Allison walked along the port side of the flush deck toward the bow. When they saw their captain walking by in the dim light, several hands raised their foreheads in salute. Standing just above the bowsprit, he came to a stop and gazed out into the night.It was comforting to hear the steady, even sound of the ship's hull piercing the Atlantic wavelets as it surged forward.

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Chapter 1
Leaning against the thick, oaken bulkhead, the naval officer in blue uniform crossed his arms in a quiet manner. His mind stubbornly refused to stop thinking about the singular circumstance in which he found himself, despite every effort to the contrary.Despite the fact that one of my greatest goals in life has been accomplished, all I can do is remain here in fear. I swear before Almighty God that I feel as though I know even less right now than I did before this all started, despite everything I've been given—attention, praise, trust, and responsibility—as well as the miles I've traveled and every letter bearing my name.Why me? And why does it appear that I will always be puzzled?Despite everything he had learned or predicted up until that point, Lieutenant Rane Allison still couldn't believe he had been chosen for this position despite the Royal Navy's abundance of skilled, experienced, and senior officers. Even though he didn't know exactly what his primary mission was, the stra
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Chapter 2
A blur of half-spoken farewells to his fellow wardroommates and a mad dash to gather his personal belongings and transport them to the pier along with his sea chest made up the little time he had left. Although he had not had a chance to explain his situation to any of the other officers, his fellow officers could clearly see that he was in shock. He suffered greatly as a result of being compelled to essentially disregard the suggestions made by his peers and friends, but there was no allowing for it. As he tried to focus on this, the latest challenge he faced as an officer in His Majesty's Navy, Allison sometimes felt as though he had to swallow hard to hold back tears.When it was finally time for him to disembark, he was somewhat reassured by the fact that his closest friend on the Praetorian, Lieutenant Tolbert Henry, was officer of the watch. He was saluted as Allison, dressed appropriately in overcoat and uniform, approached him amidships. Henry saluted back, gave him permission
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Chapter 3
He looked straight into Allison's eyes. But Kelvin, isn't that not the case? He took a brief pause to let those words sink in.There is no damage caused.Now put your attention on helping us get through this storm. James was smart, a good leader, and a good seaman, but Allison remembered that he was a junior lieutenant even more than he was. While it was Allison's responsibility as their commander to ensure that the crew's general lack of experience did not ultimately triumph over them, many of the officers in this crew lacked years."Aye, captain," I say. James replied, appearing to have recovered from his embarrassment.He continued with greater assurance, "I also wanted to suggest, sir, if I may, that so long as current conditions do not worsen further, we maintain the sail we have set." This mess started out pretty badly, but now that it's here, I think we can get through it.“Agreed for the time being,” Allison said, still securing his hat against the wind and gazing out at the pitc
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Chapter 4
Despite the fact that there was not a single building visible on that pitch-black section of New Jersey road, Allison was content to be outside of that cursed carriage.He was desperate to eat something and get a good night's sleep. However, despite the fact that he had been informed that everything would be arranged, despite the tasty and filling food, there were still no available rooms. The landlady offered to ask one of her guests to sleep in the common room that night and expressed her sincere regret for the oversight. But the gentlemanly aspects of Allison's character wouldn't let him hear about it, so he said he would do it himself, tired as he was.However, Allison decided to take a break from the cold on the veranda before retiring for the night. He was still experiencing some restlessness as a result of the day's far-reaching events.To think that just a few hours earlier, he was sitting in the wardroom of a line ship, confident about his future! Everything had apparently vani
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Chapter 5
"Hi, Mr. Washington! When did that sand glass run out and need to be turned? How long ago was that?As young Mr. Washington ran up to flip the glass, Allison smirked in the darkness."My sincere apologies, Mr. Isaac .Six horns!In accordance, the ship's bell rang three neat pairs of six times.“So, Mr. Washington, just exactly what were you doing when you should have been taking care of your duty of keeping time?”"Practicing with the s-sextant, sir," he said.“I'm sure the Captain would be pleased with your dedication to your studies, but he would probably be even more dissatisfied with your lack of vigilance! After all, you are standing a watch!"Yes, Mr. Isaac , yes.It will never occur again.""Thank you, Mr. Washington. I think we can get by with this one minor error, but make sure you keep your word!According to what I've heard, Bosun Tallow once flayed a squirt like you and ate him for breakfast! Now, keep an eye on the weather for the rest of this watch!”"Y-y-yes, Mr. Isaac ,"
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Chapter 6
Allison was depleted when the edges of Trenton showed up through his window, embracing the Allisons of the wide Delaware Stream. He felt as though he wouldn't be able to do anything for at least another half day due to the difficulties he had endured over the past two days. He was nevertheless reminded that he still had an important engagement that evening that he had to keep regardless of the circumstances by the sight of the red and orange swaths covering the western sky as the sun began to set. Thankfully, it had stopped raining since then.Fortunately, Trenton was a large enough town to provide him with better, more frequent lodging options, and Allison was pleased to see his carriage pull up to an inn that appeared to be of high quality. He was even more pleased to learn that the innkeeper had apparently prepared for his arrival and had provided him with lodging for the night. Allison apologized for his dirty appearance and asked to have his belongings moved to his room. He also
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Chapter 7
Rutherford smiled, put a half-full glass of whiskey on the table in front of the Major, and then left, briefly interrupting them.Allison replied openly, "I'm afraid, not the easiest." The coach got stuck in the mud with a broken wheel this morning due to an oversight with my accommodations on the first night. Allison thought he ought to thank those who had helped him.If the people in the area hadn't been so kind and helpful, I probably wouldn't have made it here on time.They seemed very thankful that the Army and Navy of His Majesty were here to protect them from the enemies that were threatening them.Major Jake replied, "Yes," with a tone that suggested a different viewpoint. Even though that might have been the case in your situation, Lieutenant, you might be surprised to learn that not everyone is as thrilled as you are to have regular Crown forces in the colonies. First of all, I worry that the good people of Trenton won't like the idea of housing His Majesty's soldiers in thei
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Chapter 8
Holding her southerly course, HMS Philadelphia soon found herself once again beneath clear skies with her decks awash in bright sunlight. It wasn’t quite as warm as one might have liked since autumn was upon them, but the weather was more than fair and the voyage would not in any way be impeded.Bright though the decks were on that sunny day, some of the crew applied themselves to enhancing that effect, scrubbing them down with holystones. The ship’s carpenter, Stanwill, and his mates were making a thorough inspection of supports, frames and seams down below to ensure the ship had made it through her first storm at sea without taking too much strain. A distinctive clanking noise could be heard from below as a few men were once again working at the pumps, expelling seawater from the bilges. Still others were at work stitching and preparing new lengths of canvas for whenever they might be needed. Altogether, things aboard Philadelphia were running in clockwork fashion.From a personal s
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Chapter 9
“You know, Lieutenant, I fear that after some time in your new appointment a simple ale now and again just won’t help to get you through those especially hard days when you feel things might be going against you.” He gestured toward the empty glass he left on the table with a nod of his head. “You should try something infinitely more fortifying... Scotch. Come!” Maxwell donned his hat and walked out.Allison stood up, bolted the remainder of his ale as if to steel his nerves in spite of the Major’s suggestion, and followed.Standing in the street outside, on the fringes of the lamplight from the Black Horse, was a man in chains who was shackled wrist and ankle. The intimidating presence of four mitered redcoat grenadiers served as his escort. Three of the soldiers were armed with bayoneted muskets and the fourth, who looked to be a noncommissioned officer, held a torch. The prisoner’s posture was stooped and the weak light of the tavern lamps combined with the brightness of the torch
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Chapter 10
“I’ll grant you, Mr. Allison , that it certainly wouldn’t have won the war in the Americas for them, but as far as usefulness is concerned, do not make assumptions of that nature. We don’t know exactly what the French have learned since this conflict began. We don’t know how deep their efforts at intrigue and subterfuge have managed to permeate or what they’ve gained as a result; but I can tell you I have it from General Sir William Johnson himself that the Indian tribes who have thrown in their lot with the French have been involved in a great many similar underhanded ploys. Our own native allies amongst the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederation have confirmed as much.”Allison could only stand by and look concerned as Maxwell went on.“Lieutenant, had this message gotten to our enemies they would have known your name, my name – which aggravates me to no end – and the fact we are involved in an activity centered on Trenton and Philadelphia which we want to keep secret. Only the
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