As the cab arrived at the restaurant, Rick stepped out. He began fixing his tie, then smoothing his hair.

"Ok!" He beamed as he walked through the doors.

He began looking around the restaurant, searching for Annette.

Someone then tapped him on the shoulder. Startled, he quickly spun around.

Rick was met with Annette, wearing a spaghetti strap green dress.

"A-Annette!" He yelped.

"Did I scare you again...?" She smiled softly, reaching for his hand.

Rick held her hand and smiled.

"Shall we?" Rick asked.

Annette giggled.

"Let's." She said.


"Chris?" A voice called out from behind the door.

Chris opened the door, greeted by Tammy.

"Oh, Tammy!" Chris smiled.

"I came to see if you needed any help with watching Maru," She began as she looked over at the couch which Maru was fast asleep on.

Tammy smiled softly at the sight of the sleeping girl.

"Actually," Chris began, loo

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