“Where are you going?” Emersyn asked as Norio put his coat on.

“Out.” He replied.

Keren frowned.

“Yeah, no shit, so where are you going?”

Norio sighed.

“To town, I need some peace.”

Keren and Emersyn exchanged looks.

“You know, since two brats ruined that for me.” He smirked.

“Later.” He said, turning to the door.

“Oi! don’t associate me with the word ‘brat,’ I’m only two years younger than you!” Keren cried.

“Yeah! I’m five!”

Keren quickly turned to Emersyn.

“Sorry, kid, you still qualify for the brat discount.”

Emersyn turned.

“Eh!? Really!?” She cried.

By the time the two turned back around, Norio was gone.

“What a jerk!” Keren cried, puffing her cheeks.


As Norio began roaming through town, he n

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