Academy of Death

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Academy of Death

By: Lusi Solona CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Being admitted to Academy of Haut dragged Dylanesa Dawson to hell. Despite its magnificent, the academy holds the the secrets behind it. Whoever attempts to discover them will face demise. The bloody tragedies haunts Dylanesa down. The missing intelligentsia and academics, the perishes of her classmates and the chips on her nape are some of the many nightmares she encounters. However, true jeopardy awaits her ahead. And what if it is her the target? Will her curiosity bring her to dive deeper into the Academy of Haut and reveal what's inside it? Will she make it to uncover the mysteries or death will claim her instead?

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70 chapters
The Dorm
The driver dropped me off at the gate of an ancient sprawling edifice with white walls that expressed the void and pillars that supported the loftiness of its roofs. In a quiet atmosphere, the towering trees in lines and the weeds on the ground greeted me.The name "Academy of Haut" was boldly scribbled in capital black letters on a plank near the gateway.I dragged my belongings through the narrow path lined with shrubs on both sides toward the Academy of Haut's dorm. My gaze was drawn only to a middle-aged woman in a raven falling gown, with a sour face and a sharp gaze. Her dark lips moved, and the word "welcome" came out, but in a cold tone.She grabbed my suitcase in an instant. As a nice friendly gentleman saluted me, the desire to refuse faded. My gaze was drawn to the handsome man's face, which featured a strong jaw and a beard along his cheek, and then to his name tag, Brad Thompson. That man in a dark suit and pants led me to the reception desk, where I could register as a n
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Academy of Haut
Sleepiness had taken over my consciousness, and I had slept for an extended period of time. Due to oversleeping, I was forced to skip breakfast.It was seven o'clock in the morning. I hurriedly put on my clothes while looking in the mirror. It made me think of the girl in the picture. We had the same appearance, orb colors, hair color, nose shape, and face shape. We even had similar hair and lips. Her only distinguishing feature was a mole on her brow.My hand gripped the cherry-red cloak, which grazed my thigh with its length; it was the uniform that many kids wished to wear. Only geniuses with flawless beauty were permitted to proudly wear this cloak.When I first read the brochure, I thought it sounded strange. One of the requirements for student admission was that the applicant be flawlessly beautiful; this applied to both girls and boys.For me, it was only luck that got me here; I wasn't a genius, despite having beauty that other women envied. Another factor that led to my accep
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The Assembly
I trailed behind Lanzo, my mind racing with thoughts. The girl in the picture was only a small part of what this academy was hiding behind its closed doors. I was certain that they had more secrets.Lanzo escorted me to the library. As soon as we stepped inside, the towering bookshelves drew my attention. This fascinating enormous room contained a wide range of books that I had never seen before."How do you feel about this place?" Lanzo spoke to me in a normal tone."It's incredible." I took a look at the books on the shelves. As a voracious reader, it was the best place to quench my thirst for good books.My time in the library had been consumed by the books in my hands. I didn't realize we'd been in the room for an hour until Lanzo informed me."You can go to the library as often as you want later, but let's get back to the hall; the assembly starts in ten minutes."We rushed into the hall where the assembly was about to begin. The gathering served as Intelligentsia's welcome cerem
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The Welcoming Lunch
Everyone filed into the dining hall. We lumbered down the corridor, waiting in line to enter the lift that would take us to the lounge on the fourth floor.Hundreds of intelligentsia crowded the lift, and I was just one of them. There were plenty of lifts in the building to get us all to the top floor. Taking the stairs would deplete our energy reserves.I looked around, hoping to see Lanzo, but he wasn't there. He might choose to join the first group. He was now savoring the delectable fare."Hey, do you want to live there for the rest of your life?" I was jolted back to reality when a red-haired boy who had once argued with Marin admonished me. I boarded the lift with the other twenty intelligentsia. I didn't have to nudge other people's bodies because the lift was larger than usual.As the lift door slid open, we walked out in order. The crowd moved in unison down the corridor toward the lounge at the end.I gaped in awe; it resembled a palace hall rather than a dining room. Why di
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"Dylanesa Dawson, an orphan, 16-year-old girl, ID number 2012, 5'4 height, emerald green eyes, wavy long brown hair," a woman described me to my ears. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to open my eyes. What happened to it? Was it in the lab, as drug odors pierced my nose?"What about her previous residence?" There were two or three people in the room. They sounded like they were having a conversation about me."It is not known. She was raised in an orphanage after her mother was killed in a car accident.""How heartbreaking." Those ladies were still having a conversation. I was still struggling to wake up; it was as if something was heavily obscuring my vision.My most recent memory was of someone hitting my shoulder behind me and knocking me out. I was now somewhere, in an unknown location that I couldn't even detect.I was attempting to lift my hand, but I was afraid because they were numb. My hands, legs, and body were all stiff. My mouth was about to scream for help, but it wa
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A Chip
"It is a chip," Grace revealed. "W-what? Why did you stick this on my nape? What is it for?" I exclaimed in panic while rubbing the object at the back of my neck. Clara glimpsed at Grace and cleared her throat. "Darling, listen. It won't injure you," Clara calmed me. "On the contrary, it is used to protect you," Grace added. "From what?" I snarled. "Am I in danger? Or are all intelligentsia in danger?" "No…, It's nothing like that," Clara looked at Grace for more explanation. "I can't tell you more, dear. I am sorry. It is better if you know nothing," Grace said uneasily. Her face got paler like the dead. "But, it doesn't make sense that this tiny thin object can save me!" "Well, I can feel how much you dislike it. However, you have to trust us. And yes, all the intelligentsia are equipped with this chip," Grace honestly clarified. "How can you prove to me that it wasn't solely your trick to jeopardize my life?" "If this chip is a thread, why are you still alive and your
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The Chemistry Class
The murmurs filled the room like bee sounds, creating an uncomfortable situation. The academic who just introduced himself as Antony fumed in anger, criticizing the intelligentsia. His cynical quip stopped the small commotion."It seems gossipping is your only skill." It was merely one sentence but enough to get all the mouths shut and our gaze landed on the floor. "I have one rule in my class; hold on to your curiosity about everything."The others might think it normal, their intention was just to study and graduate from this academy with honor. That was all they ever dreamed of. However, it was odd for me. It just emphasized that my assumption might not be fully wrong. The Academy of Haut hid a secret behind its luxury and resplendence."And those who are with me abide by the rule," he continued. "If you break it, you'll bear the consequences." His threatening words stung me. "If you choose to bug out, the door is still open for you."He backed off to his table, observing our reac
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The Social Event
After a struggle of scampering through long passageways of several buildings, I halted at the wide far-end area of the academy. Sitting on one of the benches at the backyard park, Marin was sobbing and griefing her unfortunate fate. The white chrysanthemums and the wild orchids witnessed her sadness. The huge trees around the park shadowed my pace, sauntering toward her.She brushed her swollen red eyes as soon as realizing my presence. I took a seat on her side and handed her a bottle of drink. Marin accepted it, opened the lid, and sipped the water. The freshwater flowed down her esophagus and soothed her for a moment. But, it didn't last long. She burst out of tears. Her effort to endure it ended up futile. The incident in the lab had devastated her a lot.With care, I reached her hand to give her comfort and support. It didn't work since the tears kept welling up her eyes. As a friend, her pain broke my heart. "I feel you. It must be so hard for you," I sighed and tapped her shou
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The Incident
It occurred too fast like a flash. Lanzo punched Ron in the face, hit him again when he was trying to rise. Yanking one of his hands, he twisted it mercilessly. Ron shrieked in unbearable pain. I shielded my eyes with my palms while biting my lips in a grimace. I could imagine how painful it was with his crooked hand.Knowing Ron was in danger, the other three who were with him attacked Lanzo in a fast raid together. Their effort ended up in futility, Lanzo knocked them down one by one with his fists. Only my scream stopped him from making them black and blue.This boy's high level of martial art fascinated me. His capability was beyond my expectation. Lanzo still froze in his place, watching them staggering away. They escaped after struggling to push their body off. Among them, Ron was in the worst condition."Why did you do that? I protested and that put shock on his face. We were standing under the dim lit of the half-moon, just a few centimeters apart so that I could see his face.
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An unmoving body of an unknown person with his face down sprawled under the bridge that connected the central building and the front building. Blood pooled around his head; no one dared to get nearer.The academics instructed us to stay away from the dead body. The head of the academy had contacted the police station and the hospital. I pinched my nose, so did the others because of the bad smell. Most of the intelligentsia watched in horror while removing the tears. Even some female intelligentsias yelled in shock the first time they spotted the body. From his uniform, the perished boy was one of the intelligentsia. My heart fluttered in the atrocity. He had red hair. Uneasy feelings shoved into my heart. "Ron...It couldn't be him," I mumbled. I wished that Lanzo wasn't the one who took his life. It wasn't him. However, if it were Ron, it was only Lanzo he had a conflict with.I almost subsided in my place if only the pillar didn't prop my body. He wouldn't do something stupid, wo
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