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By: MEGACO OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Growing up with a wrong mentality on religion, a 47 years old man becomes a serial killer thinking he's doing the work of the almighty . Nothing can stop his killings so its either kill or be killed and detective griffin is having a hard time deciding because this priest, this murderer might just be his father he's been looking for , for the past 24 years ....

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" we are all sinners and come short of your glory , almighty but tonight make us a new creature " the priest prayed " amen" the church chorused" mom" a 5 year old girl tapped her mom beside her" mom, I'm hungry " Her mother kept her eyes shut tightly and ignored her daughter .Rule number one of the church : never open your eyes during prayer ." mom" the little girl called out again " and dear lord may we-"the priest was cut off by the little girl " mom" " little girl" the priest said looking at her with piercing eyes " come here " Little Maria left her mom's side and went out to the altar"When the priest prays-" he said slowly bringing out a sword "-all eyes closed " and with that said he stabbed the little girl.* * *" what do we have here ?" Detective griffin asked his partner,george as he climbed down to the scene and walked towards the church ." a 5years old girl was murdered" george replied Griffin looked at George " that's ob
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" what is this ?" Griffin asked George when they got back into the car " I'm not getting you " " How could the witness be dead? What the fuck is this , some kind of drama or something? Is someone filming us right now ?"" Calm down , griffin"" Calm down ? A five years old girl is dead and the only witness we have is dead too and what the hell was that scripture doing on the sword ?"Everything was annoying griffin but what was really adding fuel to the fire was the scripture. Griffin was an atheist and ever since he was small his father had always told him to never believe in God or the men that preach his words. He never asked why and always listened to his father even now that his father was dead . Or not dead. Maybe missing. He refused to believe his father was dead because his body is yet to be found.", We are going back to her house"girffin said " Whose ?"" The dead girl's mother. We have to tell her about her daughter. Everything happening is already giving me the cree
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Griffin called for a cab as he made way to a phone repair shop. It was a good thing that they finally had made progress finding this Aaron kid. He was going to make sure he found this killer so that he would like happily ever with his father. He walked into the phone repair shop and ringed the bell. A man with piercings all over his ears and nose stepped out. His face broke in all smiles as he saw Griffin. "Well, If it isn't the man who can do all""What's up, Doug" Griffin asked as they both did a handshake. "I've been good. So what brings you to my place?""I need a little favour from you"Disappointment washed over Doug's face "You only come when you need something, I see""I promise to make it up to you, man""So shoot. What do you need my help for?"Griffin handed him his phone. "I need you to trace the last location of a phone call for me"Doug took his phone. "Easy peasy. Who is it this time?""A witness"Doug went over to his laptop as he started doing his thing. "I wonde
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Griffin could swear he was flying above the clouds. He'd never felt so relaxed. He found himself in a peaceful and beautiful place. A little girl ran up to him. "Mr, your father is calling you"Griffin wrinkled his brows in confusion."My father?"She nodded her head as she took Griffin's hand "Yes. Let me take you to him. Follow me"Griffin followed the little girl that he could swear he'd never seen before. "What's your name?" He asked. "Annette" she replied with a smile. "We are here".She stopped infront of a big house and softly knocked on the door twice before turning the knob. "Let's go in"Griffin was about to walk in when he felt someone pulling him back. "What's wrong sir?" She asked."I-I don't know""Griffin!" A muffled voice called out to him. "Hey!"Griffin opened his eyes to see George above him. He stood upright as the sun rays blinded his eyes. "What are you doing here?""I could ask you the same thing. What are you doing asleep? I thought you said you were going
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Griffin scratched the back of his. What the hell was he supposed to do now?He didn't mean to upset George but the again, he couldn't work on this case case alone!.There was so many things to do and more people kept on dying. Nothing about this case was adding up...except maybe one thing though. Miss Amanda! All these people were connected to her. Could it really be that she's the real killer?. Just then Griffin's phone rang and he prayed silently for it to be Doug. He needed a clue at least. This case was so much more difficult that anything he'd solved in his life!. He took a big sigh of disappointment as he saw that it wasn't Doug but rather Tony. "Come here, right away!." Tony snarled before the line went beep.Griffin sighed before walking out to hail a cab and taking off to his workstation.He made his way straight to Tony's office where George could be seen standing. "You called for me?""You and your partner had a fight?""I apologized""Anyways, I'll look to see if th
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As Griffin got into his cab, he didn't know where to head to as hadn't even gotten a call back from Doug so he'd decided to examine Jayne's body.As he got to the morgue, he examined ber body carefully. Two marks on her neck, she was obviously strangled. She fought her attacker making him release his grip off her for a moment, then he'd dragged her by her hair explaining her little loss of her. He scanned her hands, they looked burnt. He'd done something gruesome like maybe dip her hand into hot oil. All in all, it was obvious that he/she had wanted her to suffer before dying. Amanda had big motive to this because Jayne had given away her identity at the bar. Did she kill her to stop her from exposing her further? If she did then.. Griffin's eyes widened as he voiced his thoughts. "Jayne might know everything regarding Amanda and this case". This was huge!. His phone rang and he picked it as soon as he saw Doug's name flashing across the screen. "Yes, Doug?""I found another la
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"I'm curious. What exactly did you figure out from all this?". George asked Griffin who had been driving in silence. "Don't you see it? An accomplice""An accomplice?""Yes. This isn't the first time I've had this thought though. Ever since I saw the marks on Jayne Mansfield's body. It was clear that it was a man that harmed her and that same man pretended to be John walker's father. And after killing him and since there was obviously no one to suspect him, he went to the tunnel and dumped his body there. Right where John and I were supposed to meet"George stared at Griffin in awe. "How do you know all this so well?""I took some classes in the criminal division""Anyways, if all you've said is correct? How was he able to do all that in just few minutes?""He's been monitoring us. This accomplice might just be someone close to us, keeping an eye on us and reporting our feedback to Amanda"George looked at the familiar buildings that passed them by. "Where are you going?""To Jayne's
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Kehlani Higgins wiped Aaron's face with a white towel. She'd bathed the kid got him in some nice pj's."I can't imagine what you went through. What would you like to eat?"she asked."Anything is fine""Then, why don't you watch some TV while I prepare something for you""Thank you". He replied before running off. As Kehlani was about to make her way to the kitchen, the front door opened and her grand daughter, Brittany walked in. "You're home?. I thought you'd be working out late tonight" Kehlani asked greeting her daughter with a smile.Brittany feigned hurt as she hugged her Grandma from behind. "I'm hurt. You didn't miss me, Grandma". Brittany's eyes moved to the TV where she saw a young boy laying on the couch and fixated at the screen. "Grandma tell me, did I work for 5years that you already have a 5 years old kid?" She asked. Kehlani chuckled. "I'm taking him in. He seemed terrified when I found him""What about his parents?""I'll get that sorted out tomorrow at the child s
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Someone they trusted. Someone they know might be Amanda's accomplice. Who could it be? The thought ran through George's mind as he scanned the faces of everyone in the division. It made no sense doubting your teammates. People you'd see everyday with a smile on your face, you'd just wake up one morning to find out that they are someone else. A killer. "George!" Tony called out bringing George back to earth. "Aren't you supposed to be with Griffin?""Griffin had something to do this morning""Yes but you two are partners. What's the point in being partners if he's going to do it alone?""It's personal""I see. Anyways, good work". Tiny said before taking his leave. George watched Tony's retreating back. Could it be Tony? He always asked questions regarding the case. George geunted out with frustration "I don't know anymore"As George battled with frustration, Griffin drove to the station to look for Martins. "Any news on Amanda or Annette?""Other than she being dead, nothing. I c
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"Where did you go to, Griffin? You got me stucked up in my head suspecting people and wondering who could be a 'you know what' "George hurdled Griffin the minute he walked into the division. "I found him". Griffin said with all smiles. "You found who?""Aaron""My gosh! That's huge"George exclaimed before realization struck him. "Did you investigate in this alone? I thought you said you had personal issues" "Yeah, I did and all of a sudden, I found him""So what are we waiting for? Let's go see him""We can't""Why? Don't tell me he's dead or something""No. The last time we did, the kid panicked. We need someone to bring him over""And do you have anyone in mind?"Griffin nodded his head as Brittany crossed his mind. "I might have". Few minutes later, Griffin was pacing to and fro. Was this the right decision? "You are calling her not because you want to but because you have to. It's for the case". Griffin told himself numerous times. He took in deep breaths before dialing the
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