A few days later, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Rick tilted his head towards the door.


“Oi, Sena, I said come in!” He spoke up louder.

However, the door opened to Rick’s surprise. It wasn’t Sena; rather, it was another lady. This lady was tall with broad shoulders. Dressed in a white blouse, with a long blue skirt. She had long red hair tied in a messy bun resembling a ponytail.

Rick stared for a solid second. His vision wasn’t the best; in fact, he probably needed glasses soon, but this was not his landlady.

“Um…“ The lady looked around.

“Don’t mind me, I guess. I’m just here to get a few more of my things...” She mumbled as she walked over to the kitchen.

Rick was floored. Was she in the right home? Was she an intruder? Would she pounce any second?

Then it hit him.

Before he and Maru moved in, Sena had mentioned a friend who had previously lived in their home.

“Are you-” He began.

“Did you,” He rephrased.

“Did you used to live here?”

The lady looked up from her box.

“Yeah.” She looked around.

“I see you did some redecorating.” She smiled.

“How’s your dad?” Rick asked.

“Sena mentioned you had to leave because he was sick.”

The lady looked away quickly.

“He-” she bit her lip.

“He passed.”

“Oh, I’m s-”

“Anyway,” the lady began.

“Where’s Sena?”

Rick scratched his head.

“She’s out with my kid.”

“Maru?” The lady suddenly smiled.

Rick looked up quickly.

“I was hoping to meet her today, but I’m afraid I have things to get done today.” She sighed.

“Well, they should be coming home soon-“

“I really have to get going.” She paused, then began again.

“I’m glad I didn’t come back to an empty house.” The lady smiled softly.

“By the way, the name’s Abbey.”

“Ah, Rick.” He said, smiling as he introduced himself.

“Later.” Abbey walked out, carrying a box.

Rick slumped back in his chair. Where the heck are those two? He sighed.


“We’re home!”

Rick walked out of his bedroom, greeted by Maru, Sena, and at least a dozen shopping bags.

“Ah, welcome home.” He greeted, patting Maru’s head.

“Hey, Rick,” Sena began.


She motioned him towards the kitchenette.

“What’s up?” He leaned against the counter.

“I wanted your permission-” She then paused.

“Are you ok?”

Rick looked at her in confusion.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked.

“Well, you’re blinking an awful lot.”

“Ah,” Rick smirked.

“What?” Sena asked.

“It’s nothing.” He looked at the floor, then quickly back at Sena.

“I just can’t see… that’s all.”

Sena frowned.

“Do you think you need glasses?”

“Well-” Rick began.

Sena held up her hand.

“How many fingers?” She asked.

Rick sighed. “We’re not in kindergarten-”

“How many?” Sena demanded, cutting him off.

“Technically four, since your thumb doesn’t count.”

“I’ve never heard about that before,” Sena said, laughing.

Rick brushed his hair back.

“We’re getting off-topic here; what were you going to ask earlier?”

“Oh!” Sena smiled as he reminded her.

“Maru needs a haircut.” She smiled.

Rick frowned, puzzled.

“Why didn’t you get one while you were out for all that while?” He asked.

Sena looked towards Maru.

“For starters,” she said, looking back to him.

“I wanted your permission; plus, she wants you to be there.”

Rick sighed. He then thought for a moment. In the chance anyone from Experiment Labs was looking for them, a haircut might serve the purpose of a disguise.

“Getting a haircut doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” He smiled over at Maru.

She did look like she desperately needed a haircut. It was all-around long, albeit it being straight, it was messy. There was also that one long strand of hair in the middle of her face, down to her cheek.

“Yay!” Maru beamed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door.

Sena followed behind, giggling.


“How does she want it cut?” The barber questioned, turning to Sena and Rick.

Rick, who was nose deep in a magazine, looked up.

“Tell him what you want, Maru.” He said, looking back down.

“Rick-” Sena began.

“What? It’s her hair!” He huffed.

“I don’t know, does neck length sound reasonable?” He questioned, looking at a poster that had ‘neck length’ hairstyles on it.

“She just needs it out of her face.”

Maru nodded.

“That’s what you want?” Sena questioned the girl. Maru gave a thumbs up.

“Okay!” Sena smiled, giving a thumbs-up back.


“And done.” The barber said, spinning the chair around towards the adults.

Rick looked up.

She looked like an entirely new kid. Her hair was now neck length, with ‘M’ shaped bangs. He couldn’t help but smile as he saw the girl beaming.

“You look so adorable!” Sena cried, hugging her. Rick walked over, patting the girl on the head.

“I like it.” He smiled.

Maru beamed up at them.


As Rick was paying, Sena looked out the door.

“Oh!” She exclaimed.

Rick grabbed the change and thanked the barber.

“What’s up?” He turned towards her.

“There’s a glasses shop across the street.” She smiled, pointing.

“Ah, well-” Rick began hesitantly.

“What’s wrong?” Sena frowned.

“You said you needed glasses.”

“I did.” He said, opening the door.

“Just not today.”

Sena grabbed him by the collar.

“You’re stretching it; you’re stretching my shirt!” He cried out.

Sena let go and let out a sigh.

“It’s important that you’re able to see.”

Rick sighed. She was right. He really couldn’t see all too well while reading earlier.

“Fine.” He muttered.


“Try these on.” The glasses specialist instructed, forcing the glasses onto Rick.

“Hm.” He studied Rick and the glasses.

“What do you think?” The specialist asked.

“There aren’t that many pairs with your prescription, but I think they suit you quite nicely.”

Rick studied himself in the mirror. He never thought of red as his color. Yet he liked them nonetheless.

“I’ll take them.” He said, letting out a sigh as he smiled.

He then glanced around the shop to see what the girls were up to.

“I like these!” Maru smiled as she put on a pair of dark blue circular glasses.

“They fit you quite nicely!” Sena beamed. Rick couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, Mr. Summers,” the specialist began.

“Your payment is set; come see us if you ever need an adjustment.”

Rick stepped out of his chair.

“Thank you.” He said, waving goodbye to the specialist.


“What a day!” Sena giggled.

Rick nodded.

As they got to the door, he remembered earlier today about Abbey’s visit.

“By the way, Sena.” He began.

“Your friend came over to get some of her belongings.”

Sena suddenly stopped.

“She’s back?” Sena sounded surprised.

“Yeah, well,”

“Why didn’t she text or call me?” She frowned, looking down at her phone.


“I’m sorry, Rick, Maru.” She cut him off.

“I have to get home.” She said turning around.

“I hope she’s there.” She quickly added as she ran over to her car.

Maru turned to Rick, who was watching Sena drive off.


“Rick!” Maru began as she was busy hopping up and down.

“Yeah?” He turned to her.

“Oi, you’ll get a headache if you don’t stop.”

Maru immediately stopped.

“We got you a present today!” She beamed.

“A present?” Rick repeated as he turned his attention back to his crossword puzzle.

“Look!” She exclaimed, puffing her cheeks.


He looked over and saw her holding up a shirt. It was yellow, with two bars at the bottom right, with yellow dots in them.

“Try it on!” She exclaimed, running over to him.

“Oi, Oi, easy there, bull girl.” He laughed.

The last thing he needed was her to topple him with her inhuman strength. He noted earlier this week that her powers were now in full swing. She could easily pick him up. However, he was hesitant to inform her about her powers. She seemed blissfully unaware.

“Do you like it?” She asked with a hint of impatience.

“I guess it fits fine.” He said, studying the color choice.

“We got yellow because Sena said you need to lighten up!” She beamed.

“Oh, really now?” Rick asked, giving an annoyed smile.

“Well, I like it.” He said with a sigh.

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