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Re: Write The Villain

By: SadBoys09 OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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[Currently under heavy edit.] Death. What is death actually? Athan, a twenty-one year old genius, died in an accident. He got hit by a truck and was thrown few meters on the ground. "I couldn't even finish reading the novel..." He regrettably thought, holding onto his phone tightly not wanting to let go. In the screen, there were letters written in a sentence waiting to be read. However, he couldn't. In his last moment, he could only think of one thing. It was his wish to finish the remaining three chapters of the novel. "I guess I'll never find out the ending..." He closed his eyes and let his mind get drowned in darkness. [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 03S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 02S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 01S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 00S ] As the loud ticking sound rang in his ear, his mind finally gave out as he fell unconscious. He was dead. He was sure of it, but... "Eh...?" The moment he opened his eyes, he found himself in someone else's body. He stared at his hands in surprise and noticed that he was in a body of a newborn child that came out just a few moments ago. And worse, "So... Am I gonna die again?" He was reincarnated as a villain.

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The Sound Of A New Life
I could hear the voice of the system resonating inside my head."Please... stop. I can't bear losing anyone else..." I pleaded, my head bowed in despair.Before me stood the withered man, his grin stretching wider as he loomed over me.'Why was I even brought into this world? Just to endure unending suffering...?' I pounded the ground weakly with my fist, tears streaming down my face.'Why am I so feeble and detached? How did everything I held dear only end up shrouded in agony, slipping away?'His voice sliced through the air, a chilling whisper that pierced my soul. "Look at yourself... Has the toll of each loss, each setback, finally shattered you?""As I told you from the start, surrender. Abandon this struggle. Let THAT curse consume you. Cast aside your facade and embrace your true nature."With a grasp
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Athan von Lohengramm
Chuckles echoed through the air as Athan's voice sliced through the tension."Pathetic peasants, you truly don't grasp the art of surrender."Athan's laughter resonated, punctuating his scornful words."You, pathetic lot, forever stuck in your insignificance. Can't you see? Money and power are the threads weaving this world's tapestry."His mischievous grin reflected his amusement as he cast an apathetic glance at ArArthu"Strength is your claim, yet I find you pitiable. You remain blissfully unaware of your place. Eventually, your apathetic demise will claim you."Athan's words jabbed at Arthur, eliciting a clenched jaw."You really talked too much."Arthur began excluding his killing intent and the mana he had been releasing began increasing. The only thing he could think was to kill the brat that was insulting his family that died and his current friends.The cage he was currently in was slowly melting due to the immense mana he was releasing. Seeing this, Athan slowly backed away i
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A day has passed after my argument with my mother.As I was currently reading a book inside my mini library, I suddenly heard a knock outside the door.Tok Tok-Placing my book down at the table, I stretched out my arms and sat up from my seat, then went towards the door to open it."Young master, the dinner is ready." The butler bowed his head slightly and waited silently for my reply.Nodding, I smiled gently and replied, "Oh, I see... Go on ahead. I'll just put my books back on the bookshelf before I leave." "...Right away."Soon after the butler left, I closed door and went back to the table."Let's get started, shall we?"............A moment later.As I was about to pick up the last book from the table, I felt that both my hands became warmer for a secondOut of curiosity, I raised my hands up and saw something unexpected.At the back of my hands, I saw a black dot in the middle."Oh... this might be the first phase of the awakening."Awakening is the reason people can use ma
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Problem In The Future Will Come Looking In The Future
"Sigh..."After I arrived at the garden, I decided to walk around the garden for a bit."They should be here by now... I wonder if her personality was still the same according to the novel when she was still a child. If she was, the plan could really work."As I recalled the scenes I remember about her, I sighed deeply.According to what I've read about her, Alicia wasn't really a cold narcissist back when she was just a child. Rather, she was your typical gloomy and aloof-type of person. But because of a certain event where she got kidnapped and awakened her crest early, the changes of her personality began. This made her receive praises from adults, and soon she got addicted to this kind of attention.Though, after spending quite some time with the main character, she will eventually get a character development and mellowed down, becoming a sweet, lovable tsundere.She instantly became many of the reader's favorite."Young master.""...Huh?"Breaking free from my thoughts, I turned a
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How Did We Come To This 1
"I look like a mess..."Examining my disheveled reflection in the mirror, I decided to freshen up by washing my face and taking a quick shower.Unlike the standard showers on Earth, the showers in this world were powered by magic stones.Magic stones came in various types and categories. For instance, there were water stones, typically used for showers, dishwashing, and other water-related tasks. Some magic stones could also be used for training and combat, even if your elemental crest didn't align with the stones' attributes. It only required a small amount of mana to operate these magic stones, making them highly convenient in this world.As I took a step toward the shower and turned it on at half-intensity, water began to gently cascade down over my small body."Sigh..."I contemplated deeply about what I had heard the previous day – the gathering of monsters. It could only mean one thing.It was connected to the organizations that had attacked Arthur and his parents.In essence, th
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How Did We Come To This 2
"How did it come to this...?"My gaze was fixed on the bandits, who were leisurely enjoying their meals while engaging in jovial banter. My expression darkened involuntarily.At this moment, Alicia and I were confined together in an iron cage. She appeared to be grappling with her own regret over her impulsive actions earlier....Like her, I couldn't help but berate myself for letting her slip away like that.I'm such a fool... Simply because the novel mentioned that Alicia's kidnapping scene would occur tomorrow, I hadn't bothered to formulate any backup plan.I could sense my fists clenching as I buried my face in my knees.From this day on, I learned the importance of having backup plans... In a hard way, that is.While I was absorbed in self-criticism, the laughter of the bandits filled the air as they reveled in their misdeeds."Hahaha, boss, we've hit the jackpot!"One of the bandits chimed in."Great work, lads!" Their leader applauded, bending down to peer at both of us inside
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Finally... It's Time
"Hey, baldy!"The bandit leader swiftly turned his attention to me, his brows furrowing as he observed my grin. Alicia, too, seemed taken aback by my sudden outburst."Athan, what are—" Alicia began to speak, but I raised my hand, silencing her."Don't worry," I reassured her, glancing in her direction. "I promise I'll get you back home safely."Alicia opened her mouth to respond, but no words emerged. Eventually, she nodded in agreement."Huhu, do you want me to teach you a lesson, brat?" The bandit leader's expression grew more serious.Before I could reply, one of the bandit behind him chimed in, "Boss, maybe we should educate this kid on the importance of good manners."...Is this guy serious?Hearing his comment, I couldn't help but chuckle. "Good manners? How can you teach me that when you lot can't even grasp the concept yourselves? Besides, isn't it a bit ironic coming from the mouth of a bandit?"As I opened my eyes slightly, I noticed the bandit gritting his teeth out of frus
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Afraid? Why? 1
[Glacial Epoch]Fooosh~!"I can't... Move...!?" the bandits exclaimed, struggling but failing to move due to their lower halves being frozen. Unfortunately, the archer above the trees remained unaffected.In response, they shot their arrows towards us."Alicia!"I quickly pulled her close, hopping backward. We narrowly dodged the attacks, flying backward until my back hit a tree trunk.-Thud!"...Athan!!?"Seeing the contorted expression on my face, Alicia turned her attention towards the direction of the archers."How dare you!"With fury in her eyes, she raised both of her hands, creating a crystal-like ice ball with spikes above her palms.[Icicle Shot]She launched the crystal ball towards the archers' direction.Shuuuop-!The spiked ice shards shot out at high speed, hitting the archers, including the ones frozen on the ground, from all directions."Guah...!"The archers who were struck fell to the ground. Upon contact with the earth, their bodies immediately froze, just like the
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Afraid? Why? 2
Onyx, a humanoid creature that was 8 foot tall. It has long pair of arms and legs, it can also be considered like the slenderman but instead of his face being white, this creature has long sharp teeth, and has deep green eyes. It's body were made of roots, and the cloak it wore was made from a fine leather.The Onyx was also considered as one of the myth that came originally from the real world, as this creature was also called to be one of the guardian of the forest after the Dryad.A Dryad, or you can say as the spirit that was residing within the forest was like an Onyx. But, unlike the Onyx that was relaying on it's physical body as a protection or weapon, the Dryad was more relaying on mana, whilst it's soul was residing inside one of the tree.There are ten mythology that was involved in the novel in total. From weapons, armor, creatures and even island. The Onyx is one of them so there's only nine for us to uncover.In the novel, Arthur will uncover the nine, involving the Onyx
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Two days later after the kidnapping incident. After we got back at the mansion, Alicia was immediately greeted by her mother with a tight hug.It was quite unexpected, however, Alicia cried her tears out for a while before calming down... I should probably expect this outcome if I were to try this method next time.While they were having their "reunion", my mother and I had a long chat about what happened... To summarize some things, she practically scolded me for not being able to "handle" Alicia properly....Seriously, though. How can she expect a three year old child like me to be able to do such thing?Real question, what kind of logic is she trying to prove!!?"Huaa...."After waking up from my bed, I immediately went to the shower to take a bath and exit the bathroom after I was done.As I was looking at my reflection on the mirror, I couldn't help but remember the things that happened after Alicia and I saw the Onyx."Just what the hell did that Onyx was doing in the forest anyw
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