My girlfriend is a Devil

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My girlfriend is a Devil

By: fcc.quangvu OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Peter Kent's girlfriend was murdered by a serial killer, but the killer has not been caught. After his girlfriend died, Kent began to experience many strange phenomena, seeing his girlfriend's body being cut into pieces. In order to save himself, Kent must find the killer. But do not think on this journey Kent encounters more and more mysterious phenomena. At this point, the System appeared and issued missions to help Kent survive and find the culprit.

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  • Darkness Life


    your story is so interesting but it also scary

    2022-02-18 21:07:15
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36 chapters
Chapter 1: Ann Reed
“This place again?”A young man said to himself, he was standing on a dark street, a street light with only one above his head was flickering on and off.On the road alone, he was surrounded by only a black night with his hands and fingers invisible. The only source of light was only from the street lamp flashing above his head, but it only illuminated about a meter around.Out of that one meter is the endless darkness forming two extremes in stark contrast to the small lighted space the young man is standing in.The young man suddenly put his hand over his nose because he smelled a fishy, ​​foul-smelling taste.At his feet, a dark red liquid slowly spread from the darkness outside into the light.Read more
Chapter 2: Body identification
“Forensic Steve?”Peter Kent opened the door to see a middle-aged man in his fifties, nearly six feet tall, with an extremely athletic build, dressed in a black suit.Although he is in his fifties, his face is extremely well maintained, so let's not say wrinkles, even melasma does not exist. Steve's whole body exudes the aura of a man, mature and elegant.Honestly, even if he's over fifty years old, Peter Kent thinks a lot of teenage girls go after him.This man's name is Trieu Steve, is the forensic scientist in charge of Ann Reed's case."Peter Kent, how are you?"Steve saw Kent look languid, eyes dark circles a little worried.Read more
Chapter 3: footprint
Outside, Peter Kent finds a secluded corner to sit alone after refusing to let Steve take him home.Right now he just wanted to think about what had happened.He took out his phone, clicked on the message section, he has very few friends so there are not many messages. However, there was a crimson message between the lines where only the black text was prominently displayed.“The hallucinations became more and more frequent, even more severe. The things that happen in the nightmare affect my body too, is it true like this message.”Peter Kent clicked on the message with the red text.Title: [Ask the Devil][Description: He is being stalked by the most terrifying existe
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Chapter 4: Chant her name
He picked up his phone and dialed a text message.Peter Kent: [System, will it be okay if I go into the bedroom now?]System: [Will die instantly.]“…”Peter Kent's heart is a hundred times the system of green beans and vegetables, in that case, what the hell did you make me go into the room to do.System: [Master, there is a way.]Peter Kent: [Speak quickly!]System: [You just need to knock on the door three times and say "I'm here", then wait for the door to open.]Peter Kent: [As simple as that? Do you promise?]He found it
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Chapter 5: Ask the Devil
The bedroom window is originally facing the park of the apartment, normally the lights of the park are shining straight in, so the window curtains are always covered. But today the room was abnormally dark, even if I took off the towel to cover my eyes, Peter Kent could not see her finger if she reached out her hand. However, his eyes were closed, what he saw was also darkness, and could only use his ears and nose to perceive his surroundings. He didn't know if it was over or not, but the feeling of danger was gone and he breathed a sigh of relief. Whoa!! A cold wind blew in his face carrying the stench of rotting flesh and blood that made him shiver. For a moment, all the fluff stood up, goosebumps rose, his nerves that
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Chapter 6: Dangerous
Kent wanted to get close but somehow couldn't move, his whole body was like petrified.Then, Kent suddenly realized that his left hand was holding something. Looking down, he saw that he was holding a fruit knife, that's right, suddenly a knife was in his hand.The knife in his hand was stained with blood, and Kent wanted to throw it away but could not move or let go of the knife, like the knife was glued to his hand.Ann Reed's head was crying more and more, but in the eye sockets were all black blood. The hair on her head gradually tied Kent down, Ann Reed's head being pulled up by her hair and fixed in the air.Their eyes met, Kent's face was only a few centimeters from Ann Reed's head, Kent could clearly feel her cold breath on his face.Read more
Chapter 7: Doris
Although she did not know why the police came to find her, Kent was still very worried. He hurriedly hid the knife under the sofa, then stabilized his emotions, trying to calm down. Kent said to himself, "I'm not breaking the law, this knife was given to me by the System." After he calmed down, Kent took a deep breath then headed out the door. The main door opened, standing at the door were two familiar policemen. These two policemen are David and Andrew, they are also the ones who announced the murder of Ann Reed, after which Kent also had a long time working with them. That's why David and Andrew are no strangers to Kent. Although Kent is usually very cooperative to find out the killer who killed Ann Reed, Kent is now
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Chapter 8: Riev Town
Kent frowned in confusion, because with current information and technology, anyone can be tracked by the police if they use the internet. Even if this person does not use the internet, the huge number of security cameras can help the police find his whereabouts. A person who is missing or has not been found has only one reason, that is, this person does not appear in the city and does not have access to the internet. Soon after, Kent pulled out a map from a bookshelf, which according to police records, Doris is said to have last appeared in a northern town called Reiv. Reiv is a small town more than 100km north of the city, not only that, to reach that town besides 100km by highway, you have to walk another 10km to reach this town. Kent opened the phone to look for m
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Chapter 9: Riev Town
In front of him was the shadow of an unknown creature, its gait similar to that of a monkey but much thinner, its height estimated to be more than two meters tall, the thing on its hand that Kent could not identify was a claw. or the fingers are twice as long as the average person.It looks like a… Chimpanzee.“Is it a wild animal or… a demon?” Kent was silent as he watched the dark figure moving around the tent while thinking.Suddenly, the shadow leaned against the wall of the tent, and Kent almost cried out in fear. Kent tried to get close to the back, but this time things took a different turn.Kent didn't notice that in the back there was a face imprinted on the wall of the tent, the face trying to rush in causing the wall to stretch. He doesn't know what's going on behind his back because Kent is paying attention to the black shadow of an unknown creature in front of him.Full of fangs and claws, that was Kent's thoughts whe
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Chapter 10: Doris?
Hearing this, the crowd stopped moving, and an old man about seventy years old came out from the crowd. The old man with an old look, with white hair, a bent back, and a walking stick in his hand, walked out.Although the old man looked very old, his eyes were extremely sharp. Kent was stared at by the old man, a little annoyed but also a little scared. Just now, Kent, of course, seeing that the old man only needed to shout once, these people stopped, which shows that this old man's position is not low."Is it the Mayor?" Kent thought. After all, only the Mayor could make all the others obey.“Are you from outside?” The old man spoke, his voice hoarse, making it a little difficult for Kent to hear the words, but he was reluctant to hear them."Outside? You mean from outside this town?” Kent asked again, even though he talked to the old man, his hand still held the jungle knife to prevent the crowd around suddenly going mad to a
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