Imminent Revenge

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Imminent Revenge

By: Thunderous quill OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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John will once again act under circumstances he thought would never repeat. Rescuing his daughter from men who intend to sell her will demand that he brings forth his best skills as a spy and resorts to unorthodox methods to reach her. As he involves his loved ones in this ruthless quest, many loose ends from John's past will be revealed, making him pay for everything he has done. Precision and composure will be required to reach John's daughter. And that is precisely what defines him.

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8 chapters
The festival
John will act again under circumstances he thought would not repeat. Rescuing his daughter from men who intend to sell her will demand that he showcases his best spy skills and resorts to unorthodox methods to reach her.As he involves his loved ones in this unscrupulous quest, many loose ends from John's past will be revealed, making him pay for everything he has done. Precision and composure will be needed to reach John's daughter. And that is precisely what defines him."Suffering? Yes, I have experienced it in its different forms because I have not only lived it but also caused it. I have spent many years working as a private agent for the government. I would not allow the wretched to have their way, but I went too far. Nowadays, the screams and lamentations of those men I harmed gnaw at me.Stop, don't go on. I will tell you whatever you want, please...""I'm dying!" says my daughter, Luci, who is sitting in the passenger seat of my car."It's incredible that they finally agreed
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An external failure.
"You will never take away the freedom of my family!" says a woman in the middle of nowhere, looking at me with anger and determination."Don't move! I'll shoot you without hesitation," I say, intending to make her listen, as I never tell lies. The beating of my heart is always controlled when I'm in a high-risk situation.I remain calm in those aspects. But that night, nothing was going well, and my concern had me nervous and my heart racing. I looked at the girl, trying to detect any intention to escape. Now that I think about it, she resembled my daughter a bit. If only her father had seen her more as an innocent girl rather than just another member of his gang, she might still be alive.But you can't expect anyone to be a good parent, not even me. It has been years since my last mission as a private government agent. When you do the dirty work, you no longer see the people who are supposed to protect the nation in the same way.However, I still have some skills that I haven't forgo
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I leave the bathroom after seeing the kind of person I am. It's possible that I hate myself, but I'm also aware that everyone respects me for what I've done, like my friend Paul, who is taking care of my daughter. I'll pay him, but I'm sure he would have done me the favor without asking for anything in return.I approach the table where the radio is and hear something that strikes me as strange. I hear someone saying, "You shouldn't have interfered." This puts me on high alert, so I ask what's going on."Paul, what's happening?" I say, receiving no response.After insisting a little more and realizing I'm not getting any answers, I grab my keys and head out to the street to get into my car and start driving. I have a very bad feeling about this, and if Paul isn't responding, something bad must be happening.I start calling Luci with a faint hope that she would answer, but she doesn't. I know very well what I have to do when things go wrong, so I decide to activate Luci's tracker and s
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His last breath.
My daughter is the most precious thing I have, so this pain won't stop me. That's why I take out the switch from my pocket, which luckily didn't break, and aim it at the truck. When I was next to the van, I managed to attach a small adhesive bomb to its chassis, and that's what I'm going to activate. Here I go, you have to hold on, Luci. Trust me, this won't hurt you much, but I need to stop them.I press the button, and the van, which was already a bit further away, receives the explosion from my bomb. It's not strong enough to send the car flying, but at least I destroy one side, causing them to collide with another vehicle. The explosion wasn't too loud.I know my daughter is safe, so I start walking towards her. I limp a little, but I have to walk quickly. I fear the van might explode. When I'm close enough, I see the rear door opening. A wounded, armed man emerges from there. His anger makes him look forward, and the first person he sees will be the target of his hatred, and that
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Recurring to the past.
It's risky to guess who kidnapped my daughter, but since I'm certain it's a personal vendetta against me, I can already have an idea of who did it. It's a tedious situation, but the sooner I do it, the better. That's how I decided to go to the penitentiary where the most deranged person I've ever faced is held. When I arrived, good old Nixon had already arranged the permission for me to enter. Even though it was midnight, the guards let me in regardless. That's the power of the organization that's helping me. They didn't search me for weapons or put me through any routine procedures. I simply entered and headed straight to the cell where the person who had to give me answers was located. I walked confidently through the penitentiary corridors, eyeing the cell where that guy was, to my surprise, sitting on the bed with his back turned. But when he heard someone approaching, he turned to see what was happening. There he was, looking me in the eyes, and as I suspected, he showed no s
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A dull shine.
It's 2:30 am in the morning, and I still believe my daughter is inside the city. When Luna called me to inform that the alert had been activated, the whole city went on high alert, so to speak.Neither the airports, nor alternative routes out of the city, nor any other means of escape would go unnoticed by Nixon's high-quality team. With confidence, I head towards my next destination, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods here.The much-needed message finally arrived, something I already had in mind, but with that subtle detail provided by Luna. Yes, it was information about the leader of the Snake Gang. This is the only gang that has remained standing since the criminal organization that kidnapped my daughter arrived in the city.Their leader's name is Mason Steel, a Caucasian man, 1.90 meters tall, with a muscular build and tattoos. The scars he bears seem old, so I can assume he was already involved in wrongdoing since childhood. He is 35 years old and has become one of the most
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His final wish
The bike responds well, I was able to start it without affecting any important circuits, so this will help me reach the next point that man indicated. I can't waste time, so like a maniac, I start moving along the road, dodging cars.I don't have a safety helmet, so if I crash, it would be a catastrophe because I'll get up and continue searching for my daughter, but with a dizziness that won't allow me to act clearly. That's why I try to be very careful with my driving until I reach the designated location.It was a bit far from the city, but this abandoned factory had all the signs of being a place where illegal things happen. As I observe it from a distance, I communicate with Luna through an earpiece communicator, asking for her help."I need you to locate me and activate all the heat sensors within a six-kilometer radius, so we can know how many people are there," I tell Luna."Alright, it won't take me long. I'll let you know the result," Luna says as she types on her computer.L
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Last chance
Oh no, it burns my soul to know that this person is no longer in this world because of these wretched beings who have no remorse for their actions. It is undoubtedly a matter I must resolve as soon as possible.Although I must say that what hurts me the most is that this event became a reality partly because of me. I even came to believe that I am more to blame than these individuals who are still here. But it's not the time to dwell or feel guilt; it's time to take action.So, I leave the place and head out in search of the stolen motorcycle. I hope I don't encounter those individuals for now, although I know I have some matters to settle with them. However, it won't be something I do today.I activate my audio microphone as I drive; I need to speak with Luna and deliver the news that her man has died. It seems I have been chosen to be the one to announce these terrible events... that I am causing myself."Luna, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Paul has died. He died in my arms," I sa
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