The Indian ghost busters

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The Indian ghost busters

By: Asher Wolfe OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Harshvardhan and Rohan are two 17-year-old boys living in a small town nestled in the mountains of Uttarakhand. They have always been fascinated by the supernatural and have heard stories about ghosts haunting the nearby forests and abandoned buildings. One day, they decide to form a ghost-busting team and start investigating these spooky occurrences. As they delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the town, they discover that there is a malevolent entity lurking in the shadows, causing havoc and terrorizing the locals. With their bravery and quick thinking, Harshvardhan and Rohan set out to capture this ghost and put an end to its reign of terror. But as they face off against the ghostly entity, they realize that they are dealing with something far more powerful than they ever imagined. Will they be able to defeat the ghost and save their town from its clutches? "The Indian Ghost Busters" is a thrilling tale of adventure, friendship, and the supernatural, that will keep readers on the edge of their seats till the very end.

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Chapter 1: The abandoned School
Harshvardhan and Rohan ,who are both seventeen years old,and belong to a small village nestled within the mountains in Uttarakhand decide to embark upon an extraordinary quest that tests their mettle as they unravel secrets about paranormal activities.When an icy breeze passed through pine trees casting an unsettling shadow upon the town, our story begins. The curiosity to learn about the unknown was insatiable in Harshvardhan who was known for his boldness. Unlike his companion who enjoyed exploring new things,Rohan preferred comfort in the known with a bit of reservation Having been exposed to all of the creepy myths surrounding their town's deserted school, Harshvardhan became preoccupied with investigating it. Locals would speak only in hushed whispers about Rakesh - a deceased teacher who was reputedly haunting the halls of the decaying building. On one gloomy afternoon Harshvardhan's enthusiasm soared to new heights when facing Rohan made him feel excited and it showed throug
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Chapter 2 : The principle's secret
Gathering every ounce of courage he had left, Harshvardhan followed the path where the spirit had dragged Rohan. His heart thumped against his chest, a mixture of fear and newfound determination coursing through his veins. Step by cautious step, he ventured closer to the room that had once served as the principal's office. And there, to his immense relief, he spotted Rohan immersed in reading a collection of letters. Harshvardhan's face lit up with a glimmer of hope as he rushed towards his friend. "Rohan! Thank the heavens you're safe," he exclaimed, gratitude and concern lacing his words. Rohan looked up, his eyes reflecting a range of emotions. "Harshvardhan, the spirit brought me here and tossed this diary at me," he explained, pointing towards the worn-out book. "I couldn't resist delving into its contents." Intrigued, Harshvardhan leaned closer, his eyes tracing the faded words upon the pages as he joined Rohan in the act of unraveling the diary's secrets. With each revelatio
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Chapter 3 : The Vanishing Act
As Harshvardhan and Rohan exited the forsaken school, they felt a renewed sense of purpose and determination burning within them The once infamous principal had transformed into a wealthy man residing in a lavish house within the town Armed with this knowledge, Harshvardhan and Rohan devised a clever plan Feigning concern, they informed him that someone had tipped off the police about incriminating evidence related to his misdeeds hidden within the abandoned school In the darkness of the night, the principal's greed and panic clouded his judgment. Unaware of Harshvardhan and Rohan's true identities, he hastily agreed to the caller's demand. He concocted a sinister plan to burn the entire school, aiming to obliterate any remaining evidence that could link him to his heinous acts. As dawn approached, the principal arrived at the abandoned school, consumed by a fervent desire to erase his dark secrets. Harshvardhan and Rohan, who had anticipated his arrival, stood before him, the weig
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Chapter 4 : The forest of the dead
In the quaint mountains of Uttarakhand, a new character emerged in the story of Harshvardhan and Rohan. Vaibhav, Harshvardhan's cousin, was a mechanical engineer turned mountain dweller. Known for his inventive spirit and avid interest in the paranormal, Vaibhav became an intriguing addition to their quest. One evening, as Harshvardhan and Rohan shared the tale of their triumph over the malevolent principal, they discovered Vaibhav's fascination with their exploits. His eyes sparkled with curiosity as they revealed the dark secrets and the ghostly encounter that had unfolded within the abandoned school. Intrigued, Vaibhav shared his own knowledge, urging them closer. "There is something you should know," he said in a hushed tone. "In these very mountains lies the Forest of the Dead. It is said that those who venture into its depths never return. Legends tell of a tormented soul, a lady who was burned alive by the fearful villagers long ago. They believe her spirit lingers there, seek
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Chapter 5: The Witch's Demise
As midnight enshrouded the Forest of the Dead, Harshvardhan, Rohan, and Vaibhav ventured deeper into the eerie abyss. Vaibhav's invention, the Bhoot Pakdo Yantra (Ghost Catching Machine), emitted a steady beep, indicating the presence of a powerful supernatural entity drawing near.Their hearts raced with trepidation as they witnessed the ethereal form of the lady who had suffered a cruel fate—burned alive by the fearful villagers. In a terrifying display, she lunged at them, unleashing her wrath upon the trio. Overwhelmed by her malevolent energy, they succumbed to unconsciousness.When their eyes fluttered open, they found themselves trapped within a cage. To their surprise, an old saint stood beside them, a beacon of wisdom in this bleak predicament. With a solemn tone, he introduced himself and revealed the tragic tale of Latika, the vengeful spirit they had encountered.Latika, once a human, had delved into dark rituals, sacrificing innocent lives to appease the devil. The villag
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Chapter 6: Triumph Over Darkness
During Latika's immersion in the unholy ritual's last moments, she remained oblivious to hopeful feelings emerging from Harshvardhan, Rohan, and Vaibhav. In a swift motion, Vaibhav took advantage of an opportunity to remove a pin from his pocket and expertly free those trapped in their cage. Emerging from where they had been hiding for hours, the trio's eyes widened as they gazed upon what could only be described as sheer magic.More than 50 innocent lives, trapped and destined to be sacrificed, stood in silent despair. The gravity of the situation intensified their resolve. They knew they had to act swiftly to save not only themselves but also the multitude whose lives hung in the balance.Their gazes met, and a plan formed in their minds. They spotted kerosene-operated lamps scattered about, a glimmer of possibility amidst the darkness. United in purpose, Harshvardhan, Rohan, and Vaibhav coordinated their movements. Each took a different route, climbing trees that surrounded the rit
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Chapter 7: The House of Dr. Robert
Inside Vaibhav's cozy mountain home, Harshvardhan and Vaibhav sat engrossed in conversation, recounting the thrilling events that had transpired in their battle against Latika. As they exchanged thoughts and reflections, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of accomplishment.Just as their discussion reached its peak, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Rohan, filled with anticipation, entered the room. His face bore a mysterious expression, hinting at the discovery he had made.With an air of intrigue, Rohan began to unveil his findings. He shared a tale of an abandoned house on the outskirts of town, once belonging to a renowned doctor named Dr. Robert. Legend had it that Dr. Robert had met a tragic fate while operating on a mentally unstable patient named Marie. After his demise, eerie cries and haunting noises were said to emanate from the desolate building.The mere mention of this house piqued the curiosity of the trio. Their previous encounters with the super
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Chapter 8: The Haunting Truth
As the trio anxiously posed their question to Dr. Robert's spirit through the Ouija board, they were met with a cryptic response, "Camera, drawer." Rohan, quick to decipher the message, sprang into action. He began rummaging through drawers, his eyes scanning for the elusive camera mentioned by the departed doctor.After a few tense moments, Rohan's hands clasped around an old camera hidden within the depths of a forgotten drawer. They gathered around, eager to uncover the contents within. As they played the recorded videos, their eyes widened in shock and disbelief. The footage revealed Dr. Robert's habit of documenting his patient sessions. However, what disturbed them most was the presence of an unwelcome entity that seemed to accompany Marie.The eerie footage showed Marie's body acting as a vessel for an unknown malevolent force, manipulating her actions to commit heinous acts, including the murder of Dr. Robert himself. The truth unfolded before their eyes, intertwining tragedy
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Chapter 9: Unveiling the Shadows
The trio, filled with determination and a sense of justice, embarked on a relentless pursuit to find Julie, the orchestrator of Marie's torment. Harshvardhan knew he could rely on his resourceful friend, Reyan, who had proven his ability to uncover information in the past. He reached out to Reyan, sharing their urgent need for Julie's address.Reyan, known for his connections and unwavering loyalty, promised to assist his friend. After conducting a thorough search, he delivered the disheartening news that Julie had relocated to the southern part of India. The trio felt a pang of disappointment, realizing their immediate plan had hit a roadblock.However, as fate would have it, a glimmer of hope emerged from an unexpected source. Reyan revealed that Julie's lawyer happened to be his own uncle. A fortuitous alliance presented itself, and the trio seized the opportunity to leverage this connection. With a stern warning that failure to comply would result in exposing the murder, they appr
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Chapter 10: Deadman's Taxi
The trio, Harshvardhan, Rohan, and Vaibhav, sat in Vaibhav's living room, their conversation revolving around the mysterious events surrounding Dr. Robert. They believed that the doctor had finally found peace, but their attention was soon captured by a headline in the newspaper that Harshvardhan was reading. It detailed sightings of a peculiar taxi, driven by a seemingly dead man, roaming the city streets at midnight. The driver was described as covered in blood, sending chills down their spines. Excitement and curiosity filled the air as they contemplated the enigmatic phenomenon. Without hesitation, they made the collective decision to investigate the matter further. Determined to uncover the truth, they set out to the location where people had reported seeing the eerie taxi. They positioned themselves on a dimly lit street, patiently awaiting the arrival of the infamous vehicle. Time seemed to crawl as they exchanged whispers and glanced nervously at each passing car. Finally, a
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