The Show

Vera woke up from the sound of her alarm going off.

“Showtime...” she smiled.

“Vera,” a voice called out.

“Get out here, breakfast.”

Vera nodded.

“Coming!” She called out in response.


As breakfast progressed, Vera looked at the clock.

Any minute now...

Marx, reading the newspaper, looked up.

“I have to go...” He quickly got up, his stomach gurgling.

“It’s a good thing we’re not performing today, huh?” One of the members chuckled.

“Hey, Vera, where are you going...?” One member asked as Vera proceeded to get up.

Vera shushed them and gave a wink.

“To perform on my own!” She waved.

Truth be told, I will never see most of you again; thanks for some fond memories... She smiled sadly as she ran.


“I hate you.” Keren glared at Norio.

“Vera better be worth all of this hassle and embarrassment.”

Norio smiled as he finish

JJ Dizz

The plot thickens...

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