The Triumphant Escape

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The Triumphant Escape

By: Queenet Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Lindsey Amazon finds herself on the run after the death of her parents one faithful night. But what happened when after so much running ,found herself in the clutches of those who killed her parents? and while in captive met Alejandro Rosario


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40 chapters
"Come on we need to hide." Karan said in fright."I can't, i need to go to my mum and dad." Lindsey replied looking towards where her parents are as she shivers in fear ."Am sure your parents will want you to hide." Muttered Karen with tears dripping down her eyes."Do you know a safe place to hide?" She mumble."Yea yeah." Lindsey stutter as she finally moved away from the door,she walked towards her closet with fear as she shakily moved the clothes out of the way revealing a lock door,she quickly typed in the password as her hands shakes."Isn't this place obvious?" Asked Karen as she exhaled sharply."Mum and dad always said that the most obvious place is the most secure place cause they hardly ever looked there." She replied with a sign.A thud was heard followed by indistinct mutter as footsteps drew nearer,they hurriedly got inside locking the door behind them as they waited."Come on we need to search the girls room,boss said leave no stone unturned." Said a masked guy."And yo
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Chapter One:Family
Three Days Earlier."Come down from there Lindsey." Warned Karen her best friend."In a sec." Lindsey replied as she stretched forth her arm grabbing a red Apple from the tree from the branch she stood. "Be careful." Yelled Karen looking at her friend who was at the highest branch on the tree."I am always careful." She yelled back at the top of the tree as she climbed down."No you are not." Scolded Karen with an eye roll. " If not you won't risk your life climbing a tree just for one Apple." Finished Karen as she angrily tapped her leg on the ground."Its not just one Apple,its a red Apple." Lindsey stated as she jumped down from the last branch dusting her cloth, she was putting on a red short with a blue flannel shirt with 'Bad girl Good girl' written on it."You think just because you're wearing a' bad girl good girl'shirt that makes you a bad girl." Asked Karen making air quote."You are just jealous you don't have a' bad girl good girl' shirt' ." She muttered flaunting her s
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Chapter Two: The Intent
NEW YORK: Amazonian inc tech."Sir." Rushed a young man as he got inside the office after a series of knock with hagard breath holding different folders in his hands."What is it?" Came a deep voice behind a mahogany chair his back away from view as he stared deepely into the window."We found them." Replied the young man with a pant."What?" The voice asked as he sharply turned,collecting the files from the man,his eyes fastly scanning them."Yes sir ,they are in Taxes." Continued the young man with smiles on his face,he was finally happy that after months and days of research he finally got an answer for his boss."Good job." Came the voice followed by a smile. "I'll make sure your salary is increase." He said his eyes going back to the files on his hands as he turned away from him."Thank you sir." Muttered the young man as he quickly rush toward the door opening it and shutting it behind him knowing fully well he was dismissed.Back in the office a deathly laughter could be heard
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Chapter Three: Arrival.
A man is seen coming down from his private jet,enjoying the cool breeze and view of Taxas 'Finally am in Taxas' he thought removing his dark shade and hanging it on his breast pocket,he heaved a deep sign before walking towards the SUV already waiting for him with his assistant beside him as he drags his boss suitcase. His men followed behind him,their guns safely secured on their belt strap as they got into the other SUVs zooming off. The car stopped in front of the most expensive hotel in Texas,he got down from the car as one of his men opened the door for him then strolled inside the hotel and towards the sitting area where he sat down with his men standing at ease behind him as they kept watch,their eyes following those that walked in and out of the hotel in case of any suspicious move. His assistant with slow stride walked towards the manager desk."I made a room reservation." He said."Name please?" The manger asked with a warm smile as he looked at his computer scre
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Chapter Four: A friendly Neighbor
Lindsey and Karen ran towards the field an into a barn where an old man in overall was busy feeding his pigs."Morning Mr Willams." They greeted in unison,as Mr Williams turned towards them with a smile on his dirty face."Ah....if it isn't my two favourite people.. Lindsey and Karen." He said wiping his dirty hands on his overall as he walked towards them."Come give your uncle Willam a hug." He said with a tooty grin,his arms wide open"Is that really necessary?" Asked Lindsey with a look on her face,as Karen shrugged beside her."Of course ,come on." He said motioning towards them,as Lindsey and Karen walked slowly towards him."Now,these are my girls." He said eveloping them in a tight hug " since you girls are here,i will need you to help feed the Chickens." He continued disengaging from the hug."Wait... isn't that Charles duty?" Asked Karen as she stared at him,while Lindsey was busy wiping the mud stain from her cloth."Well he ain't here,so hurry up." He motioned towards them
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Chapter Five: Feel The Wind.
Lindsey let out a series of praise as she placed soothing hands from the head till she got to the horse center she did it with subtlety,she steadied herself as she propel herself onto Diana's center as she made careful gentle contact so as not to spook the beautiful white Mare,she carefully place her left leg on the inside rein as she boost herself up and then raising her right leg as she settled towards the center of the mass. She took a minute to calm her breath with her hands tightly gripping the reins,she gave a gentle kick to Diana's stomach as she let out a "Ya!!" She picked up the rein enough to create contact with the horse's mouth as the horse gallop across the field,she relax back as she enjoyed the calming breeze as she rode round the field,she waved her hand when she saw Karen and let out a soft chuckle.Karen waved back then relaxed on the wooden fence as she watched Lindsey with smiles on her wave, Lindsey was like a goddess of war as she controlled the horse and Karen
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Chapter Six: The Promise/Departure.
'This night i will tell them.' She promised before taking another spoon full of food into her mouth.After enjoying their Delicious food, they made their way to the parlour as Mrs Katherine ran to her room to get her game box.Lindsey and Karen waited on the couch ,their legs bouncing in anticipation.Not long after Mrs Katherine walked to them with her game box in her hand,placing them on the table. The game box contained a cross word puzzle which Lindsey won, Scrambled which she also won thanks to her finishing touch. The word was "NISCPOOR" Which when you arrange it spelt "Scorpion". Then They played Charade,Mrs Katherine won . Karen Derekstrate with her body. Karen let out a sad sign,She was the only one who didn't win anything. Mrs Katherine consoled her by saying. "Everyone is a winner." Before wrapping her daughter in a long hug and a kiss to the head.It was already dark out when they ended their end,meaning it was time for them to leave. Karen hugged her Mother,tears dripping
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Chapter Seven:The discussion.
The door swung open after some minute of silence. Carlos stood ,His blond hair scattered , He rubbed his hand to his eyes before opening the door, He gave way as Jeff entered."What brings you to my room?" He asked a cocky smirk on his face.Jeff let out a scoff when he saw what Carlos was putting on. He had on a Sponge bob boxer though he was shirtless,his chest flexing each time he moved."Can you stop ogling me and tell me why you're here?" Carlos asked his eyebrow raised."You arrogant jackass" Jeff cuss, his face red due to anger.Carlos raised his hands up in surrender. "Whooo dude...calm down." He said with a laugh. "You need to relax."Jeff closed his eyes, breathing quietly."So.... What do you need." Carlos said putting on a gray shirt followed by his vest, He then wore his jean trouser."Boss wants you to get his car ready." Jeff replied finally sitting down."Why?" Carlos was very surprised, He could not believe what he was hearing. Boss was the kind of person that let oth
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Chapter Eight:The Intruders
"What do you mean?" Lindsey asked and leaned closer."Back then, She would always package a bag with lot of things whenever we visit her." Martha said with a laugh as she remembered the past. "Guess she still haven't change."Derek joined her in the laugh. Lindey Clears her throat,Derek and Martha stopped laughing and turn towards her."What is it sweatheart?" Martha asked sweetly."Emmm.... Can i have a word with the both of you?" Lindsey asked,playing with her leg.Derek and Martha stared at themselves before turning towards her. "Sure." "If you need me.. I am in the parlour." Karen said, She knows that whatever Lindsey wants to tell her parents must be important. She went to the Parlour and sat on the Chair with remote in her hand.Lindsey fumbled, lost for words. Now that she has the opportunity to tell them, She can't seem to get the words out."What's is it dear?" Martha asked placing a comforting hand on her daughter's shoulder. "You know you can tell us anything?"Derek nods
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Chapter Nine: Torture.
"Don't get tired, we haven't even started." Carmichael said and got up from his chair. His hands behind his back."Please... I don't know what you want from me." Derek yelled."You know exactly what i want." Carmichael said caressing the silencer in his back pocket. "So... Give me what I want or get a bullet to your leg." Carmichael continued drawing out the silencer from his back pocket, He pressed it to Derek's leg,the safety off."No...." Martha whimpered."Yes."Carmichael smirk." Least i forget.. Where is your daughter?." He asked and withdrew his gun.Derek shivers inwardly when he had the question. "She went to her friend place." He heaved out."Is that so?" Asked Carmichael to Martha."" Martha stuttered.Carmichael watched them, after a minute or two he let out and sign. "Fine... I will believe you." He said and turned away from them. Derek heaved a sign of relief."For Now." He continued and turned towards Derek. His gun pressed back on his thigh. "One last time." He
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