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By: Jamung Joel Yenumi OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Joabe, the greatest dark wizard ever lived in the Afrik continent. He was born with the mark of fly-whisk on his chest. Jealous by his grand uncle Duutloug the untamed Lion who devour its prey without leaving traces of blood. Duutloug is bent on taking the abilities of Joabe and at the same time destroy him. The spiritual battle of dark magic is on. DARK CRYSTAL IN A FULL, gives detail Account of the days of dark magic, the survival of those who practiced dark magic centuries ago. The story touched on how people destinies were exchanged. A story of hate, jealousy and dark spiritual battles. It also explains why certain people still hold on to some beliefs today. They will never visit certain places nor eat meat of some animals, and never marry from some tribes.

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  • Jamung Joel Yenumi


    Exciting and lovely

    2021-11-09 05:16:25
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Chapter 1
BORN DIFFERENTJoabe Dampang was born with some abilities on the days when dark magic; was widely practiced in the rocky lands of Africa.His grandfather, Laar Yompa, upon realizing his abilities, on the day of his birth, fed him with a dark spiritual retention meal. The dark-spiritual retention meal; was meant to protect Joabe from losing his destiny to destiny changers. His grandfather, Yompa, upon noticing a hidden spiritual mark; of fly-whisk on his chest, knew his grandson came onto the earth with some abilities.These spiritual abilities of Joabe; can be seen by those with evil eyes. Which they will either change his destiny or destroy him before his initiation date.Joabe reacted differently to the dark spiritual retention meal. Not only did the dark-spiritual retention meal protect him from his abilities being taken from him by destiny changers, as it does to those who are fed, with it.It also activated his ability to absorb the magic of those who try to
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Chapter 2
After bathing Joabe, Duutloug went home thinking he had destroyed the destiny of another boy.At night Duutloug went to bed and had a dream where he was chased; by a boy of not more than three years at dwarves caves mountain. The boy in the dream; had the eyes of an eagle and spits-fire like a dragon. Trees fall from the strong wind when he swings his hand in any direction.The boy roars like a lion and causes the clouds to respond with thunder and lightning. His body switches to a dragon, a lion, and an eagle.Duutloug tried running, but the boy in his dream was so swift. The boy made him fall several times on the rocks, which caused Duutloug to lose his spiritual accession teeth. When Duutloug woke up, he realized he was not in his bedroom. He was on top of one of the rocks he fell on in his dream at dwarves caves mountain. He quickly got up to run but fell back. His legs were tied to a tree nearby, with enchanted palm leaves robes. What? It is no more a d
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Chapter 3
At dwarves caves mountain, Duutloug went and stood ten meters from where he was tied by unknown superpowers the previous night. He used the Charcoal and drew three feet diameter circle around himself.He placed the three miracle leaves on the line of the three feet diameter circle around himself.He then placed the two eggs at one foot each, inside the circle one, at his right and the other egg at his left side. He picked out the five cowries and placed one on his right foot and one on his left foot. He put one egg in front at a foot distance. And with the remaining two cowries, he kept one each at his right and left palm. This method, 'The five cowries distraction,' was the second time he was using it. He has ever used that method to capture and destroy the Evil goddess of the dark valley.The dark valley was one stretch of dwarves caves mountain. That place was three miles from where he was tied by the unknown superpowers the previous night.The Evil goddes
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Chapter 4
Meanwhile, back in the residence of Yompa, Joabe's mother, 'Konduk,' is busy in the kitchen. She will be receiving visitors from her mother's village, and because of that, she had to help; in preparing the meals.Joabe's father, Laar Dampang, has also gone to check on their family, land in the next village. The land; was being encroached on by some village folks, which made him abandon all his home duties and attend to it.Joabe was left; under the care of his grandfather. His grandfather, Chamba Yompa, started singing in praising Joabe. He had some lyrics in the song that describe Joabe as a 'new crowned warrior.''A man who is obeyed; by sun, moon, and thunder.''A wind; that cannot be trapped.'In the process of signing, Yompa noticed that Joabe's mood had changed. Chamba Yompa got panicked.Joabe had frowned his face and folded his lips in. His tiny eyes became red, and his eyeballs were like that of a big cat. The fly-whisk mark on his chest became mor
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Chapter 5
Chamba Yompa was still in bed at dawn when he heard a knock at his door. He wondered who could be at his door that early.He looked through his small window and realized it was already daybreak. He opened the door and saw Joabe's mother with a conflicted look on her face.Before Chamba Yompa could ask about her mission, she said I am here this morning because of your grandson.Joabe's grandfather Chamba Yompa got panicked, thinking something; bad might have happened to Joabe. And quickly asked, what about him? Is he alright?Konduk gave out a big sigh and said, he is fine, just that this morning. The boy has greeted me again with other pointed sharp teeth. He is making me scared day in day out.Can you please tell; me the truth? Two days ago, when l saw the first two teeth, which weren't normal, you told me not to worry. But this is becoming complicated. "Can you please explain; to me why I should not be worried?"Chamba Yompa calmed her down and told her her son i
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Chapter 6
Joabe's father Laar Dampang had a dream that his son was about fifteen years of age. A group of people numbering about one thousand planned to eliminate his son.Each of the one thousand people was people who possess a higher level of dark powers. Their power together can destroy any known dark power on earth.He woke up very terrified, which his wife too woke up at the same hour having the same terrified expression. She narrated her dream to her husband and her dream was almost the same as her husband's dream. Back in Duutloug's room, Big Head; hmmm,Did you listen to small head at all? Your desperation is too much! I least expected this from you.You have been in the dark magic world for years, yet you are ignoring the principles of the practice.You should know by now that our practice and winning of spiritual battles go beyond many dark charm formations.I can conjure many charms and formations for
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Chapter 7
It was morning and the sun was about to set, Nankpiit village folks were all gathered at the Baobab tree in the middle of the village. Though their gods told them their land has been defiled and In a few days, they will be attacked, there seems to be relief on their faces. Standing among them was a young man who had switches face of a tiger. He roars like thunder and his eyes light like lightning. The aura around him causes people to panic at the sight of him. The young man was about twelve years of age and that was Pangbe Duutloug the biological grandson of Duutloug Jasuak.  Pangbe Duutloug was the only biological grandson of Duutloug Jasuak. Pangbe lost his mother at birth and his father Parka Duutloug, died three days to Pangbe's initiation into the dark magic cult. Parka Duutloug went to get seven heads of a tiger to be used as a ritual in initiating his son into the dark magical cult. The seven tiger heads if gotten will make his son pangbe,
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Chapter 8
They tried to reach each other, but it was like two north poles or two south poles of magnets were to meet. The aura in the two opposing groups repelled! It was as each group was surrounded by an invisible layer pushing them apart. For more than three hours, their magical forces repel! What they could do was to throw fire arrows at each other. Their fire arrows crashed on each other which produced a high metallic sound. The young leader of Nasan, Paarlomang Saab, upon studying the situation, changed his battle field; he activated went up, floating in the sky, he then swung his hand and fast-moving lighting stones fell in the camp of Nankpiit village and killed a few of them while some got injured. Paarlomang swung his hand again aiming to kill more than the first attack. At this time he had activated mountain scatter attack.  The mountain scatter attack was conjured by the first king of Nasan. He conjured it and scattered a mountain that
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Chapter 9
Back in the northern part of Nankpiit village, the magical swarm of bees was still piercing the troops of Nankpitt. All of a sudden swarm of dragonflies came from nowhere and attacked the magical swarm of bees. Within thirty seconds, the magic bees were devoured! by the dragonflies. The troops of Nasan were surprised because they never expected the people of Nankpiit to have the counter-power of magical bees. The magic bees' power and its counter-power were rare and could only be conjured up; by the people of Nasan. How was that possible that the people of Nankpiit had the counter charm?Although the swarm of dragonflies preyed to their advantage, the troops of Nankpiit were equally baffled. They were even more shocked than the people of Nasan. They wondered where the dragonflies came from with their magic eyes. They could still see nothing. The people of Nanpiit were aware that throughout their land, the only thing Nanpiit people have is a cure fo
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Chapter 10
Pangmang's great-great-grandfather Chamba Faraka Konbik was the one who kept and trained the white-necked raven. The white-necked raven developed the intelligence of a human being. Chamba Faraka Konbik fed the white-necked raven with 'the revolving herb of life also known as an immortal herb. It was an enchanted herb; used to feed royal birds and animals to keep them from dying prematurely or being mistakenly killed by hunters. The white-necked raven, after musing in Pangmang's, ear flew away. Pangmang wanted to stop it and probe further. But the white-necked raven was in a hurry to attend to other things. Pangmang had no option other than to conjure the whirlwind ride magic spell. It was not advisable to use a Whirlwind ride in the presence of many people because if about seven of those present have an umbrella tree covering charm, the whirlwind ride spell will fail and can cause death. The whirlwind charm was rare and could only be conjured;
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