Brooklyn Ashland: Rise To Triumph

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Brooklyn Ashland: Rise To Triumph

By: Ruthie Balo OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In a world of struggle and betrayal, Brooklyn Ashland finds himself entangled in a precarious situation as his wife treats him with contempt. Their already broken marriage was broken when their daughter falls sick and his wife had asked her ex to take care of the bills with the aim of divorcing her husband so she could live a luxurious lifestyle. Brooklyn was hurt but yet, he was determined to prove his worth, finally he made the decision to return back to his family and embraced his role to head the Ashland Company. Becoming a Billionaire overnight. With a renewed strength, he played the role of an ordinary man and a powerful man in disguise, he confronts those who underestimated him, paving the way for a gripping tale of redemption and resilience.

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9 chapters
Chapter 1
“Get out! You lowlife son of a bitch.” Stacy yelled at the top of her voice, flaring up in anger as she paced about the living room.Brooklyn stood by the side of the kitchen door, head bent as he looked down at his bare feet.“Gosh! How did I get myself into this, to be with you? You must have put a spell on me.” Stacy said, blinking her eyes as she was still pacing about, she stopped in the middle of the room and facepalmed herself.“I’m such a fool.” Stacy sighed, just then, her daughter coughed aloud, holding her chest.“Shut up there, you!” She pointed a finger at the girl.“Don’t you yell at her.” Brooklyn spoke and ran to sit beside her, “daddy’s here, my little angel.” He said and rubbed his daughter’s back, holding her close to him while his wife, Stacy stared at them with pure irritation.“Daddy, it hurts, my chest hurts.” Olive said, her eyes brimming with tears.“It’s okay, I got you.” Her father said, placing a kiss on her forehead.“You dumb fuck! that won’t help her. We
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Chapter 2.
It had been almost three days since Brooklyn heard from Stacy, he had called her number severally and it went straight to voicemail, he was worried but then there was more to be worried about.Olive.Brooklyn returned to the hospital with the money for his daughter’s treatment two days back, promising his manager at work that once they discharge Olive he would work hard and pay back his loan.Brooklyn decided to go back home and freshen up, have some food and take some for his daughter to eat at the hospital before bringing her back to their house, he was grateful that the surgery had gone well and she would be better for a longer period if he maintained her drugs steadily. He thought about where Stacy had gone to, he had tried her number and it didn’t go through.He wondered if this was the perfect time for her to go ghost or just do things irrationally. He took out his phone and dialed her number again, it went straight through voice mail again.Brooklyn gave up trying to call his w
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Chapter 3.
Brooklyn punched the chair hard and groaned in anger. Brooklyn was mad at himself, he was mad that he allowed Stacy to disrespect him to this extent before realizing he needed to take this step.He didn’t want the life he was about to introduce himself to because he was avoiding family issues and he didn’t want to also attract enemies to himself and family but nevertheless he felt like it was something he could handle and beside no one has to know he was the one.He felt his chest tighten and tears welled up in his eyes.If only Brooklyn had listened to his mother about not marrying Stacy, he could vividly remember his mother’s word that very day.“She is one of those gold diggers out there, I bet she’s after what you have.” Mrs. Ashland berated her son over his choice of wife.“Mother, calm your horses…”His mother had cut in. “No! It is you who should calm your horses down, I hope you don’t regret this decision later.”What did they say about “mother knowing the best…”And here he
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Chapter 4.
It had been a week of heading Ashland Company and Co. from home, he was trying to calculate his steps, for now, he wants to keep his identity hidden and even though it has been announced that the company now has a new head, he had told his parents not to mention his name, at least for now.Brooklyn was back in his former house, where he lived with Stacy. His legs on the table as he scrolled through his phone, Stacy had texted that she wants to see him and he gave her a smooth excuse to show up, as he no longer works at his former job but paid every dime he owed.He was on a call with his personal assistant, Darlene who had swore her allegiance to him to be more than just a personal assistant but his third eye. Brooklyn was supposed to be in a meeting that morning but because Stacy was coming over, he told Darlene to reschedule.When it’s time, he would change his looks, wear the dark tinted shades, pack his hairs and his fashionable mask that covers his nose and mouth, let’s not forg
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Chapter 5.
Two days later, the headline, “One of the Ashland Twins Takes Over Ashland Company And Co.” his name wasn’t mentioned in the newspaper.“Nonsense!” Marshal Greenwood bellowed angrily, “Are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a mistake, they don’t know which of the twins?” He scoffed.Marshal Greenwood was the owner of The Greenwood Insurance company and aside that, he also owned an Hotel located in the heart of New York.He hated the Ashland family and sees them as nothing but prideful people and ever since William Ashland had turned down his offer of partnering with him saying the hotel he owned would yield him thousands of money and not millions and he would rather partner with his insurance company than the hotel.That had hurt Marshal Greenwood feelings that William Ashland had disrespected him and his businesses.Also, his good for nothing son had scammed him, coming to him with fake papers and bringing two fake representatives with him, posing like he worked for his father and Marsh
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Chapter 6.
“Sir, I have words.” Darlene drawled, sitting cross legged on the chair, she was dressed in an all black outfit as usual.I cleared my throat before speaking, “I’m all ears.”“It’s Mason Greenwood and now, I hear Philip Black is also on the run.” Darlene said, drumming her fingers on her leg.“Darlene, explain, I know Mason Greenwood but who’s Philip Black?”“A top Attorney of the state and secretary in a league but if I am to guess, it would be the league of assassins.” “A dirty lawyer. Hmm.” “A dirty one sir. He’s let a few bad people of the hook because they paid him well and guaranteed him and his family protection but now, Mason Greenwood is after his life and no doubt he would go after his family too.”“That aside, why is Mason hot on my heels?” Brooklyn questioned.“It’s something about your twin brother, Blaze did two or three years ago and it’s obvious now that Mason hasn’t let it go. He orchestrated the whole thing at the hotel.” Darlene explained, twitching her nose.“He
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Chapter 7.
Brooklyn got a call from Blaze right after Darlene called to update him about Philip Black’s family and she had made them comfortable in the penthouse. Brooklyn missed Blaze’s calls and dialed his number, he picked on the second ring.“Hello, Brother. No need to call back, mum told me where to find you.” Blaze said, chuckling on the other end and Brooklyn hung up the phone.When Blaze arrived at his villa, he plopped himself on the chair and asked one of the maid to get a glass of chilled water.“What’s your name, pretty girl?”Blaze asked, scrutinizing her body with his eyes. The maid was about to answer but Brooklyn cuts her off.“Go about your duty.” He faced his twin brother, “What’s up, Blaze?”“You’ve really made a name for yourself. I heard what Greenwood did at his hotel.” Blaze said, smiling.“Yeah, that’s his loss, not mine.” Brooklyn said, as a matter of fact. “I told you to join me then, as brothers we would have done it easily together.”“So dad would have put one of us
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Chapter 8.
Stacy had told Brooklyn that he should come with his attorney to Adonai’s house so they could talk about the divorce process and get it over with as soon as possible.William had gotten an Attorney for his son and together, Brooklyn and the attorney left for Adonai’s house in the woman’s car.“What can I offer you?” Adonai’s maid asked as they arrived but Brooklyn and the Attorney Julia politely declined.“Hi, I’m Julia Presley, Mr. Ashland attorney.” Julia introduced herself with a smile on her face.“I am Paul Grant. Mrs. Bar..”“Ms. Barrett.” Stacy corrected the attorney.“Ms. Barrett attorney.” Paul Grant introduced.After they had exchanged pleasantries, Julia started, “on behalf of Mr. Ashland, I wish to ask a few questions.”“Go ahead.” Stacy said, her fingers laced together. Julia glanced at Adonai and Stacy said he could stay.Julie smiled, “If you don’t respect your marriage you should respect Brooklyn as a man. I insist he excused us.”“I choose to stay, it’s my house.” Ado
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Chapter 9.
Mason Greenwood was in the study in his house when his main man had come to him information, he was really furious that he didn’t think the plan through before getting on with it and Philip Black had said that the assassin didn’t intend to pull the trigger and also two out of the assassin had died and it was just three people who were unfortunate to be injured.Mason Greenwood felt like he had broken the rules of his hotel himself and that made him to hate the Ashland family the more.He slammed his fist on the table, sending papers flying. Karim stood at the corner of the room, the tablet behind his clasped hands, he was wearing a black turtleneck that still didn’t covered his upper neck tattoos and palms.Literally, his body was covered in tattoos and he was as brutal as his boss.“What did you find?” Mason asked.Karim stepped forward, “Blaze Ashland location and Black’s family…” he twitched his nose, “We are not the only watching.” “Were you able to track them?” “Whoever found t
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