The whole of Johji Inn was swept and washed, and the ladies of service arranged themselves along the hallway and start their morning chatters.

Far off, three beautiful ladies in pants and braziers were lolling over the wall of the hallway, and their discussion was in a whisper.

"Your friend didn't spend a night at the palace. Aren't you people thinking what am thinking?"

"What's is your thought? She may be discharged because she was found blameless, and not because she has nothing funny with the royal family."

"She is a member of the black ninjas, and was sent here to replace Jade-. I bet the royal family were afraid of her, and this is the reason why she was given a free hand to do as she likes."

"Did you have any proof of this gossip? Or your accusation is baseless as usual."

"See this lady seeking for proof when the truth is glaring-. Haha, here she comes."

"Have you seen her two buddies today? They didn't join us for morning chore."

"They were forming big gals because their friend
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