Where Onishi landed was dry ground, and the illegitimate prince held his dislocated left ankle for a while and groan silently in pain.

Since the moon is glaring in the sky, coupled with the numerous stars shining their tiny brightness towards the earth, Onishi was able to discern his environment. So he tiptoed silently with an uncomfortable countenance, arrived at the front of a wire mesh and stood undecided at his next step.

"How am I going to scald over this iron?" Onishi soliloquises alone, stretched his hand towards the mesh, and that was a costly mistake.

"Oh my gosh!" He screamed out as he was flung off by the electric current on the mesh, and he lay disoriented for a while until he regain his equilibrium.

As the adage goes, if the way forward is blocked, then the way backwards should be embraced.

Without being advised, Onishi ambled toward the window of his room, then halted with open mouth at the height he had jumped.

"Little wonder I got my ankle dislocated!" He exclaimed
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