Chapter 46

"Only once." He tried to calm himself down by saying something like that. They still had four arrows left, and each of them had a chance to shoot five times.

Out of the five times of archery, it was possible that the one score she got was slightly lower, and it was with this kind of outlook that she thought later she would get another perfect score and would beat Aaron.

Aaron looked at him casually as he spoke. "Either you get close to me, or you don't." He again said the provocation in such a flat tone. He was playing a game.

Those used to competition must be used to provocation and can control themselves. Poker face is the key, and the brain for thought is a deadly weapon.

When their bet hadn't started yet, Aaron was figuring out what could be used here. And he thought about the plans he could use. But actually, everything here can be dealt with quickly, especially since he has substantial experience.

There was a good reason why he had chosen the bow he would use carefully. He was l
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