Chapter 51

Violet brushed off Noel's hand, and the man smiled at the action Violet showed.

"I've been thinking about if we shouldn't go together." Violet was calm in front of this man. She looked straight at Noel.

Noel nodded his head slightly as he looked at the woman in front of him. "Is it all because I mentioned that guy? That man is useless, isn't he? He's just giving you a hard time."

Violet did not respond to his words. She looked at the person dressed in black, the security guard here. "Get this man out of here. Don't let him in again." Hearing Violet's words that were so arrogant this time, Noel looked at her more sharply.

She immediately swatted away the security man's hand that was about to touch her. "Don't you dare touch me?" The warning she gave made the man in uniform hesitate to touch her. Now face to face with Violet, he didn't hesitate to show his rude attitude.

He came here because he was ordered by his father, after seeing Violet's beautiful face, he was quite interested in t
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