Chapter 50

"Can you call them?" Aaron spoke without looking at Olson. He was cutting the meat on his plate.

He had just given Olson two names to call. The old man in a neat suit who always tried to do his job well immediately interrupted. "Of course, my Prince can do it."

Aaron didn't need to doubt Olson's ability. Moreover, this was just a simple task that he gave. he asked for an excuse to contact James and also Albert. The two men who couldn't escape their fate must have been pounding their hearts out, waiting for what Aaron wanted.

Aaron was still eating his breakfast quietly. At that moment, a man was sitting in his room. He held his hand hard. "How could I lose to such an insolent man, especially since I didn't act vigilantly enough to get this kind of pressure." When he woke up, he immediately got information from Albert about their defeat and the payment they should get.

It made him so uneasy, something like this he had never thought about before. "How can I escape from that bet?" he fro
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