2021 L.A.

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2021 L.A.

By: pete greg OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Mr Philips a successful detective, who solved several murder and fraud cases gets promoted to Homicide desk. ... ... ... ... After six years of hard work he decided to fall in love with Anna, when their romance was going smoothly the unexpected happens during a ship morphine case, he was framed for adultery by Eugene, a college of his. He losses his chance of marry Anna and gets demoted. .... . . . . . Another Events takes place at Lawrence hospital, where his ex_ girlfriend was kidnapped. .... ... ... .. Philips and Kelly now tries solving the morphine case while at the same time trying to rescue his lover.

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Outline of story
SETTING.Set in Los Angeles in the year 2021, the story follows detective Philips' rise among the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department as he solves a range of cases across various bureaus.In 2021, after successfully solving a major murder case as a patrol officer, Philips is promoted to detective. His tenure at the Traffic desk results in solving multiple cases of murder and fraud. Six months later, after a stint on the Burglary desk, Philips is promoted to the Homicide desk. He and Galloway investigate various cases that contain similarities to the Black Dakota murder, arresting numerous suspects. However, Philips is doubtful that they are apprehending the actual murderers; his theories are ultimately proven correct. They eventually track down and kill the real murderer, unbeknownst to the public.Upon being promoted into the Vice division, Philips investigates the distribution of military surplus morphine, stolen from the ship that had brought home his forme
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Characters of story.
CHARACTERS.Detective Philips is the main protagonist of 2021 L.A and a former officer in the United States Marine Corps, he later returned from the war as a hero, joining the Los Angeles Police Department. Philips swiftly rose through the ranks and became a Detective.BackgroundPhilips was born in San Francisco in 1980 where both his father and grandfather ran a shipping company. He attended Stanford University. Before the war, he married a woman named Marie and had two daughters with her.odd citation, then maybe we'll get along.Detective Stefan is a central character in 2021 L.A. Stefan is Philips' partner while he is assigned to the Traffic desk, becomes Harold Caldwell’s partner in Burglary some time during Philips’s time during Homicide and the first 3 cases of Vice, and later becomes Rusty Galloway's partner in Homicide 3 cases after the time after Philips was promoted to Vice.
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Part 1.
L.A. 1.In 2021, after successfully solving a major murder case as a patrol officer, Philips is promoted to detective. His tenure at the Traffic desk results in solving multiple cases of murder and fraud. Six months later, after a stint on the Burglary desk, Philips is promoted to the Homicide desk.At Los Angeles. It was around 5:30 am that morning, the early morning dew was still on the atmosphere people could be seen walking by the pedestrian bridges while cars could be seen zoom through the asphalt road when suddenly a Ford Mustang vroom through the road with it's wheels splashing water allover the place. Inside the Ford was detective Philips a 41 years old man who was just promoted to detective after successful solving some murder cases. Philips was born in San Francisco in 1980 where both his father and grandfather ran a shipping company. He attended Stanford University. Before the war, he married a woman named Marie and had two daughters with her. odd citation, then maybe we'll
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Part 2.
L. A 2.It was another beautiful day at Los Angeles with another murder issue case knocking at detective Philips door.‘ vroom’, he sprints through the asphalt road with his Ford car dashing for the L.A police department.At the L.A police.‘ you better make it snappy, I don't have much time, we need to get to that young boy before detective Philips gets there before us ’, Roy said.It was not that long after his statement that detective Philips just walks in over hearing him.‘ what did you say ’, he asked.He slowly turns around.‘ and how is that your fucking business ’, he replied.‘ I mean what boy are you talking about ’, in a serious tone.Roy Earle turns away from him and holds up a smile on his face accompanied with a glare, ‘ don't try to be stupid, you really think am gonna fall for your dip shit huh, you should better rethink them or else.. ’.He intruded with an aggressive tone, ‘ what will you do huh, you really think am gonna be like please my job, I don't wanna lose my
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Part 3.
L. A part 3.‘ who the hell are you ’, Sir Philips asked.‘ anonymous and keep it down boy, you neighbors can hear you shouting like an idiot ’.‘ I swear gonna kill you ’, in a high tone.‘ no worries, I wish you good luck when you are at it ’, he ends the call leaving detective Philips suspicious.‘ who is that person, who will call me, it's only who knows too much about me that will call ’, in a weak tone.At L.A police department..Roy was in his office with detective Philips, they were both having a conversation.‘ so.. have you been able to see the woman little man now ’, he asked.‘ no, not yet we are still searching for him ’.‘ ok, tell me when you have something ’, Roy said.‘ I wanna ask you something ’, Philips said.He turns around, ‘ huh ’.‘ there is another gang member team on the street, they are called the rich and powerful, I guess it's high time we flush them before they end up kill innocent people ’.‘ them why don't you do that ’, Roy Earle asked.Philips becomes
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Part 4.
L.A part 4.‘’ hurry move in ‘’.Some police men heavily armed ran into the site on guard.The shoot sounds continued for a while with Philips and Galloway walking into the scene.Philips was holding a Kruger with Galloway hold a Ak49.He points to his left.‘ take that way and am taking this way, make sure they don't get pass you ’, Philips said.He nods his head and moves into the construction site with the rest of them.While inside the construction site.‘ we need to fuck off now, we are all out numbered ’, in a serious tone.‘ we can not go through with this, we need to go further with this ’, with fear written all over his face while trying to run off with the other holding him back.‘ you can not just back down, we have come this far not to back down but to succeed, stay with me and let us both run away with this cash ’.He shakes his head and went back on guard with the others, shooting at the cops.While outside the site..Detective Philips was having a conversation with Roy
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Part 5
The cold breeze of the night blows through the room, Hunter on the other hand was looking weak and tired after passing through several transformation. The doll walks up to Hunter, ‘ you must seek the healing church or else you can never be cured from Paleblood, what do you say ’, in a serious tone. Hunter kept mute for a while before replying, ‘ how do I get there, I don't even know where am at ’. The doll laughs, ‘ stop behaving like a lost child ’. .... The Hunter now travels to the central of Yharnam in search for the healing church because of its connection to blood ministration, which is linked to the plague. Getting their he sights a very old man, standing upright with his chest out, he first observes him before walking up to him. ‘ hello sir ’, Hunter greeted. The old man turns around with a mischievous smile on his face, ‘.am doing good and what are you doing here ’, he asked. Hunter becomes suspicious of his words, ‘ what do you mean ’, in a low tone while slowly movin
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part 6
L.A 2021.‘ you have no power over yourself, you are just like a slave to me, remember your place here with me, you are a no body compare to me when I speak ’, the figure voices out in anger while hiding in the shadows.Roy Earle frowns his face and was about walking away when the figure called for him again.‘ remember I know many things about you, we share something in common, that's what joins us together, so tell me, why do you wish to bail on our years of hard work, tell me who paid you off ’, he said in a soft tone.Roy becomes angry and points his gun at the figure.‘ I have done my own part of the deal, now fuck off from my life and never ever call me again ’, he walks for his car.‘ why did you not do it, I know you can't leave a day without me, what ever I say you do, if I say, fuck off, you fuck off, if I say suck my dick like a whore you suck it like you are sucking a pussy, you are like my lad rat, you don't have any power of your own boy, remember I rule this hood, the c
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chapter 7
A 2021. 2.It was another beautiful day at LA, calls were coming in from different locations and cars were patronizing the roads of LA. Detective Stefan and his comrade were busy taking count of speed limits when an anonymous call came in few minutes later. " Vroom " .A car zoomed through the roads with it's very fast streaks blurring through the environment. Stefan sights the car with fear written all over his face as the car zoomed pass him. " What is that ", he slowly turns around and raised an alarm." Zoom ". The car kept going, breaking through some signs and knocking down some innocent civilians. At the police department." what is going on there down town ".The police department was crowded with police officers and other agents. They were busy staring at a screen. " We have a fast sport car zooming through the asphalt roads of LA. How do we catch this driver "." We don't have to stop him, we just have to let him fall into our trap ", she turns around and faced the crowd
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chapter 8
L. A 2021. 3.[ At another location ].The republic of China.The environment was running with people walking to and fro with expensive sport cars been driven by the hotel management. It was around 8pm in the night and some men on red and white uniforms could be seen standing at the front of a 120 skyscraper. Some of the hotel management were busy helping out some of their clients while at the other side was a VIP lodge where some rich men and women were enjoying themselves. The hotel is known for it hospitality and ways of entertaining their clients and it was also the richest hotel in the whole of china.Room 1179, at the VVIP lodge.Room 1179 could be located at the top of the skyscraper, it was the highest room in the hotel and everything there were made out of gold. Everything there were met for the richest of them all.Inside the room a man could be seen standing half naked at the front of a mini hot turb with some heavily armed men standing there with him." ring, ring ".A you
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