Almighty Elvis Mark

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Almighty Elvis Mark

By: Mercy Collins CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Your mother-in-law already told me that you are a useless fool but seeing you now, I have to say that she was lenient with her words." Elvis, a wealthy billionaire left his father due to a feud to live a simple life, devoid of all the hate and hectic life of being rich. Married into an average family, he held his wife's company, Sonia to gradually rise to the top. But as she rose in fame, so did her scorn for him and soon, she decided to get a divorce, breaking every bond that they had between them. Right after this encounter, Elvis is kidnapped, and tearing his eyes open, his eyes meet with that of his father. "Son, the family needs you back." His father brewed out words that he never thought he was going to hear.

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  • Nene Flor


    the plot is amazing..kudos author!

    2024-04-26 12:42:08
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Chapter 1
"You fool, I never should have trusted you." A bottle of water sprinkled all over Elvis's body, sending a cold wave of chills down his spine.Andrew took a glance at his already wet dress, returning his gaze to his boss, blazing with so much fury as confusion flooded his face."But what have I done wrong?" He could not hold back all the urge that was pushing him to say."What have you done wrong? You still have the guts to spill lies on my face?" Mr. Fred's angry tone resounded in the room.Andrew's thoughts spun around as to what he could have done wrong. But no matter how hard he tried to wrap his head around it, he could not come to any conclusion.When his boss invited him to his office, he thought that he was going to give him a promotion just as he had always wanted but it turned out that he was wrong.Mr. Fred got up from his seat, slapping him on his face as his hands flushed with anger."You knew that we were going to submit our application to the Gerald Family group Long ch
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Chapter 2
Elvis paired right into her eyes, his face laced with anger and his hands formed into a quick ball.He was damn sure that his mother-in-law had invited the pervert into their house for whatever reason that was best known to her.But he didn't care, even for a single moment."Get your hands off her you pervert, that's my wife there and stop giving her filthy names?" Elvis lashed out at him with a thick frown hovering on his face.But before he could forge ahead to rip them apart, Sonia stopped her with a stale stare on her."What do you think that you are trying to do, fool? Get your filthy hands off my boyfriend right this moment." Her words were like the clap of a lightning bolt.There was a dangling smirk on Dustin's face but that didn't matter to him anymore.He thought that he had heard wrong. That could only be the possibility there because there was no way Sonia could have said those words.Even though the rest of the family hated him so much, he was sure that there was no way
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Chapter 3
There was pain in Elvis's eyes as he walked away gradually from the place.If there was anything that he needed now, it was a quiet time to cool down his head. With his heart racing fast, he is walked into a boot at the far end of the road that was rarely used.The inside of the boot is dark, lonely and deserted, revealing the state of his shredded heart.One that made his heart bleed as It felt just like yesterday when he left the home of his father.His father wanted him to get married to the daughter of a billionaire in the city who was vast in a new sector.But he never liked the girl named Sophia who was always acting all sassy. Having to go through the torture of his parent's loveless marriage, he had vowed never to make the same mistake that his parents made.But his father was hell bent on pushing him into this black hole against his own will. And when her mother eventually opposed, she was chased away not only out of his home but out of the city.His heart was torn into shred
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Chapter 4
Elvis went down the memory lane as memories of the past flooded through his head. His shock soon melted into anger as he prevented his father from throwing a hug at him."What do you want from me? I thought that you said you never wanted to see my face again."I thought you wanted me dead right and that was the reason that you threw me into the street right." Elvis brewed out the anger that he had bottled up all this while."Or you want to force another loveless marriage down my throat again? After all these years that I have been forced to leave on the streets like a taunt?"There was pain in the eyes of his father but he could not see it even for a single moment.While he continued to rant, wanting to spill out all the words that he had in stock in his mind for all these years, he heard a voice that made him pause.""I'm sorry Elvis." Mr. Ford finally apologized.The words seemed to pull him off from the world of his anger as he met with a swift stop, words failing him almost immed
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Chapter 5
"I am still undergoing treatment so I won't be able to come with you to the company tomorrow.But I have already prepared someone that will be waiting for you already." Mr. Ford said.Elvis acknowledged his words with a sudden nod and went ahead to say with a forced smile."Have all the rest that you need, Father. I am going to take care of your company from now on and I am going to give it my best." Elvis added.There was a smile on his father's face as he spoke the words to him."You have always been a brilliant kid since you were young. I am sure that you will be able to pull this off." Mr. Ford acknowledged.Elvis knew that it was already time for him to leave already. He was served the best food that could only be gotten from the Villa, but he could hardly finish his meal.He had a fresh bath and by the next morning, it was time to leave. The doctor had already told him that he could not always bother his parents and from what he had gotten from the maids, they were still fast as
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Chapter 6
Elvis could already feel anger rising badly but he drew a really deep breath in an attempt to control his anger."And what makes you think that I am guilty as accused?" Elvis could not help inquire, staring right into the eyes of guards."Because even without being told. I already know that you are guilty." He spat making Elvis's eyebrows meet with a quick farrowed.Before going forward to speak, he shot a swift glance at Elvis, taking every single note of him from his head to his toe and the frown hanging initially on his face deepened even more.He scoffed."I mean, just take a really good look at yourself. You are too bad to be true." The guard mocked."Your clothes look like they haven't been changed in years nor have they been deepened in water for a long time." He mocked Elvis.His hands were already clutched but Elvis was still doing a great job in controlling his rising anger."Well, too bad to disappoint you but I am not here to get a job neither was I guilty of any charge."
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Chapter 7
"Have you gone deaf or something? I said "answer me right this minute." Ms. Precious thundered at once again.His facial expression was clouded with so much confusion, trying to figure out what was going on in his head.But the more that he thought about it, the more confused."I sent him away?" He replied like someone with a stutter."And which way did he go?" Ms. Precious fired at him once again.For a while, he could not get himself to say any further words and he didn't register the exact route that he had used in his head."I don't remember ma'am." He responded with a sorry look on his face."You will be sorry for this when I eventually return." She stormed off from the place swiftly, stamping her foot on the floor.After a while, she realizes that it would be easier for Richard to recognize Elvis since they meant recently and she was only shown pictures of him from previous years.Turning around towards the guard, she lashed out at him."Get before me bastard and don't make me r
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Chapter 8
Elvis and Ms. Precious go back to the office where he is taken round the company by Ms. Precious who shows him everywhere."And this is your office," she said as she opened the last office, revealing an extravagant room. Elvis looked around in surprise, this was the biggest office he had seen since he was shown around. "It used to be your father's, Mr. Ford's office. But now that you have become the new President, it now belongs to you," she explained. He walked over to the President's seat and sat on it, he slowly felt the softness of the chair. He sighed weakly, then closed his eyes. "And what may I address you as?" He suddenly asked. Ms. Precious smiled, then replied, "Ms. Precious, your secretary and guardian as instructed by your father," Elvis nodded in satisfaction. He slowly opened his eyes and sat straight."Send the company's documents to me," He said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. Without a word she left the office.Elvis sat up from the chair, he went over
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Chapter 9
For the next few minutes, Silas and Elvis were struggling on who was going to retain the documents. Thinking it was the same Elvis from high school he molested each day, Silas didn't giun until Elvis pushed him aside then he fell on the floor with a thud. Smirking, he rose, dusting his butt with his gaze fixed on him. "I didn't mean to push you that hard. You would have just stopped when I asked you to." Elvis scowled. People were loitering about but no one gave them any attention. "Get into the elevator." Silas snapped. "Why? I'm already on my way out." He replied, trying to brush past him but Silas grabbed his arm then pulled him into the elevator. Still wearing his evil smirk, he grabbed Elvis by the cuff of his shirt. Gritting his teeth in anger, he yelled, "What has come over you?" "I already told you. I'm sorry, okay. I didn't mean to hurt you." He mumbled, gasping for breath. Instead of letting him go, Silas tightened his grip on the cuff watching Elvis eyes water as he
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Chapter 10
When Ms. Precious returned to the office, she was surprised to still see Elvis seated with his legs across the other. "You said you wouldn't be here when I return." She said, flopping on her seat. "I changed my mind. Do you have a problem with that?" He asked, raising his brow at her. "Not at all." She replied, chuckling softly. After a brief silence, she cleared her throat to get his attention and when she did, she pushed her hair behind her ears. "Aren't you going to tell me what happened? Your neck is still reddened. Who tried to kill you?" She asked, her face masked with worry.As if that was not enough, she left her seat then went to his side, "Tell me, it's time we involve the police because the next time the perpetrator will kill you." She said, "I don't think so." He said, chuckling as the discomfort Silas would probably be facing at the moment. "It's not funny. Please tell me what happened so in case your father asks I will have an answer to give him." She said, towerin
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