The Trillionaire Takeover

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The Trillionaire Takeover

By: Nne Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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ELIJAH LAWTON is the disowned son of the powerful and revered CEO of EDEN. He is married to the daughter of one of the most influential families and they mistreat him and have no regard for him. There is a plot to take over his family company and to drive him out of his wife's family. But Elijah will take his revenge on all that have hurt those he loves and take back what is his.

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31 chapters
It was the golden anniversary of the Williams Family Patriarch and his wife. They had been married for 50 solid years together.All their children and the few grandkids that they already had were gathered in the house, with a few of their closest friends who had pretty much become family to them, joining them as well.The entire living room was decked out in glittering lights, tiny wires filled with golden light that shined and illuminated the whole space.The large five tier cake, each tier to mark one decade had already been cut into, and served to the guests. The champagne fountain had also noticeably reduced.Everyone was having a good time. Forget great, they were having a blast. Despite the fact that Master Williams himself was bedridden and couldn't even come out for the anniversary, it was just his wife who was receiving all the gifts and good wishes.“Madame Williams, this is one of the only two pairs of shoes from the greatest fashion designer the world had ever seen,” Lady
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They all walked back inside, Timothy and Alora extremely proud of themselves. That was when they heard a crash in the back courtyard.They all picked up their pace to go towards the sound of the heavy crash.It was none other than Elijah Lawton. He was standing beside the shattered pieces of Madame Williams sculpture. The same one her son, Barry, had gifted her at the start of the party this evening.He held his champagne flute in his hand, looking a little chagrined at least.Madame Williams shrieked. “Lawton!!! You have destroyed the sculpture my treasured son made of me. How dare you?!”Allison didn't even have to say a word for everyone to conclude that he had destroyed the sculpture. She stood there with a smug, satisfied smirk, her hands folded under her breasts in a way that pushed them up even more.Elijah stumbled back as his wife raced beside him, she held his hand. “Lawton, what have you done?”“You wriggling worm of the earth! You have destroyed mother's beautiful sculptur
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“We are going to be homeless.” said Lawton's mother.Lawton rushed to her, joining her on the porch. “What do you mean? Why would we behomeless, mother?”The woman positively looked afraid. “Lawton, she said we've been owing rent for the last six months. She was furious and said she would throw us out.”“Just calm down, nothing like that will happen.”She looked up at Lawton, and then turned to look at Amanda as Amanda also climbed the steps and came up to the porch.“Didn't you people go to the anniversary so you would beg Madame Williams for help when she was in a good mood?”Lawton grimaced. He suddenly felt powerless and not a small amount of stupid. “I broke her priceless sculpture.”Lawton hadn't really been the one to break it. A maid had and he had quickly reacted, telling her to slip inside while he took her place by the shattered pieces as if he had done it.“Why on earth did you do that, Lawton? You know Madame Williams is our only hope.”Lawton shook his head. He opened h
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Lawton looked panicked as he searched for the person who had called him that.“Young Master, it is really you!” A pale skinned, bald man in a very stately suit approachedLawton, spreading his arms as if to engulf Lawton in a hug.Lawton dodged him. “Sorry, sir, you've got the wrong man.”It was Mr Smithson, who ran the whole affairs of Lawton's real family back home. He wasn't mistaken of course, but he was from a life and a time that Lawton wanted nothing to do with.“I would recognize you anywhere. Young Master! Don't deny me.” Mr Smithson looked pleadingly at Lawton.Lawton sighed miserably. If he kept denying it, Mr Smithson would keep insisting and eventually reveal his secret. He went closer to Mr Smithson.The man's face pulled into a wide grin. “I knew it was you!”Lawton sighed impatiently. “Don't call me Young Master in public, Mr Smithson. I am no longer that.”The man's face went serious immediately. Mr Smithson always knew when it was time to get all serious and stony fa
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Lawton and Amanda went into the hospital room and stayed with Lawton's mother. A few hourslater, they decided that one of them should spend the night so that the other one would come during the daytime.Lawton spent the night at the hospital, and when Amanda came the following morning she took over while he began to think of what would happen at Eden HQ.He had been there a handful of times as a kid. His father had kept him hidden, so that he would be safe. Even the paparazzi had never seen his face. After a while all of that had made him himself lose interest in anything concerning Eden.He had to go today though. He needed money for moms hospital bills and probably the rent too. If he was to be entirely honest with himself, he didn't want anything to do with Eden still.Because of his father and their disagreement.His only priority now was his sick mother. And only that was enough reason to make him go and see Smithson. Smithson had been his father's secretary both at home and in
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Lawton couldn't believe that what was happening was actually happening. Was he really about to be thrown out of his own father's company?And before he met Smithson?He tried another route. “I'm simply asking, young lady, that you actually check Mr Smithsons schedule. You will see that he has an appointment with me truly. In fact, he asked me to come.”Julie barked out a laugh. “You're a liar, a scammer and a thief. No way will I let you into Eden so that people's valuable documents and the company's secrets can get out. Please leave whileI'm still asking,” she said, the threat evident in her voice.Lawton was still battling with disbelief. He almost wanted to snap at the girl, but this was a delicate situation. “Just check what I'm saying, is that so hard to do?”“And who says that I haven't checked?! The girl snapped back at him so fast his own eyes widened.“If you refuse to leave on your own, I'll have to call security now.”Lawton threw up his hands in frustration. “Why on earth
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Lawton righted himself, furious as well as well shocked at how he had almost been removed from the place. Really, was this how low he looked?He straightened his now rumpled shirt and stared down at Smithsons head where he knelt. He hurried to him, exasperated now.Lawton grimaced. “Smithson what are you doing?” he bent to whisper in the man's ear. He really didn't want people seeing or even knowing.He glanced about wearily and saw that a few people had stopped to stare. But before, when he was about to be thrown out, everyone had gone about their business like nothing was wrong and no one was being manhandled.The receptionist quivered where she knelt. “Oh please, tender justice with mercy, Sir. I have done you a great wrong, but…but I didn't know!”Smithson got up and his eyes shot fire at her from where he stood. “You do this to visitors at thecompany? Is this how you've been presiding over your duties, young lady?!” he thundered. Smithson didn't wait for more, he did not want to
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The secretary brought the food up and Lawton devoured it. He had something else that bothered him and it was the situation with his wife's family. But he would settle everything one by one, as time permitted him to.“Smithson. What exactly happened to father? Do you know?”“It was a fatal accident, young master. When the private security firm I contacted to investigatethe matter had investigated it, they reported to me that the cars had been tampered with. To kill whoever was in it. Thankfully, it had been just your father that day, as the rest of the family had missed the event.”The heavy feeling of wrath settled in Lawton. Someone had planned to get rid of his entire family, to wipe them out in one day. He couldn't allow it.“Your father knows you will handle everything once you've returned. He knows how you ended up with your in-laws. They are powerful enough people, young master.”Lawton nodded. They were, even though they didn't accept him and believed him to be useless.“They
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The door opened again and this time a young nurse walked in, and along with her was a couple of security personnels.“Sir? Ma'am? We've been ordered to remove you from the hospital premises. You have not deposited the initial admission fees or even the treatment fees and the hospital cannot condone that.”Amanda groaned in a tired, torn breath and her head dropped into her hands.Lawton got up, approaching the nurse. “I don't understand, I'm sure it's been taken care of. Just check again.”The nurse arched an eyebrow. “Did you already make the payment yourself?”“No, not me. But the hospital fees have definitely been paid.”She scoffed. “Please, you can leave by yourself to avoid any complications. The hospital will not continue to give treatment to the patient as you have refused to be cordial in the arrangement.”Amanda got up. “I thought you said you would have the fees, Lawton?”Lawton nodded, digging out his phone from his pocket. He would call Smithson and ask if he had forgotte
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“Lawton! You and better come to dinner tonight, or I will disown Amanda finally and forever. If she thinks firing her from the family company is the worst I can do, she doesn't know me yet.”“Inform my daughter, since she isn't responding to my calls, that I want the two of you at dinner tonight, I must announce the new changes that have occured in the family company to all of the family. And she is still part of it. For now, at least.”The call went off. It had been Lawton's mother in law and she had just left an imperial command. She had organized a dinner and Lawton guessed it was to cut them off completely in front of the entire family.Changes in the family company indeed.It was already the next day and Amanda was nervous, she had left the hospital after a brief visit to prepare for her pitch to Roxanne because Roxanne's manager had agreed to the meeting.Lawton wished he could tell her not to worry so much, that it was already set, but he wanted her to just go on her own. After
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