A Prince in Disguise

"What a troublesome Prince...haah.."

Ian sighed again as he opened the letter. Water dripped down his hair into his face, rolling down his cheek. He had a slight reddish glow on his skin and looked slightly pale.

As he sat down on the couch leisurely, opening the letter and reading it, one could paint an amazing portrait out of him at that moment. But sadly for him, there was no artist nearby.

" 'My dear young master Adrian..' heh.. What 'my dear' is he talking about?"

" 'In the beginning of my letter, I wish you good health and quick recovery.' What recovery? I'm completely fine.."

Ian chuckled as he continued reading the letter.

"' You cannot imagine how hurt I was when I heard that you went through something so cruel.. Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps!' What's his point? So many useless things.."

Ian kept reading in between the lines as he tried to understand the summary of the l

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