silver bloods of the vast lands

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silver bloods of the vast lands

By: Daniel David OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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in a world with a super large continent filled with various races and boundless seas, can Alex save the silver bloods from the claws of the other races and bring his clan back to it's former glory. the slumbering skyrax has awoken and as the last surviving dragon he wanted revenge for those who annihilated his kind and he chooses Alex to help him in his revenge, is it possible for Alex to fulfill the will of the clan, his father and skyrax or will the vast lands devour him before he understands what it means to be an ALDERIGDE. Join Alex as he explores the vast lands and faces the schemes of the high borns.

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  • Drew Archeron


    a bit detail heavy but as long as you go in knowing that, it's well written and an interesting plot

    2023-02-27 12:07:20
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31 chapters
Assyrian disaster (1)
Long ago Force came to our world and merged all the scattered lands turning it to a vast unmeasurable land. It was finally named the vastlands for it was almost a world of it's own. The vastlands is a continent with various races, this large land was under the rule of the empyrean ranked empire known as Assyria.The Assyrian Empire brought peace to this chaos infested lands for over a thousand years, even with its prominent name spreading deep into the outlaws and savages of the endless, but even such powerful empire could not touch an unknown land rumored to be the home of the dark creatures, beings of total nightmares known by the people as the dead lands of the vast lands, but it's real name well no one ever caredWar, the word forgotten by the people would soon be remembered as a bloodied maw opens in the shadows ready to feast, serect battles occuring without the knowledge of the people in the illusion of peace. Then it happened, a day forever craved in history with the blood of
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Assyrian disaster (2)
The pressure brought by the union of the emperor and the blood race made other races reluctantly agree, after four days a massive army assembled, they numbered 96 thousand men, while the races agreed to sending their forces they never sent their best but the emperor could not push them further, he stood at the balcony of his castle and stared at the long snake like line made by the fully armored men marching in unison, the emperor noticed the few numbers of the cavalry and questioned Cedric who always stood behind him,"why are the heavy cavalries only eight thousand, I said I need at least 50,000 heavy cavalries so why did Zack disobey me?"."Maybe he disliked your alliance with the blood race, you know he's always cautious.. but he did send the best, those eight thousand could defeat more than a hundred thousand infantries", Cedric said slowly."Hump.. this time that wretched void race will pay for touching my lands", the emperor scowled."My lord where are the blood army?", Cedric a
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Moving towards the pure bloods residence"Walk faster kid"said krix the bulky Knight, obviously annoyed with the kid's walking pace as he nudged him forward. "Okay, okay, sheesh",Alex grumbled as the silhouette of a five meters tall wall appeared at the distance with eight meters tall light towers."Uncle krix, where is my dad?", Alex asked hoping he is not with the elders."At the dining hall", krix answered."Dining hall, he's staring at the mural", Alex mumbles as they walked through the sparsely crowded gate into a brightly lit vicinity, with symmetrical arrangements of beautiful two story stone buildings, both the houses and streets were illuminated by the surrounding light towers, the light blue flames gave the environment a strange beauty."Alex, have you seen Derek?", a young girl asked she had silver hair and blue eyes, crystabel has been searching for her younger brother since she came back from her friends home, so seeing Alex she assumed he knew, because the two runaways
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the ellcrys
As Alex came down from the carriage, he glanced at the surroundings with a competitive spirit.Right now he was at the front of a huge silver forest with large roots connecting the trees to the big tree at the distance,called the ellcrys.The plains was packed full of thousands of kids his age and two above (8-10)."I'm going to awaken my totem and join the elites of our badge", said a boy with confidence."Ha!.. you, awaken a totem in your dreams", another kid mocked."I think the top five competitors are , Vincent, Arthur,Asher, William and Ulrich, also maybe Alex", a thin kid said."Alex,that gray haired boy,I don't think he's anything apart from depending on his father", a short kid spoke in denial."He is not that weak, he is the cheiftian's son, he must have had a different training", the thin kid defended."Why do you support him so much", questioned the short kid irritated."And why do you criticize him so much!, it's not his fault that he's different or do you blame the cheif
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I failed!!
1927!! The crowd roared as a kid stumbled through the finish line, removing the cloth covering his eyes he scanned through the other kids, searching for his friends to celebrate his victory."John", Ariana called out "you made it". She added."Of course I did", John replied with a happy smile.seeing both William and Derek, searching for Alex he asked."Where's Alex""He's not here", answered Derek with a wry smile."What!, How is that possible", John shouted with confusion.He knew Alex, he was stronger than the rest of them, so hearing that Alex was not here left him dumbfounded,"something must be wrong",he said looking at the rest.1952!!,the cheering of the crowd enters his ears as he turned facing the forest ' where the hell are you Alex ', William thought.***Beads of sweat filled his face as he pushed his body to the limits, Alex noticed two kids tackling each other at his front, he jumps over them, moving towards a bulky kid a few meters forward as he got closer the kid notice
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Asher knox
Asher knox is a boy with beautiful facial features, often mistaken as a girl, he is the fourth child of the knox family, with three elder sisters.His father James knox is the second elder of the second elder of the silver blood clan, famously known as the silent spear ' James had trained his spear skills more than his body, polishing his skills to perfection as he gained his name from his path of bloody massacre. Third only to the chieftain in weapon skill.Asher wanted to be like his father, a master of the spear, being a top fighter among the kids, he challenges Ulrich in a contest of spear skills and equalled. which resulted in other kids respecting him and ignoring he's girlish face.He had a neutral relationship with Alex, but because of his competitive spirit he asked for a challenge, which resulted in his loss.His opinion of the battle was that Alex was a natural sword Wilder.Apart from his eldest sister, the two younger ones were easily forgettable in the family's backgroun
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quasi domain
Cheiftian, Elder James request an audience", a guard reports to Rhyss who was once again gazing at his wife picture."Let him in", his voice echoed."Yes cheiftian", the guard said and left.After that, the door opened as James walked in,"cheiftian how was your day?", He greeted while he stood at the front of the hall staring at Rhyss who wore he's usual black outfit, with a solemn face as he unconsciously released an unusual Aura around him that felt like burning James skin even from the distance.It was a quasi-domain, possessed by warriors from the peak level.It can be sensed by warriors of high levels like him and the other elders, but Rhyss was just releasing a tiny fraction of his domain's real power.The cheiftian kept on gazing without replying to his greetings."What are you here for, konx",rhyss voice reverberated in the hall.James breathed deeply and sighed inwardly,' he knew meeting the chieftain staring at that picture was bad luck, other Elders had also complained, the
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Derek Greene
Hump!, Asher thinks he's so strong, I will show him", Derek grumbled while he walked home."But he is strong, he's ice element is quite powerful and he had understood his force, you haven't", white said to Derek through their mind connection."What!, I refuse to accept that", Derek retorted."But you didn't train at all, what you did was to waste your time at the blacksmith ordering them to make a dagger exactly like the one you drew", white tried to show Derek his faults."But those stupid blacksmiths couldn't make the dagger the way I wanted it, or else I could have won against Asher", Derek said stubbornly."No you could have lost horribly, those daggers are the style made for your dad, a top level warrior by the combined work of a peak level mystic blacksmith and a peak level runesmith, which took years to finish and you just copied the design and expects an ordinary blacksmith, not even a low level mystic blacksmith to create such weapon. it's totally impossible"."And how do yo
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liliana, morgana and Alex's mother
Airana is the only child of Liliana Sullivan, her sole parent and commander of the town guards, a high level warrior. as a beautiful woman she was courted by many outstanding men in denerim, but she only had eyes for rhyss alderigde which totally resulted in an unrequited love affair.She used to be the captain of the cheiftian's guards, which was way more higher than the position she had now but to get rid of her the cheiftian placed her in a position far away from him. she could only sigh as the only woman in the cheiftian's heart and eyes is his wife, who is probably dead.Going back to how she fell in love with the cheiftian, it was supposed to be Morgana who was to be the captain of the cheiftian's guards, but the cheiftian refused her from getting the position because Morgana was his childhood friend and he knew she loves him so placing her in a position that was close to him was unacceptable.So he asked the council to send him a male captain, but the Elders slipped through it
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history of the of the most prideful race.
Opening the book Alex read its content as it said."How have you been, young Alex, if you are searching for me, I'm afraid I will be long gone from denerim, but I left a gift for you; it's a great story one you may not understand now, but will in the here it begins.During the reign of the Assyrian Empire, there were many things people knew like; they were powerful, the royal family are the fabled gold bloods, but there was one little secret that very few people knew. it was about a secret clan of unknown origin which no one except maybe the royal family knew.They had variety of hair and eyes colour so they couldn't be a blood clan, they were almost human but the difference was their height which was even higher than that of the blood clans, some of them almost rivalled the beastmen in height which brought questions from the council, but the emperor said nothing and only kept repeating one sentence,"you will know in due time". as the royal family were powerful everyone kept
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