Did they lose it?
"Yes. Please don't worry. I'll be careful."

Following those words, Ian stood up and went and stood beside the King.

He had already mastered his mana enough to make a microscopic level thread from it. So it wasn't too hard for Ian to match his mana with the rythm of the outside.

Ian placed his finger on the King's wrist, trying to start with the basics, like checking his pulse. After that, he started creating a mana wave that had the same frequency as the outside in his finger tip.

That mana wave soon entered the king's body and started rippling through his body on a cellular level. Everything his mana touched was being inspected and the status report were directly being send to Ian.

'It that probing magic?'

The Phoenix, curious about Ian's technique, couldn't help but ask.

'No... But it's similar.. I created this.. using that magic as base.'

'You created another new technique?'

The Phoenix looked amused as he asked, interested to hear more about this. Since Ian had already s
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