Meeting His Idol

 'A Phoenix??? For real?!'

Ian couldn't help but ask the voice inside his head in shock. Even the wings on his back fluttered strongly in response to his emotions.

There were many fictional beings and creatures in fantasy novels, dragons, mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampires etc. But if someone asked Noah what was his favorite, his answer would undeniably be 

"A Phoenix of course! They are the coolest."

That was the reason Ian had such a huge reaction when he realized the possibility of a phoenix existing inside the novel.

'Took you long enough.'

Is all that voice said before going quiet. But he sounded a little happy, or so Ian sensed from the tone. 

'What?! Seriously? Is this true?'

Ian was acting like a fan who had a chance meeting with his celebrity idol in a shopping mart. The only thing left was to ask for an autograph. And even though his previous reply confirmed his doubts, Ian still wanted to double, tripl

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