Calixte Arc

I couldn't do anything but watch as the shadow melted out of Alphonse's own shadow. At that moment, it truly looked like the grime reaper ready to begin its bloody work.

The world turned to slow motion as the shadow swung its scythe. I aimed, looking down the sights at the monster about to reap my teammate.

I channeled my mana into the bullet. I had to shoot now, or that thing would kill him- the world started to spin. No! Not now. I had to keep my eye on the prize and save Alphonse.

I pulled the trigger before the memory could suck me in.

"You're probably right."

"Calixte... Calixte and Tanya. Why are you so familiar?"

"Rolo, pin him down for me, will you? My arm's getting tired."


I took a deep breath and kept my arm in the same position. I closed my eyes and in an explosion of light, I was back in the real world.

The monster cut through Alphonse's shoulder, but the wound didn't look deep. Or life-threatening. Alphonse fell to the ground, but that was just to rol
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