The Insulted Son in Law Turned Out to be A Medical Expert

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The Insulted Son in Law Turned Out to be A Medical Expert

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"Here are the leftovers for you, hurry up and finish them!" Marcel glanced at the plates filled with scattered rice, chicken bones with a little meat still attached, and vegetable soup with only the soup left. "Eat on the floor, as usual." Marcel looked down and looked at his wife, Shirley. "You have the nerve to tell me to finish your brothers' leftovers?" asked Marcel in a protesting tone, as he frowned reluctantly at the plates. The oppression Marcel experienced made him want to end his life by downing his parents' formula. However, instead of dying, he was transformed into a powerful being! Will his wife's family apologize?

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64 chapters
1 Leftovers for Marcel
"Here are the leftovers for you, hurry up and finish them!"Marcel glanced at the plates filled with scattered rice, chicken bones with a little meat still attached, and vegetable soup with only the soup left."Eat on the floor, as usual."Marcel lowered his head and looked at his wife, Shirley."You have the nerve to tell me to finish your brothers' leftovers?" Marcel asked in a protesting tone, as he frowned reluctantly at the plates."So what?" replied Shirley with one eyebrow raised. "It was the same yesterday, wasn't it? Just eat, instead of you dying-that would be more trouble than your mum and dad running off without responsibility."Marcel clenched his fists. He wanted so badly to resist, but he couldn't. Because of his parents' failed research, Marcel was trapped in a marriage bond with Shirley and had to make up for all the losses suffered by the Delvino family by devoting his entire life."I don't want to eat your brothers' leftovers," Marcel said flatly, preferring that he
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2 Am I Still Alive?
Marcel wiped his lips with the water flowing from the kitchen sink. Instead of being full, he was nauseous.It wasn't the first time Marcel had been forced to eat his wife's family's leftovers, but he was still getting sick of it.If it wasn't for the burden left behind by his parents who chose to leave without responsibility, he wouldn't be willing to live like this."May I help you, Sir?" A soft female voice reached Marcel's ears and made him turn his head.The head waitress named Nana immediately ordered several people to remove the dirty dishes from the table and put them into the laundry. Another one was told to throw away the leftover rice and bones that were scattered on the floor."No need, Nana. You'll get caught by the law ..." said Marcel, no less weakly."Some of the family members have returned to their rooms, while others have left by car." Nana's son said. "You want to eat again, I'll prepare it ....""No, Eli. Thank you," Marcel nodded as he sat in the corner with his
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3 Debt Redeemer Son-in-Law
Marcel heard the full story from Eli. It turned out that Marcel had been found unconscious that morning by the caretaker, and was immediately taken to hospital because there were no signs of life in his veins."Everyone is already thinking the worst," Eli said with a tense face, as if the incident had just happened yesterday. "Mr Marcel was completely motionless, pale, with his eyes tightly closed ...."Marcel shuddered, why did his story look more gruesome through other people's eyes?"But thankfully Mr Marcel recovered very quickly," Eli continued with an extremely relieved face. "He can even do his usual activities."Marcel, who had just helped the gardener cut down the reeds, nodded vaguely as he rested for a moment. Eli poured two cups of hot tea for him and the gardener, who was still working."Is Mr Marcel still going strong?" asked Mail, the gardener who had been working with Marcel all morning."Still, Sir!" nodded Marcel with a smile."Don't push it, you've been sick." Mail
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4 The Scientist Who Went Mad
Marcel walked through the yard in the cold night air. He opened the cellar door and climbed down the stairs to enter the lab.The lights were dimly lit when Marcel entered, the stale air piercing his nose and making him hold back the feeling of sneezing.Marcel wasn't surprised that the air in the lab wasn't very good, since no one had cleaned it since it had been abandoned for a while.The first thing Marcel did was to tidy up the lab, as there were a lot of abandoned tables and equipment, even some of the tubes of various sizes were broken due to not being used for a long time."I'm not sure if I can do it," Marcel grunted with a heavy sigh, he cast his eyes around and his mental state dropped even further as he found the deadlock attacking him in all directions.Who was he going to rebuild this lab with? He was a business graduate who had nothing to do with science.Marcel was pensive for a long time after disposing of the broken tubes. The night was so quiet that even the slightes
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5 More than Ten Billion!
Marcel frowned as he watched Venya guide Meru towards a glass cabinet filled with small tubes."What have you been doing here?" Venya asked in a soft tone as she looked at Meru. "Do you know what those tubes are for?"Marcel was silent as he observed Meru's sudden silence and inactivity."I ... my daughter used to accompany me!" said Meru while nodding."I am your daughter," Venya said patiently and compassionately. "We used to do research here together, there was Mr Fabi too ....""No! My daughter is still young, she doesn't understand anything yet!" Meru argued.Marcel continued to observe the interaction between Venya and Meru, after all, the two of them were his only hope of extricating himself from his current situation."My father has been like this since Mr Fabi and Mrs Lana left," Venya said slowly. "Maybe with us resuming this research, who knows, my father could recover?"Marcel was silent for a moment."The problem is that we also need a lot of money to continue the researc
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6 I Will Repay Them
That morning, Marcel helped Nana prepare breakfast for the entire Delvino family. Sweat streamed down his forehead and down the back of his neck while Shirley and the others chatted and ate."Mr Marcel, eat in our room first." Nana whispered when she saw Marcel sitting miserably by the operating washing machine."Later, Nana." Marcel replied in a low voice, he glanced at Shirley who was busy eating the crispy chicken thighs that were served. Not to mention the greedy voice of Ciko, who was busy grinding black pepper beef, which made Herman admonish him to be more polite at the dinner table.Marcel held his stomach, which was sore because he had not been filled with anything, but had been forced to work hard to help with the household chores."I'm so full!" exclaimed Ciko as she reached for a tissue to wipe her lips."Eat more politely next time," Herman said flatly. "After this, mum and dad will attend a meeting with a client from the company that produces the drill ....""I remember
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7 Your Parents Are Total Failures
After Ciko was satisfied with humiliating him in front of Nana, Marcel went to the lab on an empty stomach because he didn't want to eat anything the Delvino family gave him anymore.Venya had just finished cleaning Meru's body when Marcel appeared."How did you and your father eat?" Marcel asked curiously. "Do you feel comfortable living here? Do you need to clean the place first ....?""No, it's better like this so that none of the Delvino family members will be interested in entering this lab." Venya shook his head disapprovingly. "The important thing is that there is a place for me and my father to sleep ...."Marcel shrugged and did not insist."Speaking of eating, how was it?" Marcel repeated curiously."Don't worry, we have a formula that if taken can cause a sensation of fullness for the next two-three days." Venya explained."Are you serious?" Marcel was wide-eyed. "How is that possible?"Venya took a breath and replied, "It can't be helped ... we had to live frugally after t
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8 Feeding Leftovers
Marcel looked flatly at his brothers-in-law."I don't think this is a good time to torture our brother-in-law," Ronnie commented. "Mum and Dad said that if Marcel doesn't want to eat, we shouldn't force him."Ciko snorted."Gosh, that's what mum used to say to us." She commented. "We don't need to tell mum ....""Huft, boring!" Alvon chided, he was Marcel's brother-in-law who was neutral - never defending Marcel, but also never trying to prevent the abuse from happening in front of his eyes."Ron, today, I'll just tell Marcel to clean up all the leftovers." Shirley intervened. "No more fuss, remember, he almost killed himself yesterday because of you."Marcel wondered why Shirley was defending him this time, though of course that only sparked laughter from the mouths of Ronnie and Ciko."That's just because your husband is mentally weak!" scoffed Ciko. "A real man wouldn't be as weak as him!"Marcel resisted the urge to answer his brother-in-law's insults."Even his life refuses to le
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9 Stop Your Insulted!
Alvon glanced at one of his brothers."I'm not interested, except for their research on astronomy." He emphasized."Who invited you?" said Ciko, reaching for a tissue to wipe his lips. "How is it, brother?"He turned to Ronnie, who was still enjoying his cup of warm milk."This late at night?" responded Ronnie thoughtfully."It's not night yet, after all, Marcel only has free time right now." Ciko explained. "During the day, he has to be a maid."Ronnie chuckled, while Shirley remained silent. She still held a grudge because Marcel had asked her to eat her siblings' leftovers.In the lab, Marcel watched Venya work."We have to clean up first," Venya said as she checked the supply of vials in the cupboard. "We have to sort out which ones can still be used."Marcel nodded and said, "Which part should I clean? There are still tubes that contain chemicals, and one of them I drank once ....""What?" Venya looked at Marcel with a furrowed brow. "Which one did you drink?"Marcel was silent a
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10 What's That Liquid?
"Here's to that sassy mouth of yours!" exclaimed Ronnie as he smashed Marcel's jaw with his fist. "Argh, bastard!"He cursed as his hand hit something hard."What's wrong, brother?""What's wrong?"Coki and Alvon turned their attention towards Ronnie who was rubbing his knuckles.Marcel himself was confused when suddenly his brother-in-law shouted while he gave no resistance."What did Marcel do to you?" asked Coki in a probing tone. "Why are you in so much pain?"Ronnie didn't answer immediately, especially since he still didn't know exactly what had caused his hand to hit a piece of iron.He was sure that he had hit Marcel's jaw, but why was his brother-in-law standing still?"Answer me, brother! What did you do to Marcel?" asked Ciko urgently."Never mind, let's not talk about it!" replied Ronnie firmly. "Let's leave this place, let them continue their failed research ... and we should prepare to celebrate their failure."Ciko and Alvon looked at each other briefly at their eldest
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